Plant. Gorky won the tender for the construction of a large frigate for the Russian Navy


"Zelenodolsk Plant. Gorky "was successfully developed. In 2009, the plant revenue was 2.8 billion rubles, in 2010 — 7.8 billion, this year is expected to 10 billion rubles.

"We won the closed tender for a very interesting vessel for the Ministry of Defense — I think, in February-March, will invite you to bookmark it" — shared the positive news general manager of Renat Mistahov, adding that the competition involved 12 enterprises.

From discussing the details, he declined, saying only that it is a displacement frigate 3 tons (compared to "Cheetahs" of the Vietnamese order, as well as the flagship of the Caspian Flotilla "Tatarstan" — about 2 tons). After the construction of the at Zelenodolsk standards, the giant will pass on the pontoons or the Black Sea or the Baltic, or the Northern Fleet.

By the way, about the Vietnamese order. Recall, on December 7, federal mass media spread the news that Zelenodolsky plant, in addition to the two already deposited ships contracted to build another pair of frigates of the "Cheetah" for the Vietnamese Navy. Later, there were vague reports that optimism is premature, but the specifics have not followed.

As told yesterday Mistahov on display in Malaysia, from which came the news, in fact, much attention has been paid to the "Cheetah", but contracts have been signed by him. Journalists have misinterpreted the words of one of the employees of the plant. "It is right to say that they were going to study part of the construction of two more ships to Vietnam. We hope 2012 will be a stage in the negotiations. Technical configuration of the ship has already been determined, this stage of negotiation, we were — a protocol was signed between Russia and Vietnam. "

At the same time CEO has clarified the fate of the remaining third in the factory "body" of the ship of the project 11661 (the first — "Tatarstan", the second — "Dagestan" tested ", all three laid in 1988). "Finish building the ship will not be, because the designers and the military today stepped far forward in the requirements. The decision is likely to be so — can cut scrap "- said Mistahov.


Readers' BUSINESS Online »is traditionally a lot of issues caused by the project presented in September at an economic forum in Sochi Project A145-speed ship. Mistahov explained that the ship was the head almost all the tests. By April, will be completed the second ship of the project, and both of them will go to be tested on the Black Sea.

General Director explained the high cost of each ship — 270 million rubles. "The focus was not on what to build a cheap boat, and then to build a modern and safe, — he said. — There's a special finish, radio systems. Tried not saving money, to make the ship much. I think today it is for the Russian market — a breakthrough. "

Director general did not rule out that in May, it may be decided that what regular shipping lines will put both the ship. According to him, this issue is President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov discussed with the governor of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Tkachev.

Mistahov recalled that in the Far East has five ships — the forerunner A145 — Ships Project A-45 and A45-1. Chapter Zelenodol plant noted that the courts had problems head. "But we can help solve them. These ships — a living advertisement of our factory, and we do not in any way give to them had some kind of trouble. The interest in this show many potential customers and leave, for example, in Krasnoyarsk, and look towards the A45. "

According to him, the exploited "45th" with high occupancy, and three ships have already paid off (remember, they were built in 2006 — 2009). Now studied the construction of a new modification of the ship — A45-90 double-decker to cabin version, with 94 seats. If A45 cruising range — 300 — 400 km, then the A45-90 — up to 2 thousand. "This will serve to places where there are no roads and railways, where the aircraft can not fly every day. This need is on the Yenisei "- said Mistahov. In addition, we are negotiating with Turkmenistan to build a vessel of A45-4 "river-sea".


In 2009, the plant revenue was 2.8 billion rubles, in 2010 — 7.8 billion, this year is expected to 10 billion rubles. "Have ensured that 2011 was a very prolific — went big orders," — said Mistahov.

At present, 70% of shipbuilding production plant belongs to the military, with the actual shipbuilding is 75%, the rest — casting, mechanical engineering. The company fully planned until 2016, and is an increase in output. If you recently rented factory ship 1-2, the outcome of this year will be three: the tug for the Navy, the boat, "Rook" and "Dagestan", which is now conducting missile firing. The following year, scheduled delivery of the second vessel A-145, two tankers RST-25 capacity 7100 tons and another "Rook". In 2013, will be handed over for 5 ships. "All five — for the Ministry of Defence," — said Mistahov. Presumably this refers to the small missile ships of the project 21631 (designer — of "Zelenodolskoye Design Bureau"). "A series of ships for the Navy to reach 8 — 10 pieces" — with a clear appreciation Mistahov.

Director general did not hide the difficulties faced by the enterprise: "Over the past ten years, the plant has produced a total of four for the Navy ship! That is, we did not develop in a military direction — development begins only when there are orders. Now orders for the Navy went, but there are missed moments — there are fewer specialists. " The modernization of the plant and a set of people — marked Mistahov main goals. Modernization of the enterprise is under the FTP, in which 40% of the funds allocated plant itself, and 60% — the state.

Says Mistahov, to exchange experiences, he traveled almost all Russian shipyard. But, alas, almost all of them are about the same level of development as the Plant. Gorky. But at the shipyards in Germany managed to learn — how to reduce the complexity, speed up construction. Today signed an agreement with a German firm. "It is for us to fully calculated, as in the existing buildings, logistics correctly the new machines without interrupting the main production. In 2010, we formed a very good foundation for the re-equipment. This year, completed the first stages of the design work of modernization of workshops related to shipbuilding. Before the New Year to buy 210 million rubles new machines — lines for processing, cutting, bending metal. All of this will allow us to take a step with 12,000 tons annual processing of metal on the 35,000 tons, "- said Mistahov.
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