Myths of the forest / Mythos Wald watch online

Myths of the forest / Mythos Wald watch online
The bulk of modern documentary Film focuses on what to give us an idea of the world around us. But this movie will try to discover the latest milestone in the documentary films — documentary drama …

1. Animal Paradise and the Kingdom of Shadows / Tierparadies und Schattenreich: Whatever grows on sandy soil along sea coasts or on the slopes of pure high in the mountains, whether in the swampy lowlands along rivers and streams or on the sunny slopes: it is possible to meet up to 4,500 species of plants and fungi and inhabit almost 7,000 species of fauna. The forest is one of the more affluent living species in our latitudes. More are countless tales and legends of the forest. But, no fairies or witches, dwarfs and giants in these stories can not be compared with reality. This movie is a collection of weird curiosities.

2. The fight for the light / Der Kampf ums Licht: Forest place that seems familiar, but some of his secrets to this day remains unsolved. Forest in the same time paradise for animals, as aggressive kingdom of shadows. In the meantime, we are equally aware of: a truly natural trees are our colleagues and assistants who provide light and heat our homes. Only then, the forest becomes greenish universe with excess wealth of plant and animal species and a world full of large and small miracles.

Nature (rivers, mountains, landscapes, etc.)

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