One of the fires in Colorado, close to gas wells

 One of the wildfires raging in the U.S. state of Colorado, get close to oil and gas wells, according to the website of online media Summit County Voice, which refers to the data of the local authorities.

To date, at least 35 wells in the west of the state is within five miles from the fire.

A spokesperson for the management of land resources of the U.S. David Boyd (David Boyd), the work of all the towers at risk with water, is already stopped. In addition, to reduce the risk of fire wells around them should be removed regularly vegetation.

However, as said Boyd, the presence of numerous oil and gas rigs complicates the work to contain and extinguish the fires.

In Colorado, currently raging several large forest fires. Thus, the element in Colorado Springs burned more than 340 homes, 36,000 people were evacuated. As a result of another fire in the north of the state, destroyed at least 250 homes.

Authorities of the two districts in El Paso and Larimer — entered a state of emergency, due to which the disaster can be used to raise funds from the federal budget. Expected to arrive today in Colorado, U.S. President Barack Obama to examine the effects of natural fires.

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