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Mehdi Ebrahim Wafa was born June 8, 1973 in the capital of Iran in Tehran. Mehdi grew up in a large family, where in addition to his parents brought two other brothers and two sisters. Mehdi middle child. Mehdi's father has been in business, and enjoys philosophy and wrote poetry. Mehdi mom Turk by origin, but for the sake of love and respect for his handpicked successor, she mastered the Persian language to perfection. In her speech lacked the slightest accent, which in itself is impossible.

That she did father Mehdi happiest person. As a child, Mehdi was an unusual child. Came to him the vision, images and pictures. This led parents to pay special attention to his son. My parents did not understand what was happening to him: at night Mehdi could talk, he felt the events that occur in the future, warned people about the dangers and misfortunes, of course, reported positive changes. Many surrounding said that not only the words, but also my hands Mehdi have special effect — transmit tranquility, confidence, relieve anxiety.

A man holding his arm, uplifting, a confidence in himself. For many years, Mehdi tormented by the question: why and what happens to it? At 18, he became a professor Mehdi voluntarily in a remote village in the mountains. Only in the mountains, away from people, he was able to reveal all the inner edge. Reading, meditating, praying, and listening to the sounds of nature, Mehdi had learned to read minds. "I realized that I am part of this world and of its nature, its effective part. I began to feel the sea, I am deeply imbued with the power of the mountains, wind and fire. " So soul Mehdi was tied to these distant places, he lived there for a long time. It was there that he found the answers to their questions. Mehdi wanted to fulfill the dream of becoming a doctor and my mother, for which he had come to Russia.

In Moscow, graduated from "Moscow Medical Academy. Sechenov", and in 2008, Mehdi received a second degree in "dentistry". Parallel Mehdi educated psychologist. At the request of his wife, friends and Mehdi became a member of the TV project "Psychic Battle-3" on TNT and won. During the filming in life Mehdi, two things happened that changed his fate. Mehdi lost most expensive man — my mother and God gave it to the family of his son. After winning a long-awaited wish come true Mehdi, what he dreamed of since childhood — to help others. This moment has come!

Doctor, psychologist Mehdi paints, writes poetry, books, poet.Takzhe Mehdi enjoys photography. In his collection of unusual images. About Mehdi personality could also write a lot, but in a word, it is a creative person. "All I get is obtained with the help of God. I always turn to God, and he points out my way! "


I was asked many questions about 2012, which portend a year of the end of the world.

I wrote a few months ago, a story called "The Tears of happiness save the Earth" (see below) and which conceals the answers to many questions, including those relating to the end of the world. I am sure that on the ground before our civilization was another civilization. The finds, which they say many of the books, it is confirmed.

She lived people. They were stronger, smarter, more growth, they were regarded as gods. They are much, very much aware of the future of the planet. They are displayed in the rock art, in addition to books. Some fragments are preserved to this day. They had a great number of scientific papers, predictions. Sumerians about them very much aware of. Unfortunately, the war has destroyed. Many of the data, the knowledge of our ancestors would be very useful to us at this stage.

There was this Alexander the Great, on his whim library was burned in the capture of Persia. Burned labor associated with many predictions. Persian scientists tried to leave us with invaluable knowledge, and not only because of their labors were killed in cold blood, but they paid the price with their lives. This is a blow to the global culture. All our future lies in the past. If you ignore the past, can not change the future.

I am often asked about the end of the light incident on the comet. And all your questions provoke me to the appropriate response. I'll tell you what I see. By approaching the planet Earth. It is reasonable. Possible collision course with Earth.
Much has been written about this ancient civilization such as the Mayans, the Sumerians and many forecasters were talking about the same thing. Date of 2012. It was called the doomsday date or date koordinalno change on Earth. Many end up calculating it in 2012. Moreover, the calculation is not interconnected civilizations talk about one and the same. It makes you wonder.

In many of my thoughts I have seen a strong change in the world, disaster, virus attack, the increase of various diseases, the war, etc. If we do not love our earth, then what we expect from the future? Yeah, so, end of the world is inevitable. We create the conditions for its early onset. There is a planet Nibiru. It is close to our planet. But many are silent on this so as not to frighten them.

Every day I repeat the same words: Believe in yourself, believe in God and believe in miracles! You need to change people's attitude to everything around him around, you need a positive attitude. Fall in love, finally, the Earth., Which they themselves live. Love one another.
I can not afford to talk about the end of the world. I, you, we, can change the course of events.

I understand that it can not answer your questions, as you would like. But understand one thing, the one who gave us life did not order it to take it away, killing us. He gave us more and mind. We can win if you want to do so together.

The day will come when money, power, desire and some entertainment will not matter. All will realize that we are brothers and sisters, all! And everyone will have one thought, to save our planet.

Fear for the future is not worth it, better learn to fear for our actions and deeds. Then never come to an end. Knowledge of our ancestors from generation to generation fraught clue. They knew the way out. They knew about this day. I am not saying that this day will be.

