Plant DST-Ural (Chelyabinsk region). Modernizes production

In the welding shop of the plant DST-Ural run complex automated welding. This is the third set of robotic factory. 

Less than a month mastered welding mirror dozer blade. Production capabilities of the system allow welding of large parts — the frame of the tractor, the most sophisticated blades and rippers weighing up to 4 tons.  

A team of specialists of the plant has been trained on the service company of the manufacturer and is currently programmed set of welding units bulldozer TM10. Robotic welding equipment section allows the plant to achieve volumes in 30ed/mesyats.

Plant DST — Ural began its existence in 2000. The company was engaged in repair work of tractors and heavy machinery. Later, it was self-initiated design of a new type of bulldozers branded TM-10, which has since 2007 begun to ship in the leading Russian companies.




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