Perfection Blade / Reclaiming the Blade (2 episodes) watch online

Perfection Blade / Reclaiming the Blade (2 episodes) watch online
When it came to the decisive battle of the dispute was blade. Often the blades history was made. They are part of our cultural heritage. Why do they need at all? As the blades were improved with time? What are they now? Watch and learn. This is a movie about the craft of creation and the art of possession battle blade. For research instruments of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance studio producers Galatia Films recognizable called "Hollywood of the Sword," who had to work specifically with a cool tool on the set of the movie "Lords of the Rings," "The Chronicles of Narnia," "Star Wars."

1 seriya.Klinki the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, perfect and beautiful, created by master blacksmiths of old. They are made to kill. The truth about the blades covered lurking, and martial arts of the Renaissance, glorify them, have long been forgotten. In the small treatises of ancient fencing teacher told us about their own knowledge, itinerant masters of the Renaissance were the real heroes of his time. They lived and died with a sword in his hand. Now their story is covered with the ashes of centuries and wrapped an abundance of legends.

2 seriya.V 70's and 80's cinematography revived enthusiasm for oriental types of martial arts. At this point, when people hear the term "martial arts", that immediately come to mind such arts as karate and taekwondo. Some masters believe that the murder of a man in a fight — it's not just murder, but the very idea of Western martial arts is absent, in contrast to the eastern. It is sad that many of the classic techniques that have been vserasprostraneny in ancient times, for the moment lost, or not used. It is believed that the European style of fighting was rough, but it's not, it all depends on the movements of the body and is based on his mechanics.

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