Michalevic voice heard. Coming soon, video

Former presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich, who left Belarus without a passport, under house arrest, said he was preparing a video message. In it, he is going to talk about how and where is arranged and which has plans.

On the night of March 16, Mikhalevich voice spoke briefly via Skype with the deputy chairman of the movement "For Freedom" Yuri Gubarevich and sent his avdyezvarot.

"I — Mikhalevich.'m All right. I'm outside Belarus. Know that Learn to by_politics and indeed a lot of comments on the internet that no one heard my voice lately. Today I talked to Yuri Gubarevich and within the next week I'm going to make a video message. "

Yuri Gubarevich believes that the voice output to communicate Ales Mikhalevich caused by the spread of rumors that Ales allegedly kept in the KGB, or that he was killed.

Yuri Gubarevich

"These rumors have appeared in many places, and so he decided to respond. Immediately after the voice message will confirm that everything is fine with him, that he is in a safe place, that he is alive. I have no questions is the fact that I just talked with Ales Mikhalevich. "

"Video message Michalevic will also be sent via skype?"

"It was not discussed. However, today he said that he does not have the technical capabilities to make such an appeal. He will prepare him for a week and it tell you more about what is going on with him where he is. Indeed this issue I was raised in a conversation, but he did not want to talk about his whereabouts. And this treatment should be expected, probably within the next week. "

Mikhalevich also made contact via Skype with Wife of Milan.

Milan Michalevic

"He wrote yesterday that is secure, all right, and that in a couple of days will be released on bond. Details of where it is located, wrote that the purpose is not to inform me. Apparently, after, I read what's going on, I decided that we will be calmer and more do not know exactly where he is now. "

Sister Helen Ales Mikhalevich said that she was summoned to an interview with the leadership of the KGB in the evening on March 15. But she refused and demanded the official agenda. Today in the morning so there was no agenda. For what reason she became interested in the KGB? Helen said:

I was promised that they would take out of the ground …

"This is to bring back his brother in the country. I think I used every opportunity to warn against the dangers themselves, believing that they have leverage. Yesterday came to me one person in the afternoon. Had a conversation with him regarding location, as to what Olesya were not going to pursue any way, not going to change the measure of restraint. promised me assurances that if he comes back, there will be no court cases. This conversation hinted to me that you say, do not believe these torture, and if you believe, you will have the opportunity to make their own personal experience: torture in jail no. At a personal meeting it was said that on the wanted list, they are in fact the motivation for criminal prosecution. promised me that they would take out of the ground. Let them work. "

The KGB does not comment on the flight Ales Mikhalevich. A spokesman of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Konstantin Shalkevich said:

"No official proclamation Michalevic materials on the wanted list MIA has not. So far, I have nothing to explain to your question."

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