Nibiru? Yes, we will pass the planet And this …

God Nibiru — the one that crosses the heart tirelessly Tiamat: "Let his name will be" Crossing "- the name of who is in the middle."
(Sumerian Epic)

According to the texts of the ancient Sumerians in the solar system, there is one, the twelfth (?) Account planet. Her name Nibiru and more land is three or four times. Nibiru has a very elongated orbit, making one revolution around the sun makes for 3,600 years. Having gone to the farthest point of the orbit, it is three times farther from the Sun than Pluto, in its aphelion. Nibiru appears near the sun once in almost four thousand years. The appearance of such a large mass of the terrestrial planets is significant gravitational perturbations.

On Nibiru, according to the American scholar Alan Alford, already 300,000 years there highly technological civilization. 272 183 years have passed since the aliens from the planet, using its approach to the Sun, first landed on Earth. Rather, they were interested in earth minerals.

In 1976 he published a book of Zechariah Sitchin (Zecharia Sitchin) "12th Planet" (The 12th Planet), gave rise to many disputes. The main source cited in the book "The 12th Planet" Bible verse is the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament. Zecharia Sitchin attempted to compare the verses cited in the "12th planet," with existing translations and the original source text, as well as the texts of parallel Sumerian and Akkadian myths / legends, in order to arrive at the most correct their interpretation.

Days of Creation

Unfortunately, we did not make any Sumerian creation myth, and Zecharia Sitchin
is based on a later Akkadian myth "Enuma Elish." However, the sequence of events presented in the "Enuma Elish", according to the researchers is not well with the traditional concept of the Sumerians, despite the fact that most subjects mifologemnyh it borrowed from the Sumerian beliefs. The content of the epic, of course, with large reductions can be summarized as follows. In the beginning there was only water and chaos. Of this terrible chaos gods were born first.

Over the centuries, some of them have decided to establish order in the world. This angered the god and his wife Abzu, Tiamat, the monstrous goddess of chaos. The rebels are united under the leadership of a wise god Ea and killed Abzu. Tiamat, depicted in the form of a dragon, decided to take revenge for the death of her husband. Then the gods of the order led to the bloody battle of Marduk killed Tiamat and her huge body was cut into two parts, one of which became the land, and the other stars. A blood Abzu mixed with clay, and from this mix is how the first man.

As well read "Enuma Elish" Citchin?

Wandering planet, in the Akkadian version Madre, got into the solar system. The fact that the trajectory of its movement initially ran past Neptune, then Uranus — suggests that it was moving in a clockwise direction, in the direction opposite to the movement of other planets around the sun. The overall effect of attraction of all the other planets swept into the heart of Marduk, the newly formed solar system — leading to a collision with the planet Tiamat, in orbit between Mars and Jupiter (in the later Greek version — Shay).

Satellites of Marduk
crashed into the planet Tiamat and split it. The upper part of the liquid Tiamat — its "crown" was captured by the large satellites of Marduk and moved to another orbit, creating a system of Earth — the Moon. The final act of creation of the universe occurred in the time of the secondary return to the place of Marduk celestial battle. This time Marduk
merged with the rest of Tiamat became Nibiru — Planet of intersection, and the scattered fragments gathered in the asteroid belt. or become comets. There really an analogy with the Days of Creation in Genesis (first and second) and sura of the Qur'an:

"Do the unbelievers, that heaven and earth were previously one continuous whole, and we tore it and created all living things from the water?"

A modern astrophysical data tell us about the ancient catastrophe, so that the Earth's "creation" could wear the uniform space-based global destruction …

Try to understand. According to world-Sumerian god planet Nibiru was destined to return to the place of the battle-space disaster, where she crossed the path of Tiamat Scientifically speaking, the perihelion of the orbit of Nibiru should lie in the asteroid belt, which is far enough to provide a substantial electromagnetic and gravitational effects on Earth . In any case, Mars and Venus are closer — and nothing terrible happens.

But why we do not observe Nibiru Now? Zecharia Sitchin says, because its orbit has significant eccentricity and inclination to the ecliptic plane. And Nibiru is now quite far away, with a long period of treatment. Today we know that the Sumerians associated with Nibiru supreme god — Anu his greatness SAR — "Supreme Ruler." But at the same time SAR means and completing the cycle and the number of 3600 — although, here and there suggest another meaning of that number: 2160. Sitchin also came to the conclusion that the duration of the motion in the orbit of Nibiru is 3600 Earth years.

Nibiru was to civilization — Sumerian gods

The Sumerians called their gods the Anunnaki. These were the highest being 3.5 — 5m growth. This brings to mind the biblical giants, children of God — Nefelimov. Surprisingly, the Anunnaki were not immortal, but their life cycle is about 360,000 Earth years. In general, the relationship between the gods were quite human. Stood at the head of the supreme ruler — An, and manages all of his children — the Anunnaki. About 450-thousand years ago, there was a problem "with air" Nibiru and its solution took a lot of gold.

We should immediately mention it, it seems, was about the use of technology to support gold functional living space on the planet Nibiru.
In this sense, the Earth just tremendously lucky! In all historical times gold on it just rained from the sky! After all, it is dissolved in the space dust that falls to Earth each year in the amount of several hundred tons. Historically formed the earth geophysics and holds gold infiltrated into a real planetary ligature, the purpose of which was to interest scientists only recently. It seems that gold piping world is no accident — Wehle Shtylveld.

By this time, the Anunnaki could already make small space flights and 400 thousand years ago, when the orbit of Nibiru and Earth once again came together, the Anunnaki came to Earth. The main goal was gold mining. Dates given here are taken from the royal lists, called the time of the mythical gods of the Board. The first project expedition headed "god of wisdom and the Sea" Enki. But when a few thousand years on earth commercialize new expedition, the general leadership passed to the "god of the air," Enlil and Enki were a sea space and Africa (Totenwelt "Merv world") — or, in the views of Sitchin, African mines and sea transport.

Stop! But it is in Africa were subsequently legendary mines of King Solomon Jewish! — Velay Shtylveld.

Every 3600 years, the next approach of Nibiru, mined gold dispatched to their home planet. Transit base was established in the lower reaches of the Euphrates — the current Iraq. However, after a 100-150 ka-gods murmured miners and to help he created man.

Gods-miners, exiled to Earth to mine gold, led the gods administrators and rulers were not just exiled gods, but, apparently, criminal, or independent, unorthodox, who did not wish to accept the order of things on Nibiru, which is also require clear rules of behavior simply because her life artificially maintained: regeneration of the air, the planetary grid gold, gold mining, which is to strengthen and engaged newcomers — Wehle Shtylveld.

Dolna rift in Ethiopia, where, according to Sitchin, was the place where gold was mined and created man-gold-and rudodobytchik, not worse Mesopotamia. But in the course of history the gods had to war with each other, and Zechariah Sitchin believes that al-Hadid, we see signs of a nuclear attack, although there is evidence — Vabar crater is only a trace of the meteorite.

Without dwelling on the twists and turns of the relationship of the gods, the origin of the Egyptian pyramids and nuclear war — although this version and can explain dispersion of infrastructure, we can assume that the Earth is a real war broke out, either divinely-civil, to change the status of the exiled gods and the equation of the same rights as gods, administrators, or license — for the right to certain gold production, and perhaps it was a symbiosis of the two military confrontations. — Velay Shtylveld.

About 13 thousand years ago, the need for further extraction of gold disappeared and it was decided to destroy humanity. Particularly close passage of Nibiru to evoke change Earth's rotation axis, accompanied by a giant tidal wave. The gods have decided not to save people. However, mankind has survived. Was this Enki merit or not, we probably can debate endlessly, but all agree on one thing myths.

However, you can safely assume that the gods of genetics took responsibility for the survival of his "children in a human" in this global catastrophe. And maybe someday they still built the Memorial, as the noblest representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence. — Velay Shtylveld.

However, we note that in the past, referred to the time of possible paleocontacts, earthly people always treat strangers as gods, celestials. The Sumerians, for example, to call them:

"Those who came down from heaven to earth."

The aliens, of course, strongly supported such beliefs. As already mentioned, the planet Nibiru every 3600 years closer to Earth. This convergence does not go to our mother completely. According to the same A. Alford, in 10,983 BC, when Nibiru was between Venus and the Earth at a distance of 12 million kilometers, with a small, on Earth the Deluge.

Pull of the giant planet's atmosphere have been raised in the huge mass of water, which then crashed to the earth's surface. Earth's civilization and most of the plant and animal world ceased to exist. The aliens knew in advance about the inevitability of the flood, and in good time take steps to preserve the most valuable — recall described in the Bible Noah's ark. However, people took them in so far as, on Earth they bred without an account, and they have not always been respectful to the "gods."

On the concept of Alford, many gods of antiquity — Enlil (supreme God), He (God of wisdom), Ptah (demiurge-skilled engineer), Inanna (Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Astarte) Marduk and the others were aliens from the planet Nibiru. They really existed, ruled the earth cities and kingdoms, and often bitterly fought each other. Since the second half of the XV century BC. e. embarking on a major migration, the emergence of new cultures and countries. Guests (and, perhaps, the owners?) From the planet Nibiru stayed on Earth for about 1300 years. Around 200 BC. e. Nibiru was again near the sun.

It was then for reasons unknown to us aliens left Earth for good. Many thoughtful readers, there will probably be a legitimate question — what kind of stories and who invented them? The answer is simple: in the vaults and archives of many museums in the world (especially British) kept a great many cuneiform tablets of ancient manuscripts, papyri and other artifacts. Some of them are transcribed and from them that the data extraction information. However, the vast majority of manuscripts still remain a mystery, and God (Aborigines Nibiru?) We know that there is inscribed!

