Mechatronic products factory (Moscow reg.) Is the second version of the NC ServoKon

JSC "Plant mechatronic products" ("PHI") organized in 2006. The main direction of the plant is to implement complex projects in the field of industrial automation.

The second version of the NC "ServoKon" is designed for mass use by small businesses, has advanced features ultra-compact size and low price. Serial production of CNC "ServoKon" was launched at the company since 2010.

  • CNC ServoKon - Russian development of economy class
  • CNC ServoKon — Russian development of economy class

At the annual international industrial fair in Hanover JSC "Plant mechatronic products" is already the second version of the NC "ServoKon", designed for mass use by small businesses.

CNC "ServoKon" — a system of contour control actuators machine: stepper drives, servo drives based on synchronous and asynchronous motors. CNC "ServoKon" copes with suitable paint management portals, laboratory manipulators, measurement systems, etc.

The structure of the NC "ServoKon" includes:

  • process PID controllers, which are used, for example, to stabilize the distance between the executive body and the surface,
  • adaptive algorithm for automatic correction of filing largest developed actuators effort
  • synchronization of the actuators for digital communication,
  • algorithm for calculating the current speed on the basis of information on subsequent changes in traffic
  • function Look-a-head, which will allow before execution "browse" a large number of frames of the control program, which excludes tugs passing breaks and provides high-speed contouring,
  • digital control interface, built on the CAN bus,
  • analog control interface ± 10V, with which you can control the speed or torque.

At the annual international industrial fair in Hanover, will feature more than 100 Russian companies, said at a press conference, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Georgy Kalamanov. In 2013, the Russian has the status of the partner country and intends to present a new exhibition at the Hanover area of cooperation of Russia and Germany — joint participation in the development of light industry, as well as the development of the machine tool industry in line with the partnership in the industry. According to him, in the Hannover Fair is also planned to introduce a "green" industry and industrial design.

Design Features

  • Support for up to six axes.
  • Sampling frequency interpolator NC to 2kHz.
  • Spindle control.
  • Support for hardware limiter position.
  • Support software limiters position with preliminary check out the details of the treatment zone (check is performed before starting the program execution).

Management Interfaces

CAN interface is used to transmit control signals, feedback signals of status and work permits, the signal input-output ports Actuator Series NPN or ATP. CAN interface allows to reduce the number of wires to increase the immunity of the control channel, to reduce the number of wires to simplify assembly and to enhance reliability of the system, and increase the distance between the end devices in the system to 60 m without decreasing exchange frequency.

Step Dir with galvanic isolation.

Analog outputs (+ /-10V) with quadrature inputs with galvanic isolation.

  • The number of input-output ports with galvanic isolation: up to 24/16.
  • Homing in a predetermined sequence and a given algorithm with the ability to use z-tags.
  • Length compensation and tool radius.
  • Engine Support Tool change.
  • Compensation backlash actuators.
  • Performing a custom scaling, mirroring, rotation of the coordinate system.
  • CNC optimized to drive a series of ATP and NPN and can be supplied with pre-sets.
  • Support for the following kinematics: portal system, hexapod, PUMA, SCARA, the development of additional circuits on demand.


  • 40 * 4 digit display with all the necessary information.
  • Keyboard.
  • Convenient intuitive Russian menu to configure basic system parameters.
  • Optional hand control with steering wheel interface (CAN).


  • Control in hard real-time calculation of an automatic feed passing circuit (function «Look-a-head») with frequency up to 2 kHz.
  • Complete solution: complete automation of machine tools, which includes CNC, hand control, actuators series NPN or SPS-controlled digital communication (CAN-bus with a transfer rate of 1 Mbit / s). In consultation with the customer can be preset CNC and drives, which allows for the fastest possible time to market your products.
  • "ServoKon" can operate in a Servo feedback circuit inside the CNC and in open mode, the interface controlling actuators Step Dir. Servo eliminates skipping steps (accumulating error inherent in machines with stepper motors), to exclude the resonance phenomena, increased vibration and increase the processing speed of more than two times.
  • Full and fast technical support in Russian.
  • Quality service.
  • Small delivery time.

Guarantees (quality control products).

CNC system Servokon passes automatic test cycle with verification of all functional units.
Upon completion of the correction of identified defects in the control system is in full re-test cycle.

The warranty on the control Servokon is 1 year.

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