Our entry — musical shows to watch online

Our entry - musical shows to watch online
In the musical show our output 18 families are participating, which will be distributed between the 3-star mentors, who in turn will make every effort to ensure that their wards have become favorites of singing in an uncompromising battle for the title of most of the country singing family. For each statement to them without the help of others will have to choose the repertoire, costumes and stage persona. Spectators posodeystvuyut his vote to those who they liked to go to the end and defeat.

Our entry 1 issue 01.09.2013 Russia-1

Our output 2 edition 08.09.2013 Russia-1

Our output 3 issue 15.09.2013 Russia-1

Our output 4 edition 22.09.2013 Russia-1

Our output 5 issue 29.09.2013 Russia-1

Our output 6 release 06.10.2013 Russia-1

Our output 7 release 13.10.2013 Russia-1

Our output 8 edition End 20.10.2013 Russia-1

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