Prophecies of the Black Stars. Part 1

There are many prophecies about the appearance of a terrible future of a celestial object in the sky of our planet and terrible disasters that will occur at this time. Most prophecies described allegorically or using Aesopian language. Cite only those predictions that openly talk about the emergence of Typhon, or the Dragon (neutron stars) near the planet.

The prophecies of the Bible Kolbrin. The Bible Kolbrin (Kolbrinskaya Bible Kolbrin Manuscript, Kolbrin Bible or Book Koila), which until 1184 was kept in the library of the Abbey of Glastonbury (England), are surprisingly accurate information about the appearance of our planet next to unusual celestial object, which is called the Destroyer. After a fire at the abbey book had disappeared. And only recently been discovered and published in Sydney (Australia). The Bible consists of 11 books. It is believed that six of them were written by Egyptian scribes after the Exodus, the other five — Celtic priests after Christ. But most likely, it is an ancient Indian document, which describes the cataclysm that occurred in the distant past, and there is a warning to humanity that the Destroyer (star) will be back.

Here is just a small part of this curious document:

Chapter 3

3:1. People have forgotten the days of the Destroyer. Only the wise know where it went and that it will return to its appointed hour.

3: 2. He walked across the sky in the days of anger, and this is his mask. It was like a fluttering cloud of smoke that glowed red. Extremities (protuberantsy. — Annotated. auth.) stand out from the limb. His mouth was an abyss from which flew the fire, smoke and hot ashes.

3: 3. When will be the century, the known laws affect the stars in the sky. Their ways change is movement and restlessness, they are not permanent. Large red light appears in the sky.

3: 4. When a drop of blood to fall on the earth, the Destroyer will appear, open the mountain and start spewing fire and ash. Trees will be destroyed and the living beings are absorbed. Water will absorb the earth, and the sea will be boiling.

3: 5. Heavens will burn brightly and with reddish copper hue over the face of the earth, followed by days of darkness. New Moon will appear to collapse and fall.

3: 6. People fall into madness. They hear the trumpet and battle cry of the Destroyer and will seek refuge in the caves. Fear will eat their hearts, and their courage will flow from them like water from a broken pitcher. They will be consumed by fire and destroyed anger breath of the Destroyer.

3: 7. So it was in the days of heavenly anger, which have passed, and so will be in the Day of Judgment, when he will come again. Time of its occurrence and care known only wise.

They are signs of the times and that must precede the return of the Destroyer: hundreds and dozens of generations have to go to the West, and people come and go, people will fly like birds and swim the sea like fish, people will talk to each other about the world, hypocrisy and deceit are in every day, women are men, men as women, passion will be a plaything in the hands of man.

3: 8. The people rise and fall of the Magi. And their language is forgotten. Country lawmakers will run on the ground and go into oblivion. They conquered the four quarters of the earth and will talk about peace, but to bring the war. A nation of the seas will be more than any other, but it will be like an apple with a rotten core and will not be strong. People traffickers destroy people who create miracles, and this will be his victory. The high will struggle with low, north-south, east-west, and the light from the darkness. People will be divided by race, and their children will be born strangers among them. Brother will fight against brother, husband and wife. Fathers will no longer teach their sons, and sons will be willful. Women will become the common property of men, and they will not be treated with respect.

3: 9. Then people will be with evil hearts. They will not know what to look for, and uncertainty and doubt will bother them. They will have great wealth, but are poor in spirit. When the heavens zatryasutsya and will move the Earth, the people tremble with fear and horror would come to them. The heralds of death. They will come softly, as thieves to the tombs, people do not know that they are there, people will be disappointed, will not know what hour of the Destroyer came.

3: 11. In those days, people will have a great book in front of him, the wisdom will be opened. Few survive the hour of trial. Survive some fearless, and not only persistent find their death.

3: 12. Great eternal God, who set the test for man, be merciful to our children in the day of judgment. Man must undergo great suffering, but do not rush it unnecessarily …

Chapter 4

4: 1. Guardians of the Universe who watch the Destroyer, how long will your last The permanent vigil? O mortal men, who can not understand is where you hide yourself in the days of fear and death, when the heavens will be broken and the sky will crack in half, in the days when children become gray?

4: 2. This is what we will see. This is what your eyes will behold. This body of extermination, which rushes at you. This is a large body of fire, glowing head with many mouths and eyes moving. Terrible teeth will be seen in formless mouths and a terrible dark belly will glow from the lights inside. Even the most stable person would tremble and his bowels are emptied, because it is a thing that is not clear to the people.

4: 3. This is a huge, covers and wraps sky cloud color that burns the earth wide open mouths. It will go down and move on the ground, capturing his jaws yawn. The great warriors will fight against it in vain. His teeth will fall in the form of terrible ice blocks. Huge stones are thrown at people, crushing them into red powder.

4:4. Great salty waves rise roaring train, and its streams razolyutsya on the ground. Even heroes among mortals will cover madness. Like moths that fly to his own death to a lit flame, and people will rush to their own destruction. The flames will come and destroy all the works of man, the water will sweep what's left. Rosa's death will fall softly, like a gray carpet, on clean ground. People will scream in a frenzy, "Oh, is there any creature that will save us from this horror, will keep the gray dew of death!"

Head 5

5: 1. Doom body called the Destroyer, he was seen in Egypt and in all the lands around it. The color is bright and fiery. When you are changing and unstable. He spun like a spiral, like water flowing into the reservoir from an underground source. People said that it was her worst kind. It was not a great comet or a dim star, it was like a fiery body of flame.

5: 2. His movement was slow and arrogant, beneath circling eddies of smoke that hid the face of the Sun. There was a bloody redness that has changed, as she crossed his path.

This led to the death and destruction in his approach to the rising. Disasters take over Earth, gray rain of ash has led to much of it — famine and disease. It bites the skin of humans and animals, until they were covered with sores.

5: 3. The earth trembled and rocked the hills and mountains moved and swayed. Dark smoke filled the sky and spread over the earth. Heard a great roar of real people who came to them on the wings of the wind. This was the cry of the Dark Lord, the Lord of Terror. Thick clouds of fiery smoke passed over the people, and went to a terrible hail of hot stones and coals of fire. Body of Doom sharply thundered in the heavens, the sky washed bright lightning. Water in rivers turned back when the earth was heel. Large trees tossed up and down and broke like twigs. Then a voice like ten thousand pipes was heard over the desert, and his searing breath burned the whole country and the mountains melted. Sky itself roared like ten thousand lions in agony, and bright bloody arrows across the sky. Earth swelled like bread on the hearth.

5: 4. This description of the Body of Doom, which is called the Destroyer, when it appeared in the distant past. So it is described in the old records, few of which survive. It is said that, when he will be back in the sky, the earth cracked open like a walnut, roasted over a fire. Then the flame will come to the surface and jump like a fiery hell with black blood. The water inside the earth is dry all the pastures and cultivated fields will be consumed by fire, and they and all trees become white ashes.

5: 5. Doom's body will be like a rapidly rotating fireball that throws flaming thin appendages and a fiery plume. It will close a fifth of the sky and sends writhing snake-like fingers down to Earth. Prