Moscow residents feared locusts

In the capital of rescue services involving strange calls. They Muscovites complain locusts. According to the callers, insects jump on their balcony and do not give to live in peace.

However, experts possibility that Moscow could come true locusts, estimated as zero. Hordes of pests are found only in the steppe or forest-steppe zone, and the concrete jungle they hardly interested. Most likely, an omnivorous insect people took large grasshoppers or so-called Locust filly. It is a distant relative of the locust, which is not so voracious and prolific.

"When the weather changes, they can, of course, the move has been particularly active, looking for something, somewhere they feel bad. Sometimes, for example, in the home they know, why can get, because it's too hot. And they are, quite simply, looking a cooler place for insects is also characteristic, as well as for the people ", — said Andrey Sviridov, a senior researcher at the Department of Entomology, Zoological Museum of Moscow State University.

Also experts reminded that no threat to humans, these insects are not present.

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