Media: Gaddafis death was planned

Death Muammar Gaddafi was rigged, because the colonel and his South African mercenaries who rescued deceit lured by NATO air strikes. This version brings the Johannesburg weekly newspaper City Press, citing data of their own intelligence sources in South Africa. "Muammar Gaddafi may have believed that he was being taken to the desert Karoo, to live in a tent. But in fact the South Africans took him out of the frying pan into the fire — the journalist writes the edition, in whose possession were data security services in South Africa. — Mercenaries, probably too misled by convincing is that they help to save the colonel. "

"It is now becoming clear that the first mercenaries lured to embody a wider plan to capture Muammar Gaddafi," — concludes the City Press. According to the newspaper disk imaging, South African professionals conducting similar operations in August this year hired some security company, informing them that their purpose — to remove Muammar Gaddafi from Sirte and deliver it to South Africa. The deposed Libyan Jamahiriya favorite, according to the publication, personally sought the help of this security company, "and expressed a wish to move to South Africa, it is best in the desert, where he could live a normal tent for it — for example, in the area of the Karoo."

Recruited to deliver Muammar Gaddafi South Africans have supplied fake passports, and they are 3-groups via Dubai and Cairo reached Libya. But, as they formed a convoy of Colonel got out of Sirte, it was attacked NATO aircraft, then the soldiers of the Transitional State Council (NTC) of Libya seized and executed his own former favorite, ITAR-TASS reported.

Sources newspapers in South Africa security services believe that in the middle of the security agency officials, which turned Muammar Gaddafi's agents were PNS, has informed the new Libyan authorities on the operation for removal of the colonel surrounded Sirte.

Earlier offspring Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam, made contact with the internationality Criminal Court (ICC) and told them about his own innocence.

Himself Col. and his son Mutassim were killed last Thursday while trying to leave the actual volume of Sirte. Then within 5 days of their bodies were put on public display. Only the other day the remains were interred. They were buried in a secret location in the presence of four people. It is emphasized that the people who have entrusted this purpose, allegedly swore on the Koran that retain information about the place of burial in secret. The new Libyan authorities fear that the grave Gaddafi will be for his followers a place of pilgrimage.

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