Preparatory phase of the construction of the Lower Bureyskaya plant

On being built in the Amur region of Lower Bureyskaya plant began laying concrete in the basic construction of the station. Start concrete dam construction marks the transition from initiation to large-scale reversal of works on the construction of the power plant.

The works started in the same place where in August 2010 in the presence of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, was placed first cubic meter of concrete in the dam body.

Lower-Bureisk power plant is the most powerful hydroelectric power plant, the construction of which was started in modern Russia, and one of the largest power plants being built in the Far East of the country. The station will provide power to the oil pipeline "Eastern Siberia — Pacific Ocean", a new cosmodrome "Free", promising mining projects in the Amur region. Construction of Lower Bureyskaya plant is included in the state program "Social and economic development of the Far East and the Baikal region." 

Currently being deaf concreting the right bank of the dam of the future station, already packed about 100 cubic meters of concrete. It was first prepared bedrock of the dam, with the purpose of preventing the formation of cracks in the rocks instead of conventional drilling and blasting method was used rope cutting.

Concrete plant have been previously released glinobetonnuyu composition for impervious "wall in the ground", and re-release of hydraulic types of concrete needed for the construction of the main structures of the station. Carried out an experimental pumping water from the pit and actively conducting clearing river bed under the main concrete structure. In the riverbed downstream is clearing the bar (the shallows in the river), formed during the flood of 2012.

A full range of concrete work on construction of the main structures of the station will be deployed in June 2013, after the completion of the drainage ditch. In total this year, the dam of Lower Bureyskaya plant is planned to put 88.3 thousand cubic meters of concrete and reinforced concrete.

Lower-Bureyskaya GES — counterregulator Bureyskaya plant, the second station Bureyskiy hydroelectric complex. The design capacity of the plant — 320 MW (4 hydraulic), the average annual output — 1,650,000,000 kWh In addition to generating electricity, an important function of the Lower Bureyskaya plant is uneven alignment within days of discharges from Bureyskaya HPP. Construction of Lower Bureyskaya plant started in 2010, construction of the plant is one of the priority projects of the investment program of JSC "RusHydro".

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