Nikita Lihavida third time this month was placed in solitary confinement

An activist of the movement "For Freedom" Nikita Lihavid again fell into a prison cell. This is "Radio Liberty" said the activist mother Elena Lihavid.

"Today, I called the colony, I promised to report how's son after leaving the lockup, where he served 15 days and suddenly I say again that Nikita was in solitary confinement — for once he was given 5 days. What is not said, "- said Elena Lihavid.

Nikita Lihavid was convicted area for 3 years prison and came to serve his sentence in Novapolatsk colony in early May. In the colony refused to be called Nikita Lihavid convicted and first 10 days of solitary confinement, and then another 15, now 5 days.

In court, activist Mikita Lihavid pleaded not guilty and continues to make excuses, being in prison.

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