National Bank canceled the foreign exchange restrictions on imports from Russia and Kazakhstan


"In view of the unconditional performance Republic of Belarus international obligations under the Treaty on Customs Union and the Common Economic Space, the National Bank 16 March 2011 authorized the Belarusian importers conduct free advance payments on foreign contracts in favor of the entities of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan ", said a press release of the National Bank of Belarus, BelaPAN.

This decision is contained in a letter to the National Bank of March 16, "Permit for importing advance payments to residents of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan."

"The elimination of existing barriers and restrictions intended to promote further harmonization of market relations and the creation of equal conditions and opportunities for economic entities of the three countries in terms of their implementation of foreign economic activity," said the press service of the National Bank.

Recall that in early March, the Government and the National Bank of Belarus issued a joint decree number 240/5 "On the calculation of the import of certain goods," according to which prohibited the purchase of foreign currency for import of equipment worth 50 million euros.

March 9 Counselor of the Embassy of Russia Andrey Kuznetsov made a special statement in which he criticized the exchange restrictions imposed by Belarus, saying that they would "interfere with the penetration of Russian goods to the Belarusian market." The diplomat expressed the opinion that "the most reasonable approach would be to exclude goods from countries Customs Union of the list of goods in respect of which a restriction on the purchase of foreign currency to import them. "

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