After the flood, the human life span has decreased dramatically. Do not go after the flood experiment gods in a new direction? Around 13,000 years ago, there was a strong climate change. However, the theory of the gravitational tidal interactions with Nibiru, in agreement with signs of tectonic activity, does not explain all the effects of the disaster period, namely uneven climate change.

Explains everything meteor hypothesis, and calculations show that for the observed effect of 12,000 years ago was enough of a meteorite the size of the order of 50 km. Although the fall of the meteorite could also be "God's trade", but in fact just of engineering calculations …

I would like to add that one of the ancient Sumerian city — Nippur, the city of Enlil, in fact, was called in Sumerian NIBRU. KI, which means "Place of Nibiru on Earth." The Sumerians
known location of the city — DUR. AN. KI — "Communication of Heaven to Earth." Appointment of Nippur revealed by the Sumerian inscriptions mention "high columns, reaching the sky," as well as the pictorial marking god Enlil — "Ruler of orders" — the icon shows the tower (possibly a radar or other connecting worlds installation of communication).


Unfortunately, we did not make any Sumerian creation myth. The turn of events presented in the Akkadian myth "Enuma Elish", according to the researchers does not match the concept of the ancient Sumerians, despite the fact that most of the stories of the gods and it was borrowed from the Sumerian beliefs. So what really prompted Sitchin on identification of the ancient gods "mythical" universe to the solar system? This Akkadian cylinder seal of the third millennium BC, which is now exhibited in the State Museum in Berlin. On this print depicts eleven circles arranged around a large circle with six rays — is clearly the sun.

If we start analyzing areas of the upper right sector and move counter-clockwise, can be found in Figure undeniable similarities with the scheme of the solar system, both in size and in the position of the planets. With the exception of Pluto, which is shown in its original position — as a satellite of Saturn, the ancient figure shows the planet in the same form as they existed after Nibiru collision with Tiamat. But between Mars and Jupiter is a large circle, about three times the size of Earth, which does not match any of the currently known planets. It can not be just a coincidence that the "Enuma Elish" accurately describes the status of this planet, or "God":

What about the fact that, according to myth, the Earth was the result of the collapse of a large planet orbits and eleven — must be something less? Among the evidence cited Sitchin is also slightly damaged clay tablet — planisphere, found in the ruins of the ancient library of Nineveh. On this clay disc, which is alleged to be a copy of a Sumerian original, depicts a mysterious series of cuneiform signs and arrows. Inspection of this drive led Sitchin concluded that he bears the technical and astronomical information. In one segment of the disc are two triangles connected by a straight line and on it — seven points.

In one of the triangles shows four points. Realizing that the 7/4 means the ratio between the inner and outer planets of the solar system, Sitchin began a thorough review disc. At the edges of each segment discs have recurring characters. They do not read in the Akkadian language, but makes sense if you read them as Sumerian syllabic syllables. Sitchin found in these inscriptions the name of Enlil, such geographic concepts as "sky", "mountain", and verbs — "watch", "down" and so there was also a mention of "God NI.NI, responsible for landing" as well as a series of numbers appears to represent mathematically precise calculations for landing spacecraft. Sitchin was fully convinced that this CD is nothing more than a navigation map, denoting the way in which the god Enlil flew around the world, with the technical guidance. This CD seems to confirm that the planet Nibiru was the home of the gods, and the earth — the seventh planet in their flight into the depths of the solar system.

There is no doubt that during the formation of the solar system, some planet experienced a strong impact. Suffice it to say that the modern "supine" position of Uranus, the axis of rotation is inclined to the ecliptic at 980, apparently the result of a collision with a large enough body. Abnormal rotation of Venus and Pluto can also be explained by the hypothesis of the "outside" of the interaction. Opening a satellite of Pluto — Charon enabled accurately determine the mass of Pluto, and found that it is much smaller than expected. This allowed mathematically, with a high degree of accuracy, check deviations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune.

In this regard, two astronomers from the Naval Observatory in Washington has revived the idea of the planet X. But these two astronomers — Robert Harrington and Tom Van Flandern went much further — with the help of mathematical models, they showed that Planet X Pluto and Charon pushed out of their former positions of the satellites of Neptune. They also suggested that the planet was invaded by 3-4 times the size of Earth, and that probably it was captured into orbit around the Sun, the rotation, and the orbit must have highly eccentric, highly inclined to the plane of rotation around the sun, and its period of rotation around the sun is very high. As if scientists used to excerpts of his report "Enuma Elish"! Unique education relating to the completion of the process of differentiation of the era of planetary bodies — the division of mineral resources on the core, mantle and crust, and found on the Moon. It is a huge multi-ring basin or basin near the south pole.

