Michalevic in Prague?

Former presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich said in his avdyezvarotse that is outside of Belarus, and that he's fine. On several Internet websites have information that Michalevic already in Prague.

United Democratic Forces udf.by site reports that Mikhalevich, who escaped from the Belarusian KGB, is located in Prague. This is a source of environment policy. Michalevic drove to the Czech Republic by Russia and Ukraine. Like, thereby confirming the information that Michalevic seen at the Kiev airport "Borispol", from where he flew to Prague. Site editor Yuri Potemkin in an interview with "Freedom" explained:

"According to our information, Michalevic already in Prague. This unofficial sources from which the information was received. We can not call them. This source is located in Belarus. But we believe that this information is correct, that it corresponds to reality. "

Official confirmation of this information yet. Although in government of Belarus does not hide the fact that they saw the news on the Internet. Head of the press center of the State Border Committee of Belarus Alexander Tishchenko in a conversation with the correspondent of "Liberty" reported:

"In the Belarusian border crossing points, he did not cross the border. After crossing the border around the bases, he does not appear. Therefore, as expected, it is likely could go through the Russian direction. With false documents, he also could not pass, since we automated border control system. Therefore, all the fakes are determined not by the eye, and with the help of the equipment. Therefore, through our checkpoints, he could not go. "

The KGB information on escape Michalevic not comment. The Interior Ministry said they did not have a "formal declaration of materials Michalevic is wanted."

When Ales sees fit, then he confirm his whereabouts.

Deputy Chairman of the Movement "For Freedom" Yuri Gubarevich, which made contact via the Internet telephony "Skype" Mikhalevich, says he does not have accurate data. He noted that in recent years also wrote that Michalevic in Poland. Gubarevich commented on the information that appeared on the website of the United Democratic Forces:

Yuri Gubarevich

"I can say that the source of this information, I am not. Well, little confidence in the information that appears on the site UDF, I have neither. When Ales sees fit, then he confirm his whereabouts — either directly through me — then I think we need to will do any conclusions. I think that maybe these provocations with "stuffing" the rumors that he allegedly died or is under the control of the KGB, made specifically to find out some additional facts, get more information directly from Ales. "

Ales Mikhalevich sister Helen said she did not know the whereabouts of Olesya. Today, she did not bring the promised agenda for talks with the leadership of the KGB. However, she said that after someone is external observation and intelligence agencies are unlikely to leave them alone.

Mikhalevich is accused in the case of the events of December 19. February 19, he was released from the KGB jail on bail. Thereafter Mikhalevich said that he was tortured in the KGB detention center. On the night of March 14, Mikhalevich reported on the "Skype" to his friends, and later in his blog that is beyond the reach of the KGB. On the night of March 16, Mikhalevich sent on the "Skype" his avdyezvarot and said that he was preparing videzvarot.



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