Plant Promtractor in Cheboksary (PHOTOS)

Author of the report — Anna Kumantsova

It has already appeared Photo tour on CHETRA,
but I think it will not be superfluous: image production — it is always very interesting.

1. September 12 from "CHETRA — Industrial Machines" was organized media tour in Cheboksary on Concern "Tractor plants".  

2. "Concern" Tractor plants "- Machine-industialny holding company, which is one of the largest integrators of Russian science and technology, industrial, technological and financial resources in engineering, both in Russia and abroad.


4. The plant most of the production is performed robotic machines


6. The view from the cockpit at the top shop transmissions.


8. This

martin tells me to move on :)


10. The quality of fine details are still being watched workers, such robots can not afford more.

11. Maintaining purity in the production is also one of the fundamental.


13. Details are prepared for painting.

14. Finished and painted details finally sent to the assembly.

15. Everything has its place. I was amazed at this fabulous shop order.


17. I



19. Painting and assembly of the cab.


21. A small team in the assembly department.

22. The plant, in general, that is not what stands out is the modern innovations, but it does not prevent him to produce machines that operate in more than 40 countries.

Thank you so much for the invitation and the tour company and personally CHETRA Valera!
I'd be happy to come again! I would like to see the casting of parts, as it is born "strength and power, as embodied in the steel" ;)

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