Ornithologists advised citizens to feed the birds because of the cold

Bird lovers can begin to feed the birds in connection with past cold weather before the calendar day feeding — holiday Zinovy Sinichnika November 12, chairman of the Russian Bird Conservation Union Viktor Zubakin.

"Expose feeders already possible, although the start of feeding birds on the old Russian calendar selskozyaystvennomu considered Zinovy Sinichnik, which falls on November 12. On my window feeder is worth it, and I fertilize tits" — said Zubakin RIA Novosti on Thursday.

In this case, an ornithologist called upon everyone starts feeding birds, not to stop it through the winter.

"It so happens that the birds linger around bird feeders, as there is always food, and if they suddenly stop feeding at the beginning or in the middle of winter, the birds are in trouble. Birds should have a permanent feeding, or they can die," — said Zubakin.

In his view, the best food, suitable for almost all of the birds are roasted and unsalted sunflower seeds.

"Ideal for the needs of human raw sunflower seeds. Winter, cold tits as pecking unsalted fat or oil. Millet and millet willingly eat sparrows, bullfinches sometimes, but for tits — this is not food," — said the expert.

He also urged to start feeding waterfowl after ice on ponds established, and enhance feeding of all birds in the event of freezing rain.

As previously reported, the Russian Hydrometeorological worsening weather forecasts for the European part of Russia — Friday the snow, wind and ice. On Sunday, October 28, in the Central Federal District will move the active southern cyclone. The district will be precipitation in the north-western part of the county — with wet snow.

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