Mikhalevich: I was in the KGB will not. Now I'm in a safe place

A former candidate for the presidency in 2010 Alex (Ales) Mikhalevich said in his blog that is beyond the reach of the KGB.

The blog post appeared at 12:20 pm on the night of Monday, March 14. It reads:

"I call for investigation by the KGB.

I have reasonable grounds to believe that the building of the KGB did not come out. So I will not be in the KGB.

Now I'm in a safe place, not in range of the KGB.

I'm going to continue to work on ending torture and release of all those illegally detained for political reasons. "

The site of the "Movement for Freedom" reported: "As learned Pyx.by, Mikhalevich managed to leave the country. "

"For me there is only one reason that justifies such my steps — it's a real physical threat," — said Mikhalevich site Pyx.by its decision to avoid a meeting with the KGB.

"Everyone can see that these people ready to go to any lengths in their actions no legitimacy and openness "- says Michalevic.

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