Predictions and Prophecies of the elders

Prophecy elder monk-hermit John, lived at the Cathedral of St. Saint Nicholas in the village of Nikolskoye (Yaroslavl region., Uglich district) Yaroslavl diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church:

"In April, when will make a" bald "from the mausoleum, there will be a failure of Moscow in salted water, and little remains of Moscow. Sinners will long swim in salt water, but there will be nobody to save them. They will all be killed. So those of you who work in Moscow, I recommend to work there until April. Be flooded Astrakhan, Voronezh region. Will be flooded Leningrad. Zhukovsky (Moscow region., 30 km. From the capital) will be partially destroyed.

The Lord wanted to do it in 1999, but it begged the Virgin to give more time. Now no time left at all. Only those who are out of the cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg) would go to live in the country, will have a chance to survive. Begin to build houses in the villages do not, there is not time, do not have time. It is better to buy a finished house. There will come a great famine. There will be no electricity, no water, no gas. Only those who will grow the product itself, will have a chance to survive.

China will go to war against the army have 200 million and will take the whole of Siberia to the Urals. Japanese will host the Far East. Russia will begin to tear apart. Terrible war will begin. Russia will remain within the time of King John the Terrible. Come Seraphim of Sarov. It will unite all the Slavic peoples and states and lead to a king … Will such a hunger that have adopted the "seal of the Antichrist" will eat the dead. And most importantly — pray and hurry to change his life, not to live in sin, because time is not left … ".

Prediction protoireem Vladislav noise from the village Obukhovo Solnechnogorsk district of Moscow region (01.10.1996 onwards):

— Earthquake in Moscow will be great. Six Hills in Moscow will turn into one …
Vladislav father warned the Russian people about the many dangers that lie in the way of all to God:
— Yes, the persecution of the Orthodox Faith has to be! ..
— In Russia, the Communists came to power more …
Vladislav father also predicted future events in world history:
— Japan and America together will become submerged.
— The whole of Australia is also flooded.
— America is flooded up to the ocean in Alaska. Alaska is the same, which again will be our …
— The southern half of China would be flooded by the Indian Ocean. And then the Chinese will reach the city of Chelyabinsk. Russia is to unite the Mongols and hunt them down.
— When we go to China, there will be war. But after the Chinese win Chelyabinsk, their Lord will turn to Orthodoxy … ".

Elder Vissarion (Optina):

"In Russia, there was something like a coup. That same year, the Chinese attack. They get to the Urals. Then there will be unification of the Russian Orthodox on the principle … ".

Prophecy Eudoxia Chudinovskikh (1870-1948) from the village Chudinov (Chelyabinsk region)., Which people affectionately called "Blessed Dunyushka."

"Soon the Chinese will be in Chelyabinsk tea, yes, yes, drink the tea. Well, today will you have, and live to see that one ikonochku zamuruete in the porch, and it will secretly pray. Because higher taxes will be for each icon and pay nothing will.
And live to the fact that all believers will send you to the North, but will pray the fish are fed, and who are not deported, be reserved and kerosene lamps for light will not. Gather three or four families in a house and live together, alone can not survive. Get one piece of bread, zalezesh underground and eat. Instead zalezesh, taken away, and then another and kill for this piece. "
Blissful Eudoxia told people: "Convey my that, going to sleep, all wrongs forgiven because lie down at the same power, and stand up for the other, all night happen. Asleep in his bed, and wake up at the edge of life, with each, not forgiveness of injuries per heavy stone will fall. "

From memories of Eudocia: "Once Dunyushka sat, sat, as if asleep, and then went to the crib with the baby and how to prick it with a spindle," This is how else will. "
— Why did you so Dunyushka? — Ask her.
— I'm not him, I have them all the way — and showed how all Russian children will be killed with bayonets. "
— When you are taken to the anguish, fear not. An early death, it is more slavery — warned blessed.
Blessed said, "When my mother it would be?"
"First, open the church, and walk in them no one will, then many will build beautiful homes with decorations and live somewhere no one will soon be in them, come the Chinese, all thrown out on the street, that's when Narew relish. And when it will be — it's a mystery. One person told me that the end of the world will have two Easter. Right and wrong. Priesthood cope wrong, and war breaks out. "

Prediction of Blessed Nicholas Urals (1905-1977):

"All of us are afraid of the West, and be afraid of China … When the last Orthodox patriarch overthrown, China will go to the southern lands. And the world will be silent. And no one will hear the Orthodox will destroy. In the fierce cold women, old people and children thrown out into the streets, and in warm houses settle Chinese soldiers. No one can survive that terrible winter. All izopyut one cup of death to the bottom. Europe will be neutral to China. China will be presented to her by some antediluvian giant creature, isolated and reliably protected from any enemy Siberian and Central Asian expanse. Chinese army will be up to the Caspian Sea. Following the Chinese soldiers will go millions of Chinese immigrants, and no one can stop them. All indigenous people will be conquered and is doomed to extinction. "

