Melon infection attacked for 18 U.S. states

In the United States extends a deadly intestinal infectionlisteriosis. Already killed 16 people. More than 70 — in hospitals. Outbreak recorded in 18 states, but most likely, this is not the limit.
Source of infection were melons, grown in Colorado. Farm immediately withdrew all the goods from retailers, and those who still have time to buy vegetables, doctors are advised to throw them away.
"People are hard to remember exactly what they bought melons — said epidemiologist Wendy Chang. — Many people simply do not think about it. But given what's going on, I advise everyone to be very attentive to their own health and in the event of symptoms seek medical advice ".
Bacteria thrive quite well at low temperatures, so that can be freely distributed in the products even in the refrigerator. Usually found in meat, unpasteurized cheeses and smoked seafood. For the United States listeriosis in the past 10 years has become the most deadly infection.

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