I say that this day would come, but we will win. Everything that I write and say exactly that. We must believe in good. In that Mother Earth will show us a way out. Learn to be close to nature and with his reason and faith as in a fairy tale good triumph over evil...


Tears of happiness will save the Earth (parable Mehdi)

Once at one of many planets man appeared. He was surrounded by a diverse creatures with black eyes. Their bodies are transparent, aggressive behavior, like poisonous jellyfish. This man did not know where he is and what he is. His thoughts were about one-meet he ever like me … his house was capsule shaped like a large white shell. He often looked into the distance, I saw a blue circle-Earth and a ball of fire — the sun.

He often had visions that it is on this blue planet is the same as him. He wanted to talk to them, hug, laugh, but the fact remained that it is unique. The years passed, and the dream of a meeting with our peers remain a dream. Once the unexpected happened — the falling comet destroyed its habitat.

Breakaway piece of his world and his shell with him to plummet to the Earth. Every minute a person more and more clearly see the outlines of a hitherto unknown to him, rivers, mountains, deserts. His heart was filled with the feeling of love in this beautiful world, because it was the most beautiful of all the things he had seen in his life. Suddenly, he was visited by the thought, "Lord, if part of the planet, where I am now, hit the ground — this beauty is gone." Hopelessness drove him crazy, and tears flowed from his eyes. One drop to plummet down piercing the clouds, feeling cold, and the faster it approaches the ground-it was getting worse. She did not want to fall into the desert on a hot and dry land, or dissolve in the dirty water.

She was afraid to go to a bunch of garbage or the bodies of people and animals. It was very scary! Drop wanted to close his eyes to see that the free fall and the Earth. This small drop does not know what to do. Are all her dreams and desires end, surely she will die soon? If she could reach out to people, "Why are you so careless about your world? Is not this your house? "
If the drop was the heart, probably would have, it stopped in fear. If she had wings, probably would, she flew back to the owner and they would go back to his planet, far away from the Earth! If she could talk, she would have to ask God for help. I would like you to help people. Drop were concerned: "Maybe people do not realize what they are doing?"

A small drop seen people kill each other, cheat. She was hurt because all ideas about the Earth — all a lie, a fairy tale, a lie!

Drop seen a huge number of homeless children and the terminally ill. Drop was scared for a second closed her eyes, screaming from inside and asked God for help. Suddenly clouds razoshlic the sky opened and a drop felt some hand gently caught it and took to himself. Drop could smell the flowers, she saw a spring clean and relaxed. All around was green, nice and clean. It is a local, where deception is irrelevant. There is no place of greed, pain, suffering, sickness, and jealousy. This is a world where everyone is happy. Drop realized that she was in heaven, she will not die, and that came to pass that the only secret wish of its owner. She whispered the words, "Why do people do that with the Earth? God created the woods, flowers, everything fine, so why do people destroy their lives. Why War? Why? Why? Why? If people would just love one another heart.

If the earth were as they do to the house …. drop of thought: "If people realized what is happening — would shed tears of angels to earth by rain and cleared it from its sins. Earth would be a paradise, and people would live happily on this humble and wonderful land. " Meanwhile, the man trying to save the Earth and prevent a collision, opened his shell and offered rays of the bright sun, which seem to laser cut into two parts of the planet and a piece of falling house our hero. The two halves apart and scattered, the Earth was safe. God saw man's struggle for life of the Earth, which he had not even seen up close and took his soul to heaven, where the man was among the last of his. The idea is that if one little man from another planet was able to prevent the unavoidable, it means that we, the inhabitants of the planet Earth is much more to try to protect our area from harm and create with their own hands the paradise on earth. To do this, do not need anything but love!

This man without a moment lived on Earth, but loved her, cherished her fate and the fate of our planet Earth! Where he had so much desire to save us? He's lived all his life without leaving their shell, but thanks to Sway will and great desire, he was able to realize his dream. Man is capable of heroic acts, as well as our character, who gave his life in exchange of others. He so loved the earth that even his tears could make a wish and dream.

It seems that they had a soul. And he got a drop of a reward from the Almighty paradise. The place where all the same, where thoughts materialize, where you can close your eyes and fly, where the flavors can go crazy. Earth is in fact can become as paradise if we can be like that man. But this will happen only if, our tears will flow not from the onion in the kitchen, and from the fact that the trees are cut down and around the destruction and war.

We all live in the world and do not appreciate these confidential seconds. A time will come, and each of us will pray to God, ask for forgiveness and to think only one desire, to live a little longer. Clearly one-for what? Once in life so we hate our planet.
Everyone is afraid of the estimate, only because I do not believe in life after. Believers are people always ready to go to God with the belief that there is better than on Earth.

Let's try not to sully their souls in life. Let's make it so that when that day comes we will not be afraid for their acts. Day of death depends on God-hour he chooses. But we must learn to live with dignity these earthly seconds, which gave us over, and we call them "life."

Whether we like it or not — but one day this story will be a legend.

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