Media: Russians convicted of aiding Gaddafi regime newcomer repairing equipment

The government of Libya has decided to involve the repair of equipment people of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus have been sentenced to a term of 10 years to indefinite detention for aiding the regime of ousted favorite country Mummara Gaddafi, said the newspaper "Izvestia" head of the consular department of the Russian embassy in Libya Ilya Samunin.

According to him, the Russian diplomat said that the authorities are often taken out of prison convicts to repair the machines. "What they are darn right, we are not yet clear. Likely question about cars" — said Samunin. Namely, according to the embassy, repairing equipment engaged Alexander Shadrov.

As the representative of the embassy to find out details about forced labor is difficult, because after the sentencing prisoners significantly limited communication with the outside world. If, before the verdict diplomats could get into the last police station, where being detained Alexander Shadrov and Vladimir Dolgov, agreeing with their protection, but now need written permission from the military prosecutor's office or the court.

"But the fact that Shadrov, who was sentenced to indefinite imprisonment for repair equipment for the troops Gaddafi, now obliged to repair the car for those who condemned him, is very revealing, "- said the diplomat.

27 people 3 former Russian republics, who worked at the joint Russian-Libyan oil company "Dakar", were detained rebel battalion "Cacao" August 27, 2011 during the battle for Tripoli.

At first they thought snipers, mercenaries who fought on the side Gaddafi. But later, when it became clear that the detainees were not in themselves to implement. Then the perception of a restoration of military equipment that was used mode Gaddafi for the "destruction of the Libyan people."

September 3, 2011 through the efforts of Russian embassy in Tripoli, the accused were released, but were later re-arrested for investigation of the likely involvement in the repair and modernization of military equipment, were armed with the former Libyan leader.

Later, two people of Ukraine, including the only lady captured, were released and sent home.

For a long time the prisoners did not show any formal charges. Russians together with the citizens of Belarus and Ukraine were kept locked up in a languid criteria.

April 4 in Tripoli military court on trial. April 9 was read the text of the indictment — defendants in the case were accused of aiding the regime Gaddafi. June 4 he was sentenced. Alexander Shadrov, whom investigators have considered the coordinator of the group, has received an indefinite period of time. 19 Ukrainians, Belarusians and three more of the 1st Russian Vladimir Dolgov was sentenced to 10 years in prison with hard labor. 24 people from the CIS states charged that they were involved in the preparation of rocket launchers, surface-to-air, the purpose of which were NATO aircraft.

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