Old American plant will survive hurricane Sandy at stop

Old American Oyster Creek nuclear power plant can easily survive the hurricane "Sandy" if its reactor will be shut down, RIA Novosti said the deputy director of the Institute of Nuclear Safety Sciences Rafael Harutyunyan.

The U.S. Commission on Nuclear Energy (NRC) hurricane "Sandy" announced on Tuesday night the second of four levels of severity for Oyster Creek nuclear power plant in the state of New Jersey.

"If the projected hurricane force" Sandy "may exceed the design levels of external influence on the plant, the plant should simply stop providing cold shutdown conditions with the necessary safety features. In this case, the station can survive without any problems hurricane," — he said.

Design Reactor American station identical reactors Japanese Fukushima-1 ", which in 2011 took place severe accident.

The reason for raising the threat level to the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant has exceeded the maximum water level in the water intakes station caused tidal and wave Surges arising under the influence of strong winds from Hurricane "Sandy."

As noted by NRC, nuclear Oyster Creek at the time of approaching hurricane was scheduled off for maintenance and restart of nuclear fuel in the reactors.

NRC experts expect that the water level will gradually decline as "Sandy" began to weaken and move away from nuclear power plants.

According to the NRC, no nuclear plant has not suffered because of the binge element that on Tuesday night brought down their strength to the states of New Jersey and New York.

The press service of the NPP Oyster Creek, on the official website says that "Generating Station is well prepared for a hurricane," Sandy. "

"The reactor was shut down for reboot. Oyster Creek is a safe and fortified object that can withstand the most severe weather conditions. Team of highly qualified and skilled personnel habitats will closely monitor the storm and take steps to address problems when they occur," — said in a statement.

Oyster Creek nuclear power plant began operations in December 1969 as the first large-scale commercial nuclear power plant in the U.S.. Her only boiling water reactor with a capacity of 650 MW has been powering 600,000 American homes.

In 2010, it was announced that the station will be decommissioned in 2017.

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