Media: Saadi Gaddafi was arrested in Niger

As reported by the media, the Nigerian authorities have arrested Saadi, son of Muammar Gaddafi. In general, according to others, it is only a limitation of movement Saadi.

Earlier government Niger has stated once again that will not give Saadi Gaddafi Libya. In Niger, the range that continued in his homeland trial will be fair. Marou Amadou, the official dealer of the authorities Niger, stated that the offspring Gaddafi will be given only to the government having "an independent and impartial judiciary."

As reported by "BBC News", this position has not changed the government of Niger violation Saadi criterion on which he was granted asylum (commitment made not to conduct subversive activities against the new authorities Libya). In an interview on "Al-Arabiya" on the night of February 11, Saadi said the imminent uprising in Libya against the new regime. Saadi, according to him, has been in contact with their fellow countrymen, and among them there are many people who are unhappy with current government.

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