Mikhalevich his voice and preparing a video message from abroad

Ex-presidential candidate, who left Belarus without a passport, sent a voice message, read voice.

Post put up for site "Freedom Movement", it confirms the policy that is abroad, and that he is doing well. During the next week he is going to make a video message.

Politician did, to dispel doubts about its location, since last Sunday supposedly no one could hear his voice.

Meanwhile Deputy chairman of the Movement "For Freedom" Yuri Gubarevich described his conversation with Mikhalevich:

"On the night of March 16, I spoke with him via Skype, just short little voice."

Gubarevich sure Mikhalevich alive and well and in a safe place. He says that when asked about his current whereabouts Michalevic not answered

"But he said that following the events in Belarus and is aware of the resonance caused by his departure. Ales is going to make a video message to remove all the possible questions in connection with his" disappearance "and talk about how he's arranged and which has plans ", — says Yuri Gubarevich.

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