Prediction of the Apocalypse George Boreeva in his book The sixth race, and Nibiru

"February 13, 2013 … Most people in the world will not see how from a little spark in the Earth's sky will grow huge bright ball with a diameter slightly larger than the Sun. But when this happens, the news will pass on all radio and television channels in different countries.

For the universal excitement, the comments of astronomers people somehow did not notice that with the rise of the bright star in the sky, the Earth will be huge changes. Internet, radio and television will bring messages from the coast of the oceans of the powerful tsunami, sweeping away everything in its path.

The Internet will be a picture, where the ocean water, attracted by the gravitational field of the New Planet, will carry a rate of 400 meters per second — a speed of rotation of the Earth. This wall of water, height thirty to fifty meters, their destructive properties will block all known in human history tsunami. This giant destructive wave repeatedly bypass the sea and land around our planet.

Immediately would claim tens of millions of people. Then begin to receive reports from around the world about unusually powerful earthquake swept across the globe. Shake the earth will be everywhere, even in places where there was no earthquake ever. Tectonic plates start moving, rear up and fall into the abyss razverzshiesya. In the evening on the radio to report that some countries have already passed away. And not become huge pieces of land, inhabited by millions of people.

They will say that disappeared in the ocean depths of half the land the U.S., Africa and Europe, the earthquake destroyed all unflooded city, informing that everywhere ceased electricity and gas people. Then give that Earth pole shift and the global population declined by one-third … After these messages will panic.

People rushed to loot shops and food stores. Chaos will prevail, between states disappear border billion people will die from gamma radiation of a new planet. From the light of the Second Sun night will be as bright as day …

Dear readers, I imagine something like this is one of the worst options pole shift of the Earth. According to the calculations of American astronomers and NASA scientists Polarity Reversal of the world must take place February 14, 2013. However, in order not to guess, let's turn to the rigorous scientific evidence.

In 1982, NASA (the U.S. space agency) found that the probability of the existence of another new planet in the solar system, which appears regularly between Jupiter and the Earth once every 3,600 years. In 1983, NASA launched the IRAS (Infrared Artificial Satellite), which detects a very large object for the Sun. Planet called "Planet X". The Washington Post summed up the controversy and published an interview with a scientist from the program JPL IRAS. Said Gerry Niugbauer, senior program officer IRAS: «The heavenly body that was discovered in the direction of the constellation Orion orbiting telescope, probably bigger than the giant Jupiter, can be part of our solar system.

It is moving toward the Earth. All I can say — this is what we do not know for sure that it is. " Today the governments of all countries on Earth know about this Planet X is approaching Earth on an elongated orbit at an angle of 33 degrees to the plane of the solar system. Leading members of the world's governments are taking drastic measures in order to survive and preserve their power, with the appearance in the sky of Planet X: they are building underground cities and make food supplies for many years. New Planet Earth appears in the sky regularly every 3,600 years. The Sumerians called this planet Nibiru, the residents of ancient Greece — Nemesis (retribution), the Akkadians — Marduk, the Egyptians — Ammon. Helena Roerich Shambhala Teachers call the planet Urusvati …


But … the worst will come later. February 14, 2013 the first year will instant change of positions of the Earth. U.S. astronomers calculated by computer technology, which is February 14, 2013 the Earth will pass between the planet Nibiru and the Sun. Gravity of Planet X vzduetsya molten core of the Earth, the Earth's poles move instantly's axis of rotation of the planet will change. Because of this enormous disturbances break out in the core of the planet, there will be huge changes in the map of the Earth, the strongest earthquake and powerful tsunami swept across the world. Many parts of the continents and islands will go under water, and the ocean floor in some places exposed. Rise up new islands and land.

After July 1, 2014 Nemesis, reaching its greatest brilliance, will gradually decrease in size and away from the Earth. Total — seven long years of Nibiru with its twelve planets satellites will reign on our horizon.
NASA knows about Planet X is greater than this, but not to cause panic among the civilian population, the American scientists and astronomers hide the truth from the common people. Knowledgeable people from NASA says that the national U.S. military intelligence, SETI, and the CIA admits that two thirds of the world population will die during the pole shift during the passage of Nibiru. Then from hunger and disease will die even two thirds of those who survive.

However, the most massive loss of the survivor population will bring radiation Planet X — is gamma radiation. Gamma radiation begins its destructive effect on grounded individuals about a year before the change of positions. Radiation Nibiru evil and immoral people will not save any underground cities, no lead wall shelters … Scientists from NASA admit that the worst-case scenario of the passage of Nemesis in our sky, after the pole shift will survive only one-seventh of the world's population. "

George Bor

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