Moon, shes a former Fash Destroyer (Nibiru)

For fans of the theories about Nibiru and skeptical people in the sky of our planet is amazing in its graphic proof of its (their) existence — the Moon.

As you know, the other side of the moon is never visible from Earth, but it is very interested in academics, because different from the visible. In particular, the visible part of the satellite of our planet is predominantly flat terrain — a giant square of solid lava, could easily be explained if the cold moon was a hot planet with liquid inside. Another mystery — the location "of the lunar maria." Why 80% of them are located on the near side of the Moon? The reverse side of the moon is directly opposite the terrain and is covered by mountains. In addition, according to the astronomers, the thickness of the crust of the moon on the invisible side as much as 50 km thick, and it contains more phosphorus, potassium and trace elements than on the near side.


In this case, the Moon moves around a common center of mass of the Earth-Moon system. This center is located inside the Earth, not the moon. If the axis is outside the body — it orbits the aforesaid axis (orbital motion), but does not rotate around its own, and for this reason it is always facing the Earth on one side.

In fact, the orbit of the satellite motion and the magnitude of the moon are almost physically impossible. If it was natural, it could be argued that it is very strange, "whim" of the cosmos. The reason is that the value of the Moon is a quarter of the Earth's size, and the ratio of the satellite and the planet is always many times smaller. If the moon were a body that at some point was drawn Earth and took on the natural orbit, it would be expected that this orbit had to be elliptical. Instead, it is a strikingly circular. Implausible curvature, which has a surface of the moon, is inexplicable. Moon does not have a round body. Results of geological studies lead to the conclusion that this planetoid — actually a hollow sphere with an unusually hard shell.


Even the craters with a diameter of 150 kilometers does not exceed 4 miles into the moon. This feature is inexplicable in terms of the normal observations that should exist craters, at least 50 km depth.

To put it bluntly, the moon — a hollow sphere, the former core of the planet and a degenerate neutron star the size of a quarter of the planet, took out of nowhere and moves incredibly circular orbit with the center of rotation of the Earth. In this side of the Moon facing the Earth, melted and about 50 km thinner than that which we have not had to turn around. It is known that the moon every year away from the Earth, so before it was closer. Even at that distance at which the satellite is at present, are lunar tides, not only in the ocean and in the earth's atmosphere and crust. While Canadian tidal waves more than 18 meters.


How is the state of the world looked at the appearance of the moon close? Must be her approach caused huge and widespread in planetary scale, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes

Wave height of the rock shoots up, raced, absorbing land and destroying everything in its path. Volcanoes pouring out of vents, hot magma and water to boil over. Firmament shook and cracked, went from under my feet, revealing the depth of his terrible depths, where everything moves and gurgled.

Thus, the opinion of many astronomers of ancient legends and stories are practically identical to that of the moon on the earth before the flood horizon and it was after the flood, leaving the planet eerie evidence of destruction, she appeared.

In the ancient chronicles Maya describes a time when the sky instead of the moon shining Venus. About Venus in connection with the flood mentions Virgil. He writes that, according to ancient sources (as usual, have not survived), in the days of the Flood is a change of color and the size of Venus. Maybe, I mean at all, and not Venus? In some myths say that during the flood in the sky at the same time there were two moons! This time, by the way, very interesting also for the following reason.

Geologists say that the lunar tides existed millions of years ago. But perhaps the source of the tides was not the moon, and — any other companion (s)? In Slavic Aryan Vedas, written about the existence of the Earth several satellites at different times: "First Great Flood proizosh Rn by the destruction of the moon Lely — a tr? S moons revolve around the Earth, which concentrated their forces Koschei — Princes of Darkness (gray, Grace, etc.), for the invasion of Earth."

So, imagine the picture. In our sky spinning satellite ("Venus" famous Mayan and Virgil from the Greek myths). At this time, the moon is close to the Earth. Its gravity it "knocks" old satellite from orbit,
and she captured the attraction of the Earth, gets "captured." Former companion is removed (possibly explodes and falls to the ground, perhaps — falls on the sun, burning in this case). As a result of a cataclysm on Earth — raised huge tidal waves, tsunamis, mass awakening volcanoes, go to the bottom of large areas of land and the archipelago, among other places, on the contrary, new island.

Possibly together with the moon to us fly her small satellites (such as Mars, Deimos and Phobos) or plume of ice, dust and rocks (meteorites). All this "space junk" falls to Earth, causing more explosions and destruction. Recall that many of the myths mentioned that in addition to the flood waters raged and the element of fire (often — heavenly).

When did all this happen? And why not accurate geological evidence to support such a cataclysm, accompanied by massive changes in the coastline?

It turns out that the evidence is quite possible — there! Just no one paid any attention to them at this point. If you remember, the Greek philosopher, wrote that the Egyptians told Solon about the sunken "9000 years ago" Atlantis. Add to the time of Solon 9000 — and get about 11600-11700 years ago. And it was in those times, a period of the Holocene!

