Media: Kim Jong Un ruthlessly punishes for inappropriate behavior?

According to the newspaper "Sight", Kim Jong-un, favorite North Korea, after the death of his father engaged in the cleaning in the forefront of the higher echelons of the military, which left him with a lack of confidence. For example, the 1st Gen. executed on his orders for the fact that he was seen in the form of an intoxicated during the period of mourning for Kim Jong Irina. Inform the media of South Korea.

As passed source in the South Korean government circles, "blood cleansing" in North Korea started after the death of Kim Jong Irina (in December 2011). The DPRK has "disappeared" 10's representatives of the military elite, many of them were shot. This writes «The Chosun Ilbo».

Source designated by the newspaper said that Kim Jong-un ordered approximate rid of at least some who are detained for improper conduct during mourning for Kim Jong Irina. Such a high-ranking bureaucrat, as assistant minister of defense DPRK, was executed only for what was seen drunk at a time when the country tuzhila the deceased's favorite. It is noted also that Kim Jong Un "cleaned out" came in the form of an intoxicated with the use of the military … mortar. The North Korean favorite wished that "from him there was not a hair."

According to a source in the middle of those executed were assistant chief and deputy chief of the General Staff of North Korea.

Such treatment — a tradition. As reported by the publication, the father of today's favorite DPRK, Kim Jong Il, who took power in 1994, made a clearing in the middle of dissent: he gave orders for execution at the smallest violations of the law or manifestations of self-will. But notes that the method of execution of the new ruler of North Korea — a far more brutal.

Source attributes this to the impressionable age of Kim Jong Un. The young favorite country about 28-30 years old (need to see that his year of birth is unknown, referred to in the press only day — Jan. 8, and the years are an approximation of these: 1982, 1983, 1984).

But at the age matter? .. That's interlocutor betrothed above the South Korean newspaper said that the merciless death of Kim Jong Un measures could offer a 62-year-old Kim Jong Gak — trustee of the young ruler, who is the first deputy head of the GPU Korean People's Army.

According to South Korean intelligence, Kim Jong Un graduated from the International School in Bern, Switzerland. Then in 2002 he studied in person at DPRK — Militarily Institute. Kim Il Sung.

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