Named gas companies, it turned out — kagebisty

Community activists in the regions continue to cause for questioning by the KGB to find out about past and future opposition campaign. There are times when special services lure people in for questioning tricks.

Gomel Oblast

Kagebisty were called gas industry

On Friday, the KGB in Gomel was called youth activist Ivan Marozka. Man lured by trickery.

"They called in 10 hours, and was invited for an interview. I replied that I was sent the agenda. After a while, someone rang the doorbell. When I asked, "Who's there?" Said, "We — gas workers, specialists in the emergency." I opened the door — and they handed me a summons. The agenda was written that I was invited to the KGB for interrogation. "

No other explanation, for example, on what occasion invited, "gas company" was not given.

Ivan consulted with human rights defenders, "Spring", as far as this agenda consistent with the law — and went:

"I believe that there is not violated any laws, so do not fear their polls."

March 13 youth activists Gomel, among whom was Ivan, organized a flash mob in connection with the cancellation of the concert of popular rock group "Liapis Troubetzkoy," scheduled for this day in athletics manezhy "Dynamo".

I believe that it did not break any laws, so do not fear their surveys.

Previously, the city center of culture for the concert sold more than 1,300 tickets, but it is still canceled. Young people responded to this flash mob "singing" Lapis "together." They went to the Central Market and began to sing the song of "Gray" and "Three turtles" Liavon Wolski.

However, there are special forces and began to break up the event. Before that they have detained a member of the Belarusian Association of Journalists with a video camera Oleg Rozhkov. Took him to the central police department and already there allegedly taken to check for the authenticity of the certificate of NGO "Belarusian Association of Journalists", as well as a map of the International Federation of Journalists.

As can be seen, is now a ban on flash mob concert "Lapis" — at least one of the singers — interested right KGB.

Ivan says that it in no way accused. They asked about what is involved, aware of the flash mob.

"I do not even know what to call it. I was told that this is not an interrogation, but simply a formal survey. That's their job. "

Ivan Marozka believes that in Belarus there are now really a "black list" list of national culture, literature and art, which are forbidden to mention in the official media.

Gomel, where there was this ban, received this year's honorary status of so-called "cultural capital of Belarus."

"Of course, it's wild, it's very bad. A chief ideologist Proleskovsky says that "black lists" — ostensibly fiction opposition. "


One journalist — in prison, the other — in the interrogation

In Bobruisk local branch of the KGB is interested not only by opposition activists, but also non-state media journalists. The last of the questioned — Officer weekly "Bobruisk courier" Andrei Shobin.

Journalist summoned to the KGB summons. Without it, he refused to go in for questioning by security officer Nikita Belyanchenki. The KGB Andrei Shobin spent three and a half hours.

"They called me to find my possible collaboration with the TV channel" Belsat ". And also interested in my collaboration with the newspaper "Kurier Bobruisk."

According to the journalist, the protocol did not lead committeeman. Why?

"He said it was preventive conversation. He finally asked me to sign a paper, which I was warned that I face in the case of cooperation with Belarus is not registered in the foreign media. "

Calling Andrew Shobin the KGB editor "Bobruisk courier" Anatoly Sanotenko regards as the pressure on the publication. He says his employee fraud dragged in for questioning:

Andrei Shobin was called as a witness, and it turned out that his status — no witnesses, and the interlocutor.

"Andrei Shobin was called as a witness, and it turned out that his status — no witnesses, and the interlocutor. Here and intimidation, and illegal independent study of the media by the public authority, which must deal with national security, not vizhavannem and pressure on independent journalists. "

Meanwhile, in the KGB prison officer is "Bobruisk courier", nineteen Eugene Vaskovich. His sentence is completed in ten days. Vaskovich charged with hooliganism. Mother Man Rushannya Ivanovna says Eugene stated in the letter that the investigation is completed:

"It probably will soon court will, however, nothing is known — when and what. And everything will depend on the judge, "- said the mother Eugenia Vaskovich.

In the plot on Belarusian TV dedicated anarchist Eugene Vaskovich confessed to setting fire to the door of the local KGB. He faces up to 12 years in prison. Bobruisk Democrats appealed to the human rights organization "Amnesty International", so she took control of the business Vaskovich. Opposition members suggest that the guy forced to confess to a crime he did not commit.

Grodno region

By the inscription "Luke flour" the court will return again

The court of administrative proceedings students Grodno Medical University Catherine Gerasimchik postponed to next Wednesday. The girl is accused of causing the pedestal of the monument to Lenin inscription "Luke flour." Catherine asked the judge to give her more time to get acquainted with the protocol drawn up at her.

In court on Friday against Catherine Gerasimchik showed two police officers who were detained together with her girlfriend Olga executive committee near the monument to Lenin on pastamentse which was the inscription, "Luke flour."

One of them, Edward Bogdanovic, argued that the executive committee of the building saw the girl first came to the posts and pasted stickers there and then, he says, raised on a pedestal next to the monument to Lenin and a few seconds there doing something.

The fact that it was a girl was applied label, the policeman did not see, but because they were standing there, he concluded, and confidently testified that they did it. He even tried to prove that the detention Catherine denies that.

A second police officer Sergei Ryshkel, testified in court that he could not testify that it was a girl inscription was made, but, well, if he went with a colleague to the monument, I felt the smell of fresh paint.

Catherine Gerasimchik testified in court that she disagrees with the prosecution. She pleaded not guilty and asked for more time to get acquainted with the protocol. At this point the judge Natalia Kozel adjourned until Wednesday.

Gerasimchik"The evidence the police did not match what was actually because of the arrest I did not say I admit my guilt, and this, by the way, is not in the record. The second policeman at all doubted or something I drew. He frankly admitted that he is not sure that's what I wrote on the monument. "

In court, attended a human rights activist Vladimir Khilmanovich, whom I aske
d — why, in his opinion, was to carry the process when it was already clear considered.

Khilmanovich"As usually happens in such politicized process — the outcome is determined in advance. The only thing — apparently, does take time, and perhaps the judge did not want to do it in the presence of journalists, and perhaps even the top is simply not brought a solution. In essence, the court did not hear any evidence of guilt Catherine Gerasimchik, but what will be the solution — we'll see. "

Catherine Gerasimchik, Grodno Medical University student, was arrested in the night from 11 to 12 February at the center of Grodno near the monument to Lenin on pastamentse which was the inscription, "Luke flour."

The girls were carrying stickers of the "Young Front", and print with the words "Freedom Kirkevich," "Freedom Nyakleevu," "Freedom Fyaduta." These stickers were pasted in the center of Grodno.

For this the other day, the Administrative Commission decided to punish women by fines of 10 minimum salaries each, despite the fact that no one has found them to see how they pasted these stickers.

Catherine Gerasimchik on the steps of the Leninsky district court of Hrodna.


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