MOE has warned of possible arrival of Typhoon Bolaven in Primorye

GUMCHS the Primorsky warned of possible bad weather in the region because vliyaniyatropicheskogo typhoon "Bolaven" (Bolaven).

"According to the Maritime AHEM, due to the indirect influence of typhoon" Bolaven "in the Primorye Territory in the period August 28-29, possible rain and strong winds on the coast before the storm," — said in a statement.

According to preliminary estimates, the typhoon in the afternoon on August 28 will be released in North Korea will continue to move in the Maritime region.

GUMCHS encourages citizens to defer travel to the duration of the warning.

Weather Service of the Russian Far East, the active monitor the movement of Typhoon "Bolaven", which originated in the southern latitudes of the Pacific Ocean and is rapidly moving to the north.

"Wind gusts at the center of the elements on Saturday, exceeding 70 meters per second. Last time a record number of Pacific typhoons recorded in 1956. Wave height exceeds ten meters. Coming hours element is to reach Tokyo and continue on your way to the North" — told RIA News representative of the regional weather center.

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