Michalevic abroad will continue to operate against Torture KGB

Former presidential candidate, accused in the events of December 19, Alexei Mikhalevich said in his blog that is beyond the reach of the KGB. The fact that Michalevic abroad, confirmed his wife and friends in Milan. KGB has not commented on the situation with the escape of a person who is under house arrest.

Last Friday Mikhalevich commented on "Freedom" ordinary sentences related to the events on Independence Square. Quite calmly, he replied to the question of whether there is any reaction KGB to expose them to torture in the KGB detention center.

Reporter: "All you quiet? Nobody worried about?"

"Only one time was questioned, and all. Maybe until mantavannem film deal …"

On Saturday, the situation has changed, says wife Michalevic Milan:

Milan Michalevic

"We had already planned for Monday day and medical research, and meetings with lawyers and everything else. So everything has changed very rapidly."

Last Milan saw with Ales Mikhalevich on Saturday evening, after which he went to some meetings and sleep did not come back, though, says Milan, was still night in Minsk. Milan says that, like friends, waiting for messages from Ales blog. In the recording, which appeared at 12:20 on the night of Monday, March 14, Alexander writes:

"I call for investigation by the KGB.

I have reasonable grounds to believe that the building of the KGB did not come out.

So I will not be in the KGB.

Now I'm in a safe place, not in the area reaches [flax] ICQ KGB.

I'm going to continue to work on ending torture and release of all those illegally detained on political [ychnyh] grounds. "

Milan Aleseva wife says she learned that her husband was safe, with only a blog.

"As far as I understand it, this decision was very fast, he did not take it. Do not know how or where or with whom he traveled. I am certainly glad that he's safe."

Milan believes in Belarus Olesya really in danger:

"I do not know any details, but as far as I know my husband if he takes a decision, it is usually a good reason for it."

Milan says that the KGB did not return Ales Mikhalevich passport. She has a passport, but is not going to go anywhere, stay with children in Minsk.

Member of the Jury Michalevic Gubarevich talked with Ales via Skype on Sunday night, when he was already outside of the Republic of Belarus:

Yuri Gubarevich

"I do not have great detail about what is now Alexander, but I can say that we had a conversation with him via Skype last night, where he confirmed that he is in a safe place, and what happened to him at the moment everything is normal . he was alive and well and will continue its activities aimed at ending the torture and the release of political prisoners. "

Yuri Gubarevich believes that Ales Mikhalevich were reasonable grounds for this decision:

"He hit, he caused to the image, if I may say so, the KGB, quite tangible. And they had no choice but to take revenge on Alexander for what he said at the press conference. Today, he was summoned to conducting investigations and it is likely that today's hike in the KGB could have ended again shifted to jail. "

In the Attorney General's Office has not been able to report considered the application of Ales Mikhalevich of torture in the KGB prison. Says Ministry spokesman Petr Kiselev:

"If the appeal is directed, it will be necessarily considered. Well I did not yet reported."

Petr Kiselev also said that the information from the media about the escape Michalevic brought to the attention of management prosecution. The KGB this information had no immediate comment.

Known Lawyer Harry Pahanyaila believes that for violation of restriction Mikhalevich especially not in danger — just change the measure of restraint and declaring it a national and international search to demand the extradition to the authorities of the country where he will be.

Harry Pahanyaila believes that the allegations of torture Michalevic danger to the Belarusian authorities, because they refer to crimes against humanity.

Harry Pahanyaila

"Such crimes are international, they are punished by the criminal, they are not subject to limitation on these cases and countries with universal jurisdiction, may wind up the case on the statements of victims, to investigate, to issue warrants for the arrest of those responsible."

Harry Pahanyaila believes that Mikhalevich abroad can initiate a criminal case. The lawyer believes that if Michalevic again arrested by the KGB, the danger to his life or health would be high.

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