More than 200 people a day ill with cholera in Haiti

The cholera epidemic that struck the Caribbean nation of Haiti in late 2010, has not ceased to this day: every day, sick with cholera in the country more than 200 people, deputy head of the Pan American Health Organization, John Andrus (Jon Andrus).

Since October 2010, the Haiti cholera killed 7,000 people. 

"This is one of the worst cholera epidemics of modern history" — quoted Andrus Friday channel Venezolana de Television.

The authorities of the island state fear that with the beginning of the rainy season, which will come in the near future, the number of cases has seriously increased.

Beginning of the epidemic was initiated contingent of "blue helmets" of the UN in Nepal. Of Nepalese soldiers stationed in Haiti, cholera got into one of the major rivers of the country, resulting in the beginning of infection and local residents.

In addition, the spread of the disease contributed to unsanitary conditions, which are forced to live most of the population after a devastating earthquake.

Two powerful aftershocks of magnitude 7.0 and 5.9, respectively, for a few minutes 12 January 2010 destroyed the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince. The disaster killed around 220,000 people, destroyed 250,000 homes, a total of about 3 million affected people. According to experts, the damage element was 8 to 14 billion dollars.

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