Prophecy father Anthony (site temple Satka district, Chelyabinsk Diocese):

"First of all kinds of technical disaster — man-made system of existence, in fact, Satanic, for absolutely contrary to the laws of God will begin to break down. Planes will fall, sink ships, exploding nuclear power plants, chemical plants. And all this will be against the terrible natural events that will occur throughout the land, but is particularly strong — in America. This unprecedented power hurricanes, earthquakes, the most severe drought and, conversely, potopoobraznye showers … Cities will represent a horrible sight. Even those that escape complete destruction, devoid of water and electricity, heat, and the transport of food, they will resemble huge stone coffins, so many people will die. Gangs of thugs will be infinitely commit their crimes, even in the day to move in the city will be dangerous at night as people will gather in large groups, that he might try to survive until morning. Sunrise, alas, does not herald the joy of a new day, but woe to the need to get through the day …

China will flood much of Russia …, yellow will all land around the corner and after them. Maintained only power Blessed Andrew, a descendant of Alexander the Great and his closest sprouts from their roots. The fact that an established, then will stand. But this does not mean that the Russian Orthodox state remain within the dominion of Antichrist, no. The name may be kept, but the way of life will not be the Great-not Orthodox. Russian is not the beginning of life will prevail over the last Orthodox residents.

Yellow invasion — is not unique. Will black invasion — hungry affected incurable Africans fill our towns and villages. And it will be much, much worse than what is going on from the domination of people from the Caucasus, Central Asia … While these have their attention will not leave — their number will grow. They will gladly accept all that they will be offered for a mess of pottage: enter into a joint "church", will be the Antichrist …

Russian prophet Basil Monaco was born in Moscow in 1660. During the reign of Peter I the Great lived in an Orthodox monastery near the town of Klin. Predicting future events during the "divine ecstasy," which were written in prose. He died in 1722. Perhaps the manuscript Russian monk was taken abroad after his death. Found a copy of the prophecies Italian writer Renzo Basher and published in the book "Secrets of St. Petersburg — the future of Russia and the world prophecies Basil Monaco", 1992

"The eagle in the sky Russian Lady. Star appears terrible. From its sinister light will burn wood. Many worship the star at the time. Gold idols will be thrown in the dust with the blood of the rich. Will wash the blood of the poor ladder. A pack of wolves will be managed by three jackals of land outside of the rivers. Poor, poor church. Star of blood will be no less cruel than the Eagle. Slavery remains. This will only change the name of …
The end of the war and the beginning of the war of hearts. This time, in Russia, the Mother of God to begin time of suffering and hatred of slavery and damnation …
When the dragons are taken, blood will star (deleted) fade. Will be seen for the last time. Take a long time for the stars, falling to the ground (meteorites?). You will be living in the days of horror, because you will see that the star was a monstrous beast with six heads and twelve horns. Its light will not glow. More blood, stench of corpses. "

"Star disappears, and the moon appears, the crescent will be based on the Kremlin. This is the time when the land of the great river of the great river will wear war. Nowhere in the world will not order. Earth rots to purify the person and human errors. The world will be divided into five parts … then Grace started in the Urals, where the procession will love. "
"The day will come when you will find the Black Sea near the Urals and the Caspian Sea at the height of the Volga, because everything will change …. There will be new mountains and rivers. New plants and stones. Angel of the Lord infuse the breath of life. The earth will be purified as a fruit. Many of the rivers and the sea will disappear, new rivers and seas will rise from the ground. The relics of the Holy Mother will find on the sand of the Black Sea and the mountains of Kiev.
When all the people on Earth will change, it will be a true brotherhood, few survivors will descend from the mountains, and embrace, because a new breath of life comes not from the sea and the mountains. When three era ended, the man returns to the cave to learn how to live. "

Archimandrite Seraphim (Tyapochkin) from the village of Rakitnoe describes future developments in Russia (1977):

"The greatest tragedy would capture Siberia China. This will not happen by force: the Chinese due to the weakening of power and the masses of open borders will move to Siberia, to buy real estate, businesses and apartments. By bribery, intimidation, agreements with those in power, they gradually to subjugate the economic life of the city. Everything happens so that one morning the Russian people, who live in Siberia, wake up … the Chinese state. The fate of those who remain there will be tragic, but not hopeless. Chinese brutal massacre against all attempts of resistance. West will contribute to this creeping conquest of our land and promote the economic and military power of China out of hatred for Russia. But then they see a danger to himself, and when the Chinese will try to have military power to seize the Urals and to go further, are all ways to prevent this, and may even help in repelling the invasion of Russia in the East. Russia should stand in the battle, after suffering and full of poverty she find the strength to jump up … ".

From the book Simonov VA "Great Encyclopedia of the Apocalypse," Publisher "Penguin", 2011

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