Network war and brand new empire

Network war and the new empire

One of the favorites of the Eurasian movement held in Rostov-on-don excursion into contemporary geopolitics.
On the eve of the 2012 presidential election, the political forces and public movements are trying to predict the future of the country. His eyes showed internationality and representatives of the Eurasian movement. In their opinion, Russia can not expect gay perspective: riots, invisible war, instigated by foreign enemies, and, as a result, the unipolar world led by the United States. But this development — not a sentence. There is a solution. However, the chances of its implementation do not look very real.

A report in the Southern Federal Institute last week came metropolitan political scientist and director of the Center for Geopolitical Expertise is also one of the favorites of internationality of the Eurasian movement Valery Korovin. Recognized for his work in the study of geopolitics and network warfare, Valery, speaking to the Rostov, practically laid out the basic ideas of the Eurasians. These theories are based on the confrontation of 2-systems, "land of civilization", under which it is assumed the Eurasian continent, and the "civilization of the sea" — increasing the "monster" of the U.S..

The new format war

— Many experts now emphasize that the Russian Federation is against network war — began Valery Korovin. — The U.S. military strategy such transactions are referred to as "net-centric wars." Earlier, military actions took place with the introduction of concepts such as "army", "front", the clashes took place head-on, and victory depended on whether one has a massive gun. The replacement of the strategy came Strategy John Garstka, where anger comes not from outside, but is born inside the country's borders.

Sounds tricky, but the theory is clear, if schematically draw government in the form of rings with a common center: just for target practice. "Apple" in it — the public's favorite, followed by the ring — the political elite, the subsequent — expert society and the media, society, and then, in the end, the armed forces. Network-centric warfare means that the first blow is struck exactly in the "bull's eye": starts ideological influence on the favorite country. After already supported by the governor, there is a "treatment" of the political elites, then the expert society, etc., uniformly moving away from the center of the target.

— Recall the action of the late 80's, when the South American politicians were active in "processing" Misha Gorbachev — reads Valery Korovin. — Then the country indoctrinated idea that our home should comply with the general logic of the global process — first, to renounce sovereignty. The destruction of the country, the expansion of the army portrayed as a normal phenomenon, arguing that our homeland is developing in step with their Western colleagues. The case Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin continued. But since Putin has made a significant change of course. During a speech in Munich, he stated that the sovereignty of — the core value that must be defended.

The political elite of the Yeltsin team did not share far not liberal idea of "waste them in the outhouse." And so Voloshin, Kasyanov and other politicians will soon have lost their own places in the close environment of the president. Thus, according Korovin, the process of resistance to Western influence.

— The collapse of the Russian Federation has been delayed, but that does not mean that they are completely abandoned their plans — explains Valery Korovin. — Amerikosy rely on the application of the plan "Anaconda" — encircle the enemy and cut off from contact with the outside world. We have lost the closest allies — the countries of Eastern Europe. About 100 U.S. military bases are located in Eurasia. The last hole at the borders of the Russian Federation — Iran, because to him at the moment intensely make their way South American troops. There is a reformatting of the Near East by South American plans. The fact that these countries are still a normal society that is dominated by clan-based device that tradition. Stirring the public layers of these states, the foreign forces and plant there liberal values. But started to boil society can never come to a measured static condition. America does and achieves.

"The enemies of the people" and "enemies of the people"

Who is hard to answer that in fact is happening in Libya: the struggle of the people with the regime or painstakingly planned external stakeholders plainclothes forces war. Whatever it was, the Eurasians warn that what is happening in the Near East should give a signal to Putin that the action could be repeated in Russia.

— In the situation of impermanence in the country there will always disagree with the policy of the country — says Valery Korovin. — But the most comfortable in network-centric warfare that is unrealistic to use the nuclear weapon. Even if the country begin social unrest and found "customer" of the revolution, the circumstances for the use of this trump card is not present. If people asks for the resignation, and the government starts a nuclear war against the United States, it is regarded as obviously inappropriate actions. Unfortunately, the fact that the Russian Federation has a nuclear shield, it does not mean that the country is not going to happen inside the change of government with the establishment of the West controlled regime.

The idea is fascinating, plausible and has a right to exist. But it has a downside: if you want a similar perspective can justify any act of power against popular discontent over the country's politics. Who prevents declared "enemies of the people" objectionable ruling party opposition, threatening, according to the theory, not only the "tip", and all the country's sovereignty? Then in power there is a temptation to equate at least some of the pensioner who has demanded the resignation of, say, once again became president, Vladimir Putin, to the camp of the West biased. In fact, the October Revolution and preceded safe enough demand to raise wages, reduce working day and to stand up for the working population. Political slogans were heard later.

— Scenario collapse of the country was ready in 2008, but was postponed, came to power a liberal, friendly West Dmitry Medvedev. Currently scenario can in principle be delayed again for 6 years. Almost Putin depends on the choice of the country's future — presented Valery Korovin.

In principle, the theory of the "cold war" at this point would serve to arm the regime. After all, power is not re-elected and deposed only in one case — during the war …

Our homeland size of a continent

But the main danger Eurasians behold the sovereignty of the Russian Federation is not so much social unrest, as in inter-ethnic conflicts and the desire of some subjects of the federation to become self-reliant. Great reward Putin Valery Korovin referred to the fact that once in power, the new president suspended the Chechnya from the Russian Federation:

— It would be a disaster for the country. Following Chechnya stand out from the Russian Federation would, and other ethnic groups. In general integrity of the country is likely only in this case, if ethnicity is not the same as the territorial boundary of the subject. Chechnya, where there were some Chechens, Ingush, or where there is only Ingush,
to separate more easily than Kabardino-Balkaria, which connects voedinyzhdy representatives of different ethnic groups.

Member of the International Eurasian Movement believe that ethnic groups should be retained, rather than turning into a faceless biomass under the title of "nation."

— Ethnicity — a living organism. Civilization — a stuffed body! — Says Valery Korovin. — In the West, "ethnicity" is prohibited. There is only "citizens of the state." Civilization — is the transition state of the country on the path to a civilian society, where people like this do not exist — there is only "citizens".

According to the views of the Eurasians, to the roots of such a loss is the liberal ideology, which centers — individual. His Eurasians behold the puzzle is to resist the liberal values. And, in addition, to develop the country's tremendous — as opposed to expanding the impact of America.

— The basic idea of international Eurasian movement is that our home should be big — says Valery Korovin, holding the pointer on the borders of Eurasia. — From the perspective of geopolitics, static character of the country can only be maintained in the event that its boundaries coincide with the boundaries of the continent. We are not saying that everyone should russifyi. We're talking about the strategic unity of all ethnic, cultural and religious abundance — says Valery. — In our eyes America declares that the world should be South American. They are building a global world South American empire. Confront her national country can not. Resist the empire could only other empire. Exclusively in this form we will be able to keep all ethnic abundance in the face of the American invaders!

The scale is impressive, but there is something to think about. West such classifications certainly not necessary. The fact that the upper floors of the Russian bureaucratic elites and oligarchs instead of the current shaky but comfortable stability prefer to attend to the construction of modern empire, hard to believe. A relatively ordinary people who prefer not noticing any predictions pore over the construction of their own malehankih bourgeois paradise, much less have no illusions. In general, the story is always moving courageous loner, so that the chance of success is always there. The question is, can a modern Russian society produce a "critical mass" of such enthusiasts?

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