Plant for the production of adsorbent was opened in the Penza region

Industrial company "Quantum" has launched on October 3 diatomite plant.

The new plant — a very modern design, brand new, recently patented technology of diatomite, developed by Russian scientists. Unlike existing in the world today such enterprises for the production of filter powders are to be used vertical furnace. They guarantee a high-quality manufacturing products. This fully automated plant with a very powerful equipment made in Russia and Belarus vicious cycle.

Every year, Russia imported 200 tonnes of diatomite. In the Company "Production Company" Quantum "confident that Nicholas diatomaceous earth will be in demand in the Russian market and will be able to compete with the products of other manufacturers.

Diatomaceous earth (diatomite) — sedimentary rock consisting of the remains of diatoms. Diatomaceous earth used as an adsorbent and a filter in the textile, petrochemical and food industries in the production of antibiotics, paper, various plastic materials, paints, for the filtration of beer, as an insecticide and more.

The new plant will produce filtering powder derived from roasted diatomite crumbs. The total cost of the project is 227 million rubles. It is assumed that the plant will employ more than 50 employees — residents of St. Nicholas area.

"After reaching full production capacity, the plant will produce at least 20,000 tons per year of diatomaceous earth, and under the additional investment may increase production to 100,000 tons per year," — said General Director Igor Nizovtsev.

The company plans to increase production of diatomite by 2014-2015. The maximum production capacity of the plant is 50 tons diatomite diatomite per day. The output power is planned to start in December 2012.

"Diatomaceous earth can be used in medicine. He absorbent capacity of about 90 times higher than that of activated carbon. Partly Tabletochki half gram to behave as a whole packing Activated Carbon" — Nizovtsev added.

The production process is designed so that a clean sand and clay wastes are: ODP diatomite obtained from 500 kg of sand (clay). And as in the area of St. Nicholas built a large cement factory here and it will be possible to produce high-quality concrete.

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