More than 10 trucks spent two days in the snowdrift in Kamchatka

Kamchatka rescuers helped nearly two days to get out of snow captivity for more than 10 vehicles stranded on the road, said on Monday EMERCOM in Kamchatka region.

According to authorities, the driver got stuck on the section of the road between the village Kozyrevsk (187 kilometer highway Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky — Ust-Kamchatsky) Keys and the village (268 km). Congestion occurred due to heavy snowfall.

"In the snowdrift were 13 cars, 35 people," — said in a statement.

Get through to the stuck car was on Friday, 19 January at the snowmobile, then the scene were taken seven people, including two women and two children. Other people refused to leave their cars and decided to stay on the track as long as the road will not be cleared.

In place of the mash left six fuel tankers, two all-terrain vehicle KAMAZ, three tractors, two cars — a total of 13 units of transport, in which there were 28 people, said agency.

Rescuers have organized supply of fuel and food to people in the snow trap. At the same time held to clear the road of the village Kozyrevsk.

On the night of January 19 to 20 part of the road from the village to the fork in the Kozyrevsk Mayskoye village was cleared to traffic, according GUMCHS.

Cars that are in the area, have been released. In the mash were four and two fuel tanker truck tractors, as well as container with two drivers and GAZ-151, loaded with firewood. The drivers were also given food, medical care people need.

"Currently, the road is cleared, all the cars were able to continue the movement" — the report says.

However, lifeguards recommend people try not to leave the settlements.

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