The diameter of the outer ring of the structure reaches 2500 km, which is 1.4 times the radius of the moon. Judging by the number of small craters per unit area within the basin, the time of its formation belongs to the early history of the moon. Estimates of this age agree on the period between 4.3 and 3.9 billion years old. Radar measurements made in April 1994 on board the vehicle "Clementine", who was in lunar orbit, showed that in this basin, in an ever-shaded area on the south pole of the moon surface material is present, radar characteristics of which correspond to the parameters of water ice. Area of the region with unusual properties is 6361 km2. Which originally appeared on a water ice, devoid of atmosphere the moon? Rather, its origin is external — the result of a collision with a comet. Or the right of scientists who say that in the past the moon was part of a large planet — presumably Earth. The current plight of Mars is also associated with a powerful asteroid bombardment, and astrophysicists have long suspected that the location of the asteroid belt would have to be a planet. But let's get acquainted with such informative original — by the extant epic. We have already mentioned in the beginning of the review of the main story line myths. Now read the lines themselves referenced Zecharia Sitchin:

Marduk / / inexplicably perfect were its members. / / Reach an understanding, it is difficult osoznavaemy. / / He had four eyes and four ears / / When he moved his lips, his mouth burst fire. He was the highest of the gods, superior to all the growth, its members were enormous, he was incredibly high. / / Tiamat and Marduk — the wisest of the gods, / / move towards each other, / / They wanted to come together hand to hand, / / they draw closer to the fight. / / Mr deployed his net to entangle it: / / He let her face the evil wind. / / And when she opened her mouth to devour him, / / He sent against her evil wind, so that it could not close the mouth, / / And then the storm winds hit her in the stomach / / Her body was swollen, mouth wide open. / / He sent an arrow — she tore her belly, / / sample entrails and buried itself in the most womb. / / Because he beat her and extinguished it the breath of life. / / And after he killed Tiamat, the main warrior, / / He defeated all of her army, her entire entourage. / / Her assistant, the gods who fought on her side, shivering with fear, / / to take flight to save and preserve their lives. / / They got online and become entangled in them. / / The whole host of demons who fought on her side, / / He shackled in chains, tied their hands. / / Tightly bound, they could not escape. / / Mr stopped to look at her lifeless body. / / He cleverly conceived — how to divide the monster. / / And split it into two parts, like an oyster. / / Mr stepped on the back of Tiamat / / And his weapon cut top of her head, / / He cut the channels of her blood / / And ordered the north winds to dispel it in a hitherto unknown places. / / The other half of it, he established himself as a screen for the skies / / bind them together, and set it as a wall. / / He bent Tiamat's tail like a bracelet and made him the Grand Cordon

Gods and men

The estimated orbit of Nibiru and fitness "gods" to terrestrial conditions make it unlikely that the story of the natural progression of life in Nibiru, unless of course, the basics of the world were not created artificially. And the constant passage through the Asteroid Belt is not conducive good life. Remember, what now looks like Mars. Consequently, the version of the problems with the atmosphere rather doubtful, given the level of technology needed to convert the world into a spaceship.

It is not entirely clear criteria for selecting a location alien base. If it is a site of ancient Sumer — the choice is extremely unfortunate. The complete absence of mineral resources, wetlands to the river, often changed its course due to the extremely low bank and, therefore, the periodic flooding. Salty groundwater. The only thing was there in abundance — it's water, fertile silt, clay and reeds.

Perhaps the aliens need to raise a humid climate and that he was most comfortable for them? — Velay Shtylveld

For ancient crop selection is good, but as a space port and a center for processing gold, it would be logical to choose another location. One could argue that the "deluge" changed climate conditions, but because the presence of minerals, he could not make an impact. And why spend money on transportation, a good place if you can find themselves in the mines.

Unless we assume that the planetary mines were almost ubiquitous, remember the golden cosmic debris, which was proved at the turn of the century — Wehle Shtylveld

Although the role of gold in the history of mankind is really abnormal. One of the few of its exceptional properties — plasticity, hardly appreciated in the ancient world. Iron, copper or bronze as a universal price equivalent would look much more natural. And on Earth, there was a set of places that hold traces of possible visit of aliens.

The creation of man

In 1915, Stephen Langdon has published a text entitled "The Sumerian Epic of Paradise, the Flood and the fall of man." This event was the starting point for targeted research, and now about how, on the proposal of the Sumerians, the gods created man, known to many. After complaining of the gods on their share of difficult and demands made by him "servant of the gods", the god of wisdom and the deep sea Enki took over the "excellent and royal masters," and turned to the Mother Goddess (the original Ocean):

Oh, my mother, a creature whose name you called, already has — / / Etch in him the image of the gods. / / Mixing clay heart that over the abyss — / / Excellent and regal master made thick clay / / You give birth of the extremities. / / Ninti otschipnula fourteen pieces of clay / / Seven of lih she put right, put seven on the left, / / between them to form. / / She wore it. / / Knife to cut the umbilical cord. / / Wise and learned Goddess took twice seven genera / / Seven were born male, seven — female. / / Goddess Birth gust caused a breath of life. / / They were created in pairs in front of her. / / These creatures were human, creates Mother Goddess.

