Media: The meeting will be held on December 10 instructions provocateur

The magazine "The big city"Issued a detailed annotation for provocateurs to continue the rally, scheduled for December 10. This information is confirmed, referring to publications on their sources,"Bimbo newspaper". Both editions celebrate the fact of distribution of the management decision to move to places to share with the Revolution Square to Bolotnaya Square.

In the summary carefully painted provocateurs act: to create traffic congestion, pushing them to protesters on the surrounding streets, to squeeze people with placards such as "No falsifications", "Down with the party of crooks and thieves," "Putin, go away" in order to hide from the public mood protesters push aside, hinder citizens to participate in the rally.
Posing as members of the opposition, call the headquarters of the opposition to the dangers encourage fights, "baring ass" stuff people with posters placed on their provocative slogans, the provoking detention. Use the football fans in the place of "Nashi", which went into opposition.

One Fri annotation says: "It is necessary to provoke a clash between the police and the opposition, with the intervention of riot police removed the opposition groups to block such makarom to frame them under rubber bullets, water cannon spray, tear gas and police batons, if any, will be applied."

Also requested to report to the police all incidents and active oppositionists. The detainees 'neutralize' the addition of food and drinks non-hazardous, non-detectable laxatives and drugs with braked action.

The main purpose of these methods is a distorted picture of the rally by corruption campaign materials, configuration programm photo rally spread fake newspapers, etc..

It is also proposed intensely affect the media: to promote priklnnym correspondents and block the work of other journalists on the Web to spread their records, compromising the "orange" politicians, counteract "troll", the obvious opposition parties form a non-Russian, trying to get through with the flags of "Spartacus" and other football teams, and those who planted the red-black-and-white colors of scarves.

Incidentally, the latter states that the recipient of this document may be organized by a group of football fans, not the pro-Kremlin movement, as previously thought.

"At the mention of the name in a negative coloration was killed a year earlier soccer fan Yegor Sviridov or a poster and a slogan such as" Death to Putin "to do everything so that this man was convoyed by riot police," — says the document.

Provocateurs are selected from among the students of 16 to 20 years old and young people from 21 to 25 years, it is desirable to men who have a concept of "human decency." In case they find themselves in society, "the pro-Western revolutionaries", they should carry for snow-white ribbon.

Here is a list of rewards for agents provocateurs:
— 50-100 rubles, the cost of the subway;
— 500-1500 rubles per month once the curators, the phone calls;
— 100-200 rubles per hour rally participants, plus 50 per hour for each supervisor activist.

Recall, this meeting scheduled for December 10 at 14:00 in Moscow on Bolotnaya Square, in the organization of the event "Solidarity" movement. On the same day in 80 towns of the country will be like a protest against rigged elections.

Edition of the "Bimbo newspaper" is ready to name names of the organizers of this provocation

All the pro-Kremlin youth movement have already received assignments to introduce their own activists in the ranks of the protesters. Before him stands task as actively as possible to encourage the protesters to the conflict, that authorities had a formal pretext to disperse the demonstration. For this purpose, it is necessary to deploy the appropriate placards and tricolors, loudly shouting slogans positive about Putin and now the current government, to use different methods to provoke the demonstrators.

According to a trusted source from among the activists of youth, "Bimbo newspaper"Named favorites and activists alleged" pro-Kremlin troops. "Among them are many well-known personalities have already seen in the provocation organized by pro-Kremlin youth movements on disk imaging media, did not conceal his own right-wing beliefs," rumol "- Anton Demidov and Leonid Simunin," MGER " — someone Andrei Tatarinov and Misha Kudryavtsev, "Our" — Bob Keeler and Roman Stitching (Verbitsky).

Comment for this article in the "Recent newspaper"

Andrei Tatarinov, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation

— In-1's, I wanted to say that from working in the "Young Guard" I have long since moved away (in some places more than six months back) and doing the work of the Public Chamber. 2nd: I'm totally that the organization that you call in a note prokremlevvskimi, no provocations do not plan to do tomorrow. I wish to say that your source or wrong, or deliberately mislead you.

And in general, the pro-Kremlin organization — is, in fact, those organizations that are interested in the first, so that tomorrow's event took place without all provocations and riots. A provocateurs are just the people who come to the unauthorized action, when it is desired to come to the Square of the Revolution. I would like to wish you closely relate to their own disk imaging sources.

As for me — I was there, too, mentioned in your article — I'm personally going to spend the evening with his family at home, and not to engage in some nonsense about which you have written. I would like you to hear.

According to the publication, focusing on their own source, coordinates the actions of pro-Kremlin youth organizations somebody crunch. Verbitsky and killer football fans are campaigning for the role of a given action, now failed.

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