Nibiru and predictions of Vanga

It should be noted that the predictions of the prophet Vanga no statements about the upcoming end of the world in the near future (meaning 2012), but it has repeatedly stated that he sees a global cataclysm that caused many deaths of people — these visions belong to the distant future, and we did not wait.

By apocalyptic period the picture, seen Vanga: "Sometimes I can not see such a pattern, when the blackened and burnt earth moving a small group of people who are more like a shadow …".

However, if you follow the visions of Vanga, even in our age will have a lot of interesting events. For example Wang repeatedly referred to the Aliens with some of the planet Vamfim ,
who will visit our Earth in the relatively near future. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the analysis made by Vanga predictions.

It should be made clear that Wang never said anything about what the scope should take natural disasters on the planet after the cosmic cataclysm happens, scheduled for the end of the world of the year (that is, in 7000, the year). That is, it is still a clash of large celestial body and the Earth in the distant future for thousands of years. It turns out that all the calculations provided to us by Cyril Butusov, astrophysicist Leningrad Academy of Civil Aviation, which is a member of the International Association of Planetology, absolutely wrong! In their report, published in the newspaper "Arguments and Facts", he claimed that soon, in 2012, the year, our planet will face a large celestial body! In this case, the researcher suggests that the Earth will face not with a simple comet, but with a wandering planet that once in 3600 years back to the solar system and is located between Jupiter and Mars, and then removed for a few thousand years at huge distances from the Sun.

Butusov operates in the report, it would seem, by objective data. It provides clear language, for example, the planet Nibiru, Chaldean astronomers, billions of miles, the period of wandering the world is 3600 years old … But this information is incorrect! Butusov makes predictions that can be classified as children's horror stories, "Even if our planet is able to avoid the head-on collision with Nibiru, the force of attraction of this giant, flying past us, would be so large that it can easily derail earthly shell, like a dandelion fluff. ".

Wang says in this regard that a wandering planet, of course, exist, but it is not threatening us Babylonian Nibiru, and carrying absolute universal knowledge Vamfimom.

Yes, Wang lot of time to talk about this planet. She always called a celestial body Vamfimom. However, she never spoke of the associated universal catastrophe, Wang promised us a short but bright encounters with aliens.

In 1988 year Wang
talked about their visions associated with this planet. She said that aliens fly from planet to be "the third of the Earth." Their goal has remained to Vanga is not clear, but she remembered that in mind, she visited the planet obscure creatures that move in jumps. They led her by the hand to his planet, star-studded. The Oracle never could see the alien houses, but was able to assess the severity of the inhabitants Vamfima. When their conversation echoes resound.

There is a book called "Big Encyclopedia prophet Vanga". In her entire sections devoted to aliens, higher power, old men in dazzling white robes, the heavenly messengers, extraterrestrials and residents Vamfima.

In order to understand the universal problem with astronomical, astrophysical and philosophical point of view, to making sense of the intersection of two coordinate specific dates — aliens.

Wang always with great caution gave predictions world events. Especially code it came about extraterrestrial beings and universal chronograph. She tried not to mention any specific dates. And yet, these dates can be calculated by comparing the predictions of Vanga and astrological and cultural facts.

For example, in the "Evangeline chronograph" written "In 2179
Earth people can make contact with brothers in mind that live in other worlds. " But Wang did not mention any dates! Where did the year 2179? It's all based on logical calculations. In May 1979, the year with the words of the prophetess was recorded that "two hundred years people will be able to make contact with brothers in mind that live in other worlds." From this statement, and was folded date, that is, 2179 — 1979 is the year plus two hundred years.

Such an example is a purely arithmetical. But quite often have to calculate the date, having to reconcile arithmetic astronomy. How then calculates date 2012 year?
Very simple. Bulgarian press, which published a statement Vanga that previous visits by representatives of the alleged extraterrestrial planets in the solar system occurred in 1612 BC. Therefore, we add 3600 years (Orbital period Vamfima), we obtain the desired date.

In 1988, Wang was broadcast that she saw in the sky a lot of obscure aircraft, in which there are three "man." They told her that "preparing a great event!". But no details of this event could not be found.

Wang described the creatures: "I can see them throughout the year. As if they are transparent and resemble a reflection of the earthly man on the water. They have soft hair, like down cleats that form a halo around the head. Behind them something resembling wings. They work hard, and well organized. They say that for 7000 years there were few people with whom they worked. "

"One of the stranger said to me:" Stop and listen, and we'll tell you something about the near future. Fear not, the door is your keeper. The world will be a lot of changes, it will then reappear, then again destroyed. Equilibrium will not be long until we start talking to people! '". All these revelations Vanga were documented Correspondent, "Friendship", which was the Soviet-Bulgarian, back in 1988.

The magazine also published an analysis and calculations, computations and comparisons, as well as the press that much clearer. If it is very short, many newspapers wrote about Bulgaria Vanga. For example, "People mladezh" from 02.08.1988 year published an article about an elderly woman out of the city Plodiva, has the ability to "hear their hands" who "recently visited extraterrestrial beings" and have done something "to her brain, hypnotized her." Just a month later, "Rabotnichesko case" published an article by its Moscow journalist called "Where is Planet X?". This article has interesting moments, we need to astronomical calculations. According Odek Odekova, a scientist from Turkmenistan, once in about 3,600 years the Earth favorably located with respect to the planet X. That very tenth planet in the solar system, which has an elongated orbit inclination to enable it to be removed from the Earth and the Sun for billions of miles.

With this the planet X and arrive to our Earth by aliens.

When Vanga was read these articles, she said: "No wonder the aliens are already among us go" and "Right. They are from a planet called Vamfim. I have to hand it led. "

That's all of it and formed a date: 1612-th year — 1988god take 3,600 years.

To date the prediction of Vanga, also used another, the association, the. That is, the Stars and trigonometric. For example, the psychic said that intelligent life originated in outer space and has been brought to Earth in a great year. Here is how the notion of "a great year" to correlate with the universal and earthly time? It is clear, of course, that Wang had in mind a "world year." But not the "year of the world," which is linked to the apocalypse on interpretation of ancient Greek, ancient and medieval astrology. And with the period associated with the global fire and the Deluge, after which all of the events on Earth begin to repeat.

The scope of this "great year" is important since that date it was Wang match to the beginning of the current human civilization that has both periods of prosperity and periods of decline.

Philosophical treatises of antiquity give us the length of "world year." Heraclitus — 18 000 years, Orpheus — 120 000 years, Antioch — 1,753,005 years, Burroughs — 2.16 million years, Kassandra — 3.6 million years old, Stoic Diogenes — 6.48 million years. So researchers have used these data when talking to a clairvoyant.

After Wang patiently listened to all the abstruse and long calculations, she said, which is closer to the truth was Cassandra. All these were the keywords. 3593000 The year BC — This is the beginning of the world, and the beginning of the origin of intelligent life on planet Earth. Desired date was obtained by subtracting from 3.6 million years ago (by Cassandra, who was a philosopher and king of Macedonia) 7000, the year that is the deadline for the great year.

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