These new creatures called in Sumerian texts LU.LU, which literally means "mixed." Zecharia Sitchin believes that the above words of clay taken from the earth, which "young gods who know" is brought to the desired condition may mean that man was created as a hybrid of God and primitive hominids. So many facts indicate the discrepancy Homo Sapiens evolution. Although the ancient Sumerian texts directly to it do not. It is interesting to note that from time immemorial people intrigued by the fact that according to the Old Testament, God created Eve so peculiar way, namely, from the rib of Adam.

The God because there was plenty of clay, from which he could fashion a woman and as a man fashioned. Cuneiform tablets excavated in the ruins of Babylon, gave a really sensational explanation of the riddle. It turns out that the whole story is based on a very funny misunderstanding. Namely, in the Sumerian myth of the god Enki sore rib. Ha Sumerian word "edge" corresponds to the word "ti". Goddess, who called her to the edge of the god cured Enki called Hinti, that is "a woman from the rib." Ho "ninti" also means "to give life." Thus, Hinti can equally mean "a woman from the rib" and "woman, giving life." And here is the root source of misunderstanding.

Hebrew tribes replaced Hinti Eve because Eve was their legendary mother of mankind, that is, "a woman gives life." However, the second value Hinti ("a woman from the rib") somehow preserved in the memory of the Jews. In this regard, in folk tales resulted in discomfort. Since Mesopotamian times remember that there is something in common between Eve and the edge, and thus was born a strange version, though created Eve from Adam's rib.

You can argue until frenzy, because H'aedam & H'aeva this is still a couple of "mountain" of Eden residents, which, certainly, was taken to the planet Earth and planted here and cloned, modified local planetary primates. If Enki could be responsible for "monastery" clones, over the "girls 'gymnasium' answered" a woman from the rib "geneticist Ninti, which also has been particularly fastidious, recall that the model pupil of Lilith and the recipient of Enki H'aedam rejected, and a new female mice reproduce Ninti already on Earth, partly improved the custom standard operating model female almost its own copy. And that's not all — in fact there were seven pairs! — Velay Shtylveld.

The mystics own planet Nibiru!

Mystical hoax ushlyh earthlings today and did not pass the legendary planet. Recent data about the planet Nibiru was "transmitted" through the famous contactee Robert Shapiro Zushu the historian and author of many articles in the "Sedona". That's what they say …

Planet X (Nibiru) — an artificial vessel, crossing our universe, not in orbit, but on a fairly regular route takes about 7,200 Earth years to go through one cycle, under the guidance of a conscious humanoid volunteers who live within it, but not on the surface . Their goal is to check the unusual destructive power, adversely affecting the neighboring regions of the cosmos.

They, in collaboration with similar groups repeatedly destroyed hopelessly aggressive civilization on Earth in the last few million years, so we can start our work again, under more favorable conditions. That is why we feel the fear in relation to them even though they benefit us and the method of "not created" We had a painless soft.

This is it! Urekat dozen (hundreds?) Terrestrial civilizations. To pump pit gold enslave — into executive then uncoordinated — a project of Babel, drown, thank Providence that is not all — it's painless and smooth. Oh, strange logic kosmopiratov. We, the present, it does not understand — Wehle Shtylveld.

We just reincarnated again, under more favorable circumstances. Recently, they (or a similar mission) were here 1,600 years ago, at that time, they recommended "interrupt our coexistence." However, because of our special status as a civilization, which is mandatory training to help our space brothers and sisters — their recommendations were submitted.

Now they are returning once again to feel our energy. They should be at the maximum resonance with us within 2 years (2003-2004).. What would they feel? They will feel the reduction in the strength and health of our planet due to pollution, resource exhaustion mining abnormal radiation, etc. Then, focusing on the plant kingdom — they feel the reduction in species diversity, fewer forests, less abundance, pollution of ecosystems, depletion of soil , unnatural weather and a general cry for help. Focusing on the animal kingdom — they feel the stress of extremely reduced, the natural habitat of sea creatures — suffering from exposure to inhumane experiments and dumping poison waste and radioactive waste from overpopulation and famine pets.

Based on these three observations, they probably would have said:

"We do not like these trends are in this place, the destructive energy radiate from the past orbit of the Twelfth Planet, which is about the limit of how humanity is allowed to pollute the creation, we recommend the next step."

The next step will be for the other group, which will come again in 20 years to re-test the Earth. If the results of the second group will be just as negative, the third group will arrive after 17 years to perform a quick and painless "abortion of humanity" on the planet and restore the land to its previous state, dominated by plants and animals. Inspection with Planet X will conduct four types of measurements, and not only the earth, plants and animals. Most importantly — a sense of energy to mankind. This is where the techniques of self-love of a new era of peace (new age), can serve our rescue at this time.