Holocene was marked by a strong warming. Melt the ice, the sea level rose to 35 meters. Some areas of the land, by contrast, have risen strongly, when they ceased to press millenary glaciers. Why should not we assume that on this background changes caused by the cataclysm we have described, just "lost"?

There is another interesting geological "time", separated from the Holocene to a couple of thousand years. Note that a similar date too often operates in the writings of various "atlantologists." About 12 thousand years BC or 14 thousand years ago the so-called "alleredskoe warming". It was then melted much of the ice. So that's interesting. Geologists say that the warming was very sharp. Called different time — decades or even years!

Frankly, it is difficult to imagine that the sharp warming of a few degrees with a simultaneous change in natural areas could happen "just so", by itself. Now — suppose huge waves, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have split and partially melted the ice cap in the Arctic. But, if we add a few giant meteorites that fell right on the ice cap, causing a loud explosion and almost instant evaporation of huge masses of ice and water — in this case the dramatic warming, as it were, and not surprising.

In almost all cultures of the world, there are strikingly similar to each other legends of the Deluge — of more than five hundred. In all world traditions of the flood is one common piece. Legends say that in those days, the sky was … Moon.According to archaeological issledovaniyamVeliky flood occurred 10-12 thousand years ago.

In the South American Andes, the mountains, at an altitude of 12,500 feet (4,200 m), geologists have discovered traces of marine sediments! … Throughout South America were also found fossils of the Ice Age, in which the skeletons of incompatible species (predators and herbivores) randomly intermixed with human bones. No less important is the combination of (a rather lengthy areas) resources of land and sea animals, randomly intermixed, but buried in the same geological horizon.

It should be noted that the end of the last Ice Age, the so-called falls on the same XI millennium BC. Alaska are twisted parts of animals and trees, interspersed with layers of ice and layers of peat and moss … bison, horses, wolves, bears, lions … Whole herds of animals, apparently killed together, slain by a common evil power … Such piles bodies of animals and people not normally formed.

Here are described the arrival of the Moon in ancient manuscripts Kolbrin "Herald of Doom like swirling ball of flame,
which scatters around in his flight a little flaming offspring. He closes his fifth of the sky and hands like snakes thumbs down to Earth

Before his appearance sky appears frightened, he falls apart and scattered far and wide. Noon is like night. It generates a terrible event. These events and Destroyer said in ancient manuscripts. Read them with a solemn heart, knowing that the Messenger of Doom has its appointed time, and will return.

He raged in the heavens in the Days of Rage and it was like a billowing cloud of smoke enveloped the fiery glow, for which it was not visible to the extremities. His mouth — a chasm spewing flames, smoke and hot ashes.

Herald of Doom, called the Destroyer, was seen in all the land of Egypt. He was a bright flaming colors, constantly changing its appearance.

It was painted in the color of blood, which is then changed, as he (the Destroyer) had their way. And all this has caused death and destruction in its ascent and the appearance in the sky.

He enveloped the earth in gray rain of ash and caused a lot of epidemics, famine, and other evils. He bit the skin of people and animals until they are covered with spots and stripes. The land was restless and trembling hills and mountains shifted and swayed.

When The earth is tilted, the flow of water flowed back,
and large trees were thrown down and broken like twigs. Then a voice like ten thousand pipes was heard in the wilderness, and fire breath was like a flame. The whole earth is moved, and the mountains were melting. "

Some on the other side of the moon is described in the arrival of Slavic-Aryan Vedas

These Koschei, the rulers of the Grays,
vanished along with the Moon in poluchasti [61] …
But paid Midgard (Earth) for freedom,
Daar hidden the Great Flood …

Water Moon, the flood had done,
to earth from heaven they fell rainbow,
For Moon razkololas to pieces "

Slavs called the Moon or the Destroyer of Manuscript Kolbrin — Fache destroyer of planets. About him in the Vedas are the following:

"The wind is only ashes in the valleys,
Intermountain gorge and falls asleep …
Sadly and quietly, in the world of ruins,
where he had lived for life everywhere …

Fache Destroyer vaporized river, sea,
and the sky filled with black clouds,
through impenetrable stench, the light beam does not pass …
… and life will not return to that world ever …

It's happened to a lot of land
where you have been enemies from the dark world …
Attracted by the wealth and mineral resources,
koi had those beautiful Earth …
Flattery penetrated into the confidence of residents,
They incited the people against each other …
So in those worlds were born of war …

When in the countries wealth is left,
and subsoil exhausted all up to the limit
Then all the people destroyed the gate of
and took everything on Earth produced …
And with whom the Land of Strangers expelled,
there they sent Fash-destroyer "

It seems that the moon, she's Fash-destroyer, she's like Nibiru in its approach to the planet caught on the center of mass of the Earth and in very close proximity rubbed on its atmosphere, its visible melted away and causing terrible destruction and disasters included in the story as the "Great Flood". Frivolous statement of Jews, is the assertion that the way of their "god", ie Satan, he saved them from the Egyptians, not lazy before destroying the Egyptian firstborn.

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