Media: China successfully tested the first missile capable of hitting a target at least some point the U.S.

China conducted a successful test a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of reaching at least some point in the area USA. On it informs "Interfax" referring to the magazine ISH Jane's Defence Weekly.

According to the newspaper, officially announced test missiles "Dongfeng-41» (DF-41) was held in July. Publication of Washington Free Beacon, with reference to the South American intelligence and military sources said that test rocket passed on July 24. Rocket was launched from the ground "Uchzhay" in Shanxi Province of China in the direction of the desert to the west of the country.

"Dongfeng-41" is a cell complex, very similar in appearance to the Russian "Topol", but judging by the photos posted in 2007, exceeds it in size.

Missile range, according to the ISH Jane's Defence Weekly, from 10 to 14 thousand kilometers. DF-41 is armed with multiple reentry warhead with 10 nuclear warheads, personal guidance, as has the wrong target, simulating combat units that are designed to counter the missile.

Such types of missiles, the PRC has not been previously. This is the first Chinese ICBM with such range and warheads. Available now from China's single-warhead ICBMs DF-31 and DF-31A can only reach certain areas of the Pacific coast of the United States, as the territories Russian Far East and Siberia.

Meanwhile, according to the British Chinese newspaper Global Times, Chinese expert Wei Guoan denied the fact of tests "Dongfeng-41".

"Proven rocket was not a DF-41 ", — he said.

"Indeed, the 2nd Artillery Corps is developing an intercontinental ballistic missile, the latest generation of specifically with such features, read about the Western media … The aim of the study is to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile, the next generation, which will be able to hit targets at least some part of the world "- at the same time added Wei Guoan.

Total China now has 70 intercontinental ballistic missiles and 410 nuclear warheads.

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