Human civilization

The development of human consciousness by race (civilizations)

Sumerian clay tablets written at least 2,000 years before Moses lived, we know almost word for word the same as in the first book of the Bible. These tablets have Adam and Eve, the names of all their children, as well as a full set of events described in the Bible. All this was written before it was received by Moses, which proves that he was not the author of Genesis. So, all of this knowledge can not be obtained by the Sumerians in the development of their civilization, and have been transferred to them from the highest civilization in charge of the development of the planet Earth.

Nephilim civilization on the planet Nibiru

It is recorded that, billions of years ago, our Earth is a big planet Tiamat, which revolved around the sun between Mars and Jupiter. In ancient Earth was also a big moon. There was another planet in our solar system, which is called the Babylonians Marduk, and the Sumerians — Nibiru.
This huge planet rotates retrograde — in the opposite direction, and in a different plane to the other planets. Further an already known.

Only in 1983, American scientists from NASA have discovered the tenth planet in our solar system — Nibiru — towards the constellation of Orion with the orbiting telescope to astronomical satellites IAS. Then the planet was photographed with two probes NASA, located on a huge distance from the Sun. Nibiru (Marduk) was inhabited by conscious beings — Nephilim.

Approximately 450,000 years ago, there was a problem with the Nephilim of the planet. Nibiru's orbit is so far from the Sun that the Nephilim had to keep warm, so they decided to spray the gold particles in the upper atmosphere that they are like a mirror, reflecting light and heat back to their planet.

That's it! Possible sources of this greenhouse effect on Venus and once on praZemle that rasshandarashilo 3.9-4.5 billion years ago, after which our pramatushka lost up to 90% of the atmosphere and split in two! — Velay Shtylveld.

Since the Nephilim in those days possessed only a primitive missile technology similar to ours, they could not leave the solar system and, after reviewing all of its planets, found that a large amount of gold in the Land. For the extraction of more than 400 000 years ago, was sent to a team of several hundred Nephilim led by Enlil. They have created a colony in present-day Iraq, and the gold mined in the south-east of Africa in the Zambezi Basin.

While dolphins and whales have the highest level of consciousness on Earth, and so far they are from the highest civilization on our planet. So be Enlil had to get permission of this civilization to live and mine gold in the world — there is a galactic law that any alien race can log on other minds, only to receive a permit.

According to Sumerian chronicles Enlil stayed with them for very long. Note that the home of dolphins and whales is the third planet of Sirius B, which is called Oceania. Only on its two small continents live humanoids, and they are not very much. The rest of the world, completely covered with water, belongs to the cetaceans. There is a link between them and the humanoid inhabitants of the ocean, so when Enlil (Nephilim) came to Earth, he first made contact with cetaceans (Sirians) to get their blessings. Then he went out on the land, and began the process that led to the creation of the human race.

Our heavenly parents — Nephilim and Sirians. Planetary conception of the human race

Every 3600 years, when Nibiru
reasonably approximate the Earth, the Nefilim could smuggle gold mined in the world on their home planet. Gold mining continued for a long time, and somewhere between 200 and 300 thousand years ago, there was an uprising of Nephilim, who worked in these mines. They refused to continue working. In Sumerian chronicles the rebellion described in detail.

Therefore, the leaders of the colony Nephilim decided to use DNA of animals — mainly primates, then living on the earth, and their own DNA to create a new race, which could be used for gold mining. This genetic experiment and led to the creation of the human race about 200 thousand years ago. Interestingly, the modern scientists who developed the so-called "theory of Eve", based on the analysis of human DNA have found that the first representative of humanity, called researchers Eve lived somewhere between 150 and 250 thousand years ago and came from the same valley, where, according to the Sumerians, gold was extracted.

Such a conception on the physical plane preceded a huge job on the subtle planes. Seven Nephilim, consciously dropping their physical bodies, formed a matrix of consciousness from seven overlapping spheres of consciousness, just as in the model of Genesis. As a result of this merger, there was a white-blue flame, known in ancient times, "Flower of Life", which they placed in the womb of the Earth, called the Halls of Amenti. This flame (height of 1.2 — 1.5 m and a diameter of about 0.9 m) is a pure prana, pure consciousness, which is a kind of "Planetary Egg."

Halls of Amenti, used primarily for the creation of new races and species — is the space of the fourth dimension. Now the reality of our third dimension, they are located underground at a depth of about 1832 km and connected to the Great Pyramid of Giza corridor of the fourth dimension. Inside the Halls of Amenti is a room, the shape of which is based on the Fibonacci ratio. It is a cube on top of which the Nephilim created things and put them "Planet Egg". With this conception of a planetary Nephilim were our only breast aspect and the aspect of his father's steel Sirians from the ocean — the third planet of Sirius B. They were also giants, as the Nephilim.

