Milinkevich: Russia vtsyuhala us your plant

The leader of the movement "For Freedom" called the agreement concluded on March 15 between Minsk and Moscow on cooperation in the construction of nuclear power plants, "an example of Russia's economic expansion here and now."

"Even the background for the signing of an agreement with Russia on the construction of nuclear power plants symbolically turned negative. I am referring to the events in Japan — there is a problem with nuclear power plants. Speak and as a physicist: Russian technology does not compare with Western! All the more so we proposed reactor is nowhere tested. "

"The NPP alleged to reduce our energy dependence on Moscow. However, increases to a critical level. On addition will also tied to the uranium fuel eastern neighbor, because their station is adapted to it. Finally, we build for the same borrowed from Russian money, big money . calculated — our children, "- said the politician.

Milinkevich said that "the decision about the appearance of the Belarusian nuclear power plant adopted without public discussion, even though such a question after Chernobyl was be solved even after the referendum. "

"Unfortunately, more and more are losing sovereignty — the energy, economic, and political under serious threat … In fact, Russia us as the saying goes, utsyuhala its nuclear power plants, using the rupture of relations with the West and pagarashennem economic situation yakoe threatens the political strength of the Lukashenko regime "- the leader of the movement" For Freedom. "


Milinkevich NPP

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