Powerful tsilklon provoke sharp contrasts of weather in different parts of the Russian Federation

Weather in RussiaPowerful tsilklon formed over the Volga region and attracts heat from Central Asia and the cold of the Arctic threatens to breach the zonal transport, which can lead to heat in some parts of Russia and rain in others, according to the website "Meteonovosti."
"Over the Volga was a strong high cyclone, piercing the thick atmosphere to altitudes of more than 6 miles. Sphere of influence in the unstable weather, with rain and gusty winds. The funnel of air pumped into the vortex and the Central Asian heat and arctic air.
The formation of such a cyclone would violate the zonal transport. And it threatens the heat in some parts of Russia and other bad weather, "- said in a statement released Wednesday.
Under the influence of the cyclone on Tuesday already rains and thunderstorms in much of the Volga region — in the Nizhny Novgorod region has dropped to 60 millimeters of rain in the Saratov region — up to 29 millimeters, in Tatarstan — to 58 millimeters, there was hail, hail diameter was 10 mm, according to "Meteonovosti."
According to weather forecasts, in the next few days in the Volga region will again be Heavy Rain, possible thunderstorms, gusty winds in the south of the region — the city, the temperature drops in the western regions to 18-23 degrees to the east and south of the Volga region will be warmer — up to 30 degrees, according to the website.

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