Moscow Mayor considers bad ecology of one of the main problems SOUTH

One of the main problems of the South-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow is a poor environmental conditions, said Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

"One of the main problems of the district is the environmental situation. During the last two years here have been implemented several major projects in the field of environmental improvement," — said Sobyanin on Tuesday at a meeting of the Moscow government.

He added that at the moment the court failed to close a cement silo in the printer, which were against the work of the local people.

"This year the complete renovation project Kuryanovskoy treatment plant, which was introduced by way of ultraviolet wastewater treatment," — said the capital's mayor, adding that now the Moscow River receives treated water.

In addition, he said, is in full swing active reconstruction of the Moscow refinery Kapotnya. In this new treatment plant will closed at times to reduce the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere, and the discharge of untreated sewage into the Moskva River.

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