New York and Boston are preparing for the arrival of a snowstorm Nemo

Eight million New York City is preparing for an unprecedented blizzard "Nemo", which should hit the city on Friday at dawn, first in the form of rain on a background of rapid cooling.

Channel "Weather" reports that the storm enveloped the city of snow, which on Long Island can reach half a meter. The intensity of rainfall is expected to seven centimeters per hour, despite the fact that the element will rage for almost a day.

New York authorities have warned citizens of the inevitable breakdowns of public transport on Friday and Saturday. Airlines canceled hundreds of flights Friday on domestic and international routes.

Located to the north of New York States is preparing for an even more stringent test of the winter elements — the layer of snow has fallen at night can reach meters thick. In the coastal area of Boston is also possible flooding. Nemo enters the top ten most powerful snow storms in the city's history. City officials have canceled classes in schools and urged residents not to leave the city home unless absolutely necessary.

Residents of that will be in the midst of a snow storm, "Nemo", buying food and preparing for a possible power outage. Last November, New York experienced a hurricane, "Sandy", which claimed the east coast of the United States of more than 100 lives and caused damage in excess of $ 50 billion.

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