More than 30 cities Chuvashia de-energized after a thunderstorm with hail

A strong thunderstorm with hail and gusty winds led to blackouts in 71 village Chuvashia, in 36 of which electricity is restored, inform the head of the republic after the meeting on the impact of the hurricane.

As the chairman of the State Committee of Chuvashia on Civil Defense and Emergency Situations Yuri Kekish, July 17, from 14 hours in the republic passed thunderstorms with strong winds and hail. As a result of rampant floods in the country, according to some data, hit eight districts — Tsivilsk, Kanash, Mariinsky Posad, Shumerlya, Alatyrskij, Ibresinsky, Cheboksary and Yalchiksky.

Previously reported that the hail has left without electricity 15 settlements Bichurinskogo, Aksarinskogo and October villages. The light was off in 110 houses, home to 2000 people. More than 300 houses were badly damaged.

"The element of power supply caused damage — broken transmission towers, broken wire. Was disconnected from electricity 71 settlements. By morning energy was restored in 36 localities were de-energized 35 settlements, that is about 3.4 thousand households" — said in the message.

Most affected Mariinsky Posad district, where the wind and hail severely damaged 302 homes without electricity were 48 settlements, which are home to 9000 people. In the village the October hurricane completely destroyed the building of the transformer substation. At 6.00 MSK power was restored in the 22 towns.

"The evening of 17 July, I visited the village, and I know the October situation. At the municipal level were quickly taken the necessary decisions. Villagers — well done, the spirit did not fall, the understanding of the situation at all is. Now reconstruction work going on, all must act in an emergency mode. If necessary, connect the additional forces, "- said the head of state Mikhail Ignatiev.

Agriculture Minister Sergei Pavlov said that the Mariinsky Posad Tsivilskaya areas and killed about 1,600 and 400 acres of grain, respectively. Being specified the amount of damages caused by a potato crop.

"We need to create a commission to connect members, the public, thoroughly inspect the damage, carefully prepare the documents for redress, then there is no dispute. Some homes are not insured, that is, the owners of the risks assumed. But we can not stay away. In particularly on loans for the purchase of building materials can make use of government subsidies to interest rates. government, of course, should help the victims, "- said Ignatieff.

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