New typhoon Tembin coming to South Korea

South Korean authorities who failed to recover from a powerful typhoon "Bolaven," hit the country the day before, preparing for the arrival of a new element — the typhoon "Tembin", local media reported.

According to the National Agency meteorolicheskogo South Korea typhoon "Tembin" — the Japanese name of the constellation Libra, is currently in the south-west of the island of Jeju and moving north at 22 kilometers per hour. Central pressure of 980 hPa typhoon. Squally wind speed accompanying the cyclone reaches up to 30 meters per second.

It is expected that the brunt of the disaster on the Korean Peninsula will be in Friday morning. At the same time, the typhoon "Tembin" according to weather forecast, close to the capital — Seoul, with a population of about 10 million people, over a distance of 40 kilometers, and then went to the side known for its popular beaches Gangneung city in the northwest of South Korea.

On the eve of the Korean peninsula was completely dominated by the most powerful typhoon in the last decade "Bolaven" that killed at least 15 people. More than 10 people are still missing. Destroyed dozens of homes, damaged hundreds of cars. 453 flights were canceled, including 154 at the international.

Enormous damage was inflicted element farmland. Strong gusts of wind, followed by a typhoon demolished greenhouses for vegetables and fruit, uproot trees. Just a few hours harvest of fruit trees, which have not yet been collected, was almost all on the ground.

According to preliminary data, the entire country suffered about 5.339 thousand hectares of agricultural land, 7.46 thousand hectares of orchards were damaged 42 ships, four schools were destroyed and six cultural heritage.

Earlier Monday, the typhoon "Bolaven" hit the Japanese island of Okinawa and Kagoshima Prefecture, causing a blackout and stop air and sea links with the region. As a result of the disaster, according to recent reports, one person was killed, about 10 people were injured.

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