But if Nephilim largely irrelevant to the three-dimensional space, the Sirians were inherently four-dimensional beings. 32 of that race (16 men and 16 women), who were one family, came from the ocean on the planet. In the Halls of Amenti they materialized 32 plate of rose quartz in size. Then they lay on these boards around the cube with the Flame, head to the center and face up, alternating between men and women, creating a matrix of Awareness "Flower of universal spirituality of love and wisdom" level 32.

Sirians made planetary conception — in other words, have merged with the Flame, or "Planetary Egg" Nephilim. There was a connection matrix of Consciousness "Flower of Life" of the seven Nephilim and the matrix of Awareness "Flower universal spirituality of love and wisdom" from 32-Sirians.

If conception occurs on the physical plane in less than 24 hours — a process of birth of the first eight immortal cells, the fertilization was carried out at the global level for about 2000 years — all the while 32 Sirians lay motionless, introductions to Mother Earth a new human race. The merger of two matrices of consciousness on a planetary level has created a new type of planetary DNA — the spiritual foundation of humanity. Finally, after a lapse of 2000 years on the island of Gondwana were first human beings.

These are the legends of modern mystics … They will be able to check only … The future

Takes over for "The Quiet American"

Zecharia Sitchin

Modern astronomers have long noted the discrepancy between the theoretical calculations of the motion of Uranus and Neptune and the actual results of observation. These planets have long disturbance in the latitudinal direction of an unknown celestial body, but to see this planet so far. "Troublemakers" were looking even beyond the last planet Pluto. In the 60's of last century, there was the hypothesis of the existence of such a planet with a mass equal to Jupiter, far from the sun twice as far than Neptune, and with incredible inclination of 120 degrees. But to find it, too, failed.

Therefore, it is interesting to know some details about it from those who had a view of the nature of the mysterious planet and nature of its inhabitants. They were the Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia. Their civilization came here more than six thousand years ago. Traces of the Sumerians lost in a series of centuries, but were clay tablets … they who fell into the hands of the American archaeologist, linguist, historian and writer of Russian origin Zechariah Sitchin, who tried to understand.

They talk about a very, very distant past. The story begins a few billion years ago, when the Earth was very young. Then it was a large planet Tiamat, it revolved around the sun between Mars and Jupiter. In ancient Earth was a big moon, which is said to chronicle, was predetermined time in the future become a planet itself. Further, according to the chronicles, fate would have it, one day, walking along the orbit, the planet Nibiru came so close to Tiamat, that one of its moons collided with Tiamat (our Earth) and put it down about half — just tore it in half. This huge chunk of Tiamat with its main moon at impact came from the course, went into orbit between Venus and Mars and became the Earth as we know it now. Another part was smashed into a million pieces and was "hammered bracelet" as it is called the same chronicle, or the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

This is another thing that amazes astronomers. How did they know about the asteroid belt, if it can not be seen with the naked eye? The Sumerians called Nibiru is a planet of the gods. It is possible that communication with them, and can be explained by the Sumerians outstanding knowledge in astronomy, mathematics and other fields. Oddly enough, have survived drawings and writing of the Sumerian civilization of astronomers clearly state that, according to legend ancient solar system consisted of 12 celestial bodies, including the sun, moon and 10 planets. It was 10, not 9, now known.

Just a few years ago it was — nine. But more recently, studying the trajectory of American spacecraft "Pioneer 10" and "Pioneer 11", Jet Propulsion Laboratory, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in Pasadena, John Anderson came to the conclusion that, apparently, there is also the tenth planet "X" (we call it — the 12th Planet). 12th Planet is visible to the human eye, although in order to be noticed, you need to know the position of the stars. Now the 12th Planet has a brightness of about +2.0 magnitude, and has the same size as the stars visible to the naked eye.

It does not shine with the intensity of most of the stars, and emits a dull, diffuse light. 12th Planet, located closer to radiate light glow from the surface, that is, it has an even glow. While the size of the 12th Planet is 4 times greater than that of the Earth and, therefore, greater than that of Mars or Pluto, they are now at a much greater distance and thus its appearance can not be compared with the visibility of Mars or Pluto.

12th Planet has what can be called a traveling moons as they are pulled behind a planet in its long elliptical orbit. These are comparable to the Earth's Moon, some even more than her, since the mass of the 12th Planet is the gravitational magnet is much stronger than the Earth. Some may think that the moon must always fly in an orbit around their planet, because so do all the terrestrial planets solar system while they are moving.

The difference is that the 12th Planet travel when crossing the solar system faster, at a rate not comparable with balanced rates of other planets. These do not leave the Moon 12th Planet during its rapid raid through the solar system, as the 12th Planet with its mass must pass away from the other major planets and so they are at any point in time will have a stronger gravitational pull, than continuous influence 12th Planet.

About the accuracy of the prediction approach of the planet will be better defined in the last year by the reaction of the Earth. Is a question that can not be predicted accurately, since there are too many variables that affect this process in its approach, but the core of the Earth is already responding, and this is reflected in the increase in temperature of the oceans around the world. The next feature that should be noted — increased volcanic activity, larger and more frequent earthquakes in the world.

Illegal child solar system

It is believed that the Earth was formed in the same way as the other planets in the solar system, has always been on the same orbit, and in the same condition as it is now. However, our planet gives scientists a few mysteries. One of them — the presence on the surface of the earth and debris pramaterika vast continental platforms, from which have developed the modern continents. The thickness of the continental crust varies from forty to eighty miles, and its age is not less than four and a half billion years. The rest of the crust, ocean, much thinner — up to ten kilometers thick, and much younger — the age of her two hundred million years. About four billion years ago the solar system from space invaded by the planet Pluto, Uranus and Neptune are huge wandering planet Marduk with several of his companions.

She entered into the system at an angle of 30 ° to the plane of the ecliptic in the opposite direction of the planets. Huge, comparable in size to Jupiter Marduk sailed past Tiamat, hitting several companions on the surface of the planet. But Marduk himself was captured the sun's gravity and changed its trajectory. According to the Bible — it is the first day of creation. During the second rotation around the sun Marduk hit the water planet Tiamat, chopped it and threw one part with a large satellite King and mass of water in orbit between Mars and Venus. According to the Bible — it is the second day of creation. As a result of hitting the planet itself Marduk merged with the second part of the planet Tiamat, creating a new planet Nibiru. And fragments of the planets and their satellites are the asteroid belt, taking the former orbit Tiamat. Heavenly bodies that orbit now moving in the direction opposite to the motion of the planets as well as the victim Marduk.

Cast out on the current orbit of the Earth as a result of the cataclysm splinter planet Marduk with the largest satellite of King and became our planet and its companion moon. On the side of the Moon facing the Earth, can view the results of this cosmic catastrophe. The whole moon dotted with numerous circuses with cones in the center, formed from falling debris of planets, moons and asteroids in sticky, quickly cools the surface of the moon. Land acquired after the cataclysm of the kernel Tiamat, water and fragments of continental crust. The largest of these include the current South America, Africa, Antarctica, India, Australia. The other fragments — today's North America, Europe and Asia — were divided. So they are distributed over the surface of the Earth to the Cambrian. All pramateriki located near the South Pole, the remaining space is occupied by the oceanic crust and the ocean. With this and start the geological history of the Earth.

The oldest rocks on Earth older than three and a half billion years old were found in Greenland. In other places they are, or are in deep, inaccessible to researchers, or reworked by geological processes and the global movement of the continents. Next encounter with the planet Tiamat — the area right-Pacific and the rest nucleus Marduk — delayed the mantle formed during the cooling of basaltic oceanic crust. The waters around the earth settled and covered all the cavities, causing the oceans emerged from the water, which is inherited from the planet Tiamat. Earth itself took the form of the geoid. Rotation of the Earth on its axis at the time was much higher than today.

Every viscoplastic body, similar in form to the ball tends rotation distribute their entire mass, including projections on the surface. And Earth rotates on its axis, caused fragments of continental crust move over the mantle. Continents of the southern part of the crawling surface of the planet to the north. In the Lower Devonian four hundred million years ago, they merged into a single pramaterik Pangea. which lasted two hundred million years and extends from the South to the North Pole. And only in the Mesozoic two hundred and thirty million years ago due to the velocity difference in the different parts of the platform Pangea in Northern and Southern Hemisphere began to decay. This is how Laurasia, located in the northern hemisphere and Gondwana — the southern.

In Cenozoic sixty-seven million years ago the continents of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere split and adopted modern shape and location. But in our time, the movement of continents continues, albeit with varying speed and direction for the different continents. North and South America are creeping westward, Asia — in the south-east, Europe, Africa, India and Australia — to the north, Antarctica revolves around the axis of the south-east to north-west.

Redistribution of continental crust derived from the planet Earth, Marduk, has continued for nearly four billion years. A newly formed fragments of Tiamat and Marduk Nibiru became the tenth planet of the solar system with an orbital period around the sun three thousand six hundred years in a highly elliptical orbit. Every three thousand six hundred years Nibiru appears in the solar system in a tragic encounter with the dead planet Tiamat. According to calculations of Sitchin, Nibiru was the last time was in the solar system is about two hundredth BC.

Modern astronomical observations show that there can exist an unknown tenth planet orbiting close to the one that should be at Nibiru. Launched in 1983, the satellite discovered in deep space a large object, not inferior in size to Jupiter, which is now seen in the constellation of Orion. If it is the astronomical observations, and if you believe the ancient Sumerians, the three thousand four hundred year humans can observe the planet Nibiru in the solar system. Space standards for three thousand years with little — a little.

For preparation of this work were used material from the site
Scientific observers SHTYLVELD Wehle, Igor Sokolov

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