Nibiru and the preparation for the cataclysm in 2012

Some ufologists claim that in 2012, the mysterious planet Nibiru approaches the Earth and so greatly affect its gravitational field, which will be a new deluge. They also say the government's leading countries have long been aware of the threat and thus hardly build underground bases, connected by a tunnel, where the chosen will survive the cataclysm.

There are persistent rumors, saying the billionaire sent emails offering to buy for themselves and their relatives in a safe place bunkers somewhere, either in the Himalayas, or the southern Urals. Without further ado, these shelters called arks.

Under the U.S. allegedly dug one hundred and forty cities. Nothing less than a new underground country. About the same — for the United Kingdom. Well, as the British Isles will wash away completely, the less well-off people who do not have an extra billion for a ticket to a new life, trying to leave from there, move to the mountainous areas of the planet. Out-migration is not so noticeable, because instead of them coming to work a lot of people from poor countries.

Say, Nibiru is real and coming. Although the perihelion (the lowest point of the orbit closest to the sun) passes between Jupiter and Mars, that is quite far away, but still assume that the gravitational effect would be really devastating. Begin tectonic shifts, earthquakes — all underground bases will be graves. People fill up millions of tons of soil. And then on top of another and flood — the water seeps through the cracks.

The only way to survive the earthquake and flood — a technique in November. Need to build floating cities with domes, the waves do not fill them from the top. (Submarines because no storms are terrible.) Wide and stable so as not overturned by the giant tsunami.

Another relatively inexpensive way to escape: blimps. They are not afraid of any flood or earthquake. You can make them toroidal (in the form of bagels) or disk-shaped, not to unfold the wind in the wrong direction, able to land on water during a lull (if food is over and you want to make a fishing trip, or just to save helium).

But underground no chance. Maybe elite and sought — wants to lure many of the powerful in death traps, and even take it for a billion with a nose?

What is it for, you ask. Quite simply, a base on Mars is not rubber, not accommodate everyone. Billionaires may take offense that they did not take. A quarrel with the money-bags can not — President Kennedy once tried. Everyone knows what happened.

Where there is a base on Mars? In Hellas Basin (depth of which — five miles, so the air is almost twice as dense as in other places). When the spring comes the red planet over this valley diameter two and a half thousand kilometers (fits Ukraine) floating clouds and sparkling white fog.

But this is only visible in the earthly telescopes. Neither the spacecraft nothing there photographs — not ordered. Pictures are transmitted only lifeless areas.

Meanwhile, the population of the Earth hard to convince that life on Mars is not possible, slowly melted the polar ice caps, increasing the density of the atmosphere — is a secret process called terraforming, creating a more comfortable environment, close to the earth.

And now, on the supporting pillars of Martian machines, landed, dew drops, which is clearly recorded in the photographs. And during the landing aids are used for braking is sufficiently dense atmosphere. (NASA blabbed about it, considering that the townsfolk have no time to ponder over the fact can not brake in such a rarefied atmosphere, which it is painted.)

Consequently, all those letters to the proposal to pay for the rescue, rumors of underground cities and other propaganda — nothing more than a red herring. In fact, in the hangars of the secret air base has long been waiting in the wings of flying saucers, built on alien technology. Roswell gift is not passed.

If you start a global catastrophe and other pandemonium, then loaded into the elite of the earth, these plates and go to Mars, there to wait out the cataclysm. When Nibiru went away again sginuv in dark space for 3,600 years, and on the Earth ustakanilos, then we can go back.

Of course, the earthquake will be on Mars. Rather, marsotryaseniya. Moreover, very strong, because of Nibiru will pass very close.

But liquid water there is very little, so nothing bad will happen — not a tsunami or flood. This is not Earth, where oceans are literally throw out the continents to wash away all living high waves kilometer.

And if you wake up volcanoes on Mars, then it is even better: get warmer, and the atmosphere becomes denser due to volcanic gases.

Especially useful for eruption near the polar caps. Not only will serve as stoves, melt the ice, so still and cover those caps ashes. The surface will not be white and cease to reflect the sun's rays, no heat — all melt away as cute. In general, there will be plenty of water, steam and heat. Flow rivers, lakes and seas zapleschutsya. Take root plants will produce oxygen. Mars will be fully fit for life.

Well, we feed the tall tales about underground of cities that see caricatures in each military bunker. And is connected to the spread of these stories are not very scrupulous ufologists.

What the aliens, you ask, the gray big-Zeta (Zeta aliens from the network). As they watch over humanity, respond to earthly rulers prepare to evacuate to Mars.

Zetas allegedly claimed by contactees, they will not allow the elite to get away, make to share the fate of all mankind. And that's why downed shuttle "Challenger" in 1986 and the shuttle "Kolubiya" in 2003 — as a hint of earthly rulers. Strange alien logic, is not it?

Actually shot down, but for some other reason. Probably just wanted to show who was boss in space. Or boredom. Like, Look, something flies, let's roast a laser to make it more fun.

We're for the Zetas — only biomass. Herd. And the Earth — reserve of genetic material. They are completely indifferent to any moral standards in relation to us.

We're not too burdened with compassion and a sense of decency when we cut cattle eat meat, kill animals for their fur, organize entertainment safari.

It is worth repeating again: this is only speculation. They are based on the assumption that Nibiru really threatens Earth. If not threatened, the colony on Mars is still built for evacuation. But not because of the flood, and the critical state of the environment, deforestation, pillaging of natural resources, overpopulation, disease and total pollution.

For example, mobile phones can not be burned — the atmosphere gets very strong poison. Therefore, they simply throw away. Form a whole kladbisha gamers, hills and mountains.

In ocean waters can already be seen vast areas of floating debris, the whole field. Surf throws trash even on the coast of Antarctica.

But the powers that be do not care. They are completely quiet — they have to run. So try to squeeze out of a poisoned planet more, no worrying about the future of their children and grandchildren. Mars will be in the clear well.

Aliens surely miss them there. Newcomers anyhow, what planet to conduct their activities, abducting people and put the genetic experiments to improve their degenerate race.

As always, the false ufologists add to their tales of a particle of truth — for the sake of credibility. We can therefore assume that the Earth after the cataclysm inhabit hybrids of people and the Zetas. The results of the above genetic experiments.

But this is, again, only if a global catastrophe does happen. If not, then the population will be slow, secretly and silently (not to start a "witch hunt"). Maybe it's already happening, and we have children of Zeta, and we take them for ordinary people, nothing guessing.

So it is likely that the end of the world — it is simply the end of a free humanity. If in the ancient world was ruled by aliens under the guise of gods, now dominate a more perfect race.

Once the gods brought Homo sapiens from Homo erectus to have someone to plow, sow, harvest and work hard in the mines, digging for ore aliens.

Now people will perform menial work for the new owners, the descendants of aliens who will say, they say, we are ancient, wise, so will teach you how to live. Zashem chips under the skin and turn the planet into an electronic concentration camp. So wait for a better future (that is, the new world order) is already long.

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