On the shore of the Caspian seals found dead

10.05.11.Na Caspian Sea lie the dead carcasses of seals, told our radio Azattyk resident Mangistau region. Civil society activists are going to establish the cause of their death.

A dozen dead seals

According to Eric Utebalieva, a resident of the Mangistau region, while walking May 3, he found the dead seals on the Caspian Sea, near the village of Bautino Tub-Karagan region of Mangistau region.

— I walked within a kilometer and there averaged 12.10 carcasses of dead seals — says Eric Utebaliev — they were lying on the beach. I photographed them. It was really eerie sight.

At that time, according to Eric Utebalieva, he saw the dead adult seals large and very small, their offspring. Eric Utebaliev wondered what could have caused the mass death of seals. He did not rule out the possibility that the result could be the loss of industrial discharges into the sea.

— I talked with the local people, all different thinking — Eric Utebaliev. — Whether it is a disease, a virus could be the cause as a result of rough work in the Caspian Sea.

According to the man, May 8, he again went to the place, which also saw the dead seals. According to Eric Utembaliev on the shore now lie three dead carcasses.

— I've seen stray dogs feed on dead carcasses of seals, other seals may have to carry out at sea yesterday was a heavy storm — Eric Utebaliev — and dead seals and lie on the beach, until the rot, nobody cleans.

"Examination will show"

On the shore of the Caspian Sea are dead carcasses tyuleneyInformatsiyu the death of dozens of seals in the Mangistau region was confirmed by the non-governmental organization "EKO Mangistau". Director based in the city of Aktau NGOs Kirill Osin told our radio Azattyk, May 10 activists of the organization are going to go to the place in the Tub-Karagan area, and make the selection of carcasses of animals to take samples for examination.

Now in the hands of environmentalists only photos dead seals. According to Kirill Osin, it is too early to draw conclusions, and should wait for the examination.

— We plan to pass the examination the brain, liver, stomach, seals, — Kirill Osin, — in these bodies accumulate toxic substances, they can be used to track down what caused the death of seals.

According to Cyril Aspen, on the shore now lie six carcasses of dead seals, and experts "ECO Mangistau" have time to collect the necessary samples for examination.

Kirill Osin said that two years ago this area was a mass death of seals. Then was announced by the authorities and the official version of the death of marine animals, which are supposed to have died "as a result of the plague virus infection and adverse weather conditions."

— While everyone understands that there is some impact, — Kirill Osin — for some reason the seals are killed in one and the same place, and where there is an active development of the shelf. Over the past 10 years, participation in mass deaths of seals, and make sure that it is some kind of natural phenomena or distemper, it is not our trust.

It is for this reason, says Kirill Osin, activists "ECO Mangistau" want to spend their own independent examination. According to the ecologist, today in the Caspian Sea, there is one major problem, which is the lack of a monitoring system that would allow the track where there is an emission or pollution in the sea.

Kirill Osin says that even if there is industrial pollution, two hours later, all washed over, and thus establish the location and the cause is very difficult.

— In my memory, was never made public the fact that the seals were killed because of a release to the sea, — Kirill Osin.

Baby seals are killed not the first time

In 2000year, on the Caspian Sea in the Mangistau region found the bodies of thousands of seals. The cause of their deaths was called chronic toxicosis. The local press voiced the official conclusion that a few years due to the biological characteristics in animals accumulated oil toxins and agricultural pesticides, which led to a sharp decline of immunity in seals and exposure to infectious diseases.

Spring2006, the deaths of at least 330 seals. Then, according to the commission, the most likely cause was a virus plague. Additionally called as adverse weather conditions.

But representatives of the Institute of Microbiology and Virology, suggested that the mass death of seals in the Mangistau region is due to intensive fishing.

In2007, the tragedy is repeated, the number found on the banks of dead seals approached thousand. Dead seals were found on the coast between the oil fields Kalamkas and Karazhanbas in waterproof dam "Kalamkas."

In May2009, on the coast of the Caspian Sea have counted hundreds of dead seals. In the same area Tub-Karagan Mangistau region were discovered more than 350 carcasses of dead seals.

In March2010year, according to the site Aktau-news, Deputy Minister of Environment Eldana Sadvakasova stated that the main cause of the seal population in the Caspian Sea is a human activity.

"The very first reason is that we are in active fishing in the Caspian Sea, which is the staple diet of seals. Seal population in our territory — about 8000 individuals, and it drastically reduced every year "- then said Eldana Sadvakasova.

In May2010Year MP Victor Kiyanskiy inquired to the Prime Minister. In his address, the deputy said that "voters say that the weakening of preventive, precautionary and rehabilitation led and leads to mass death of seals in the Caspian Sea, fish kills, and now reduce the Ural saiga population."

Deputy wondered what action the Government was taking to address the causes and consequences of mass death of wild animals.

Some Kazakh ecologists say that the mass death of seals associated with oil and gas development in the conservation area of the Caspian Sea.


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