MOE finds cause tremors in Novokuznetsk

Rescuers trying to find out what caused the quake a magnitude of 2.4 points in Novokuznetsk, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti the central board office in Kemerovo region.

Aftershocks recorded Geophysical Survey SB RAS overnight. According to witnesses, the vibrations were felt not only in Novokuznetsk, but close to town.

"Rather, it was a technological explosion. Right now, we find out," — said the representative GUMCHS.

In the geophysical service explained that aftershocks with a magnitude familiar to the Kuzbass, they are in the "normal range for blasting."

An employee of a local coal mines told RIA Novosti that in Novokuznetsk no large coal mines, which would have produced a similar explosion. "In Mezhdurechensk in Leninsk-Kuznetsk — big cuts in the side. Technological explosion and subsequently such shocks (due to the technological explosion) — this is not peculiar to Novokuznetsk. We basically mine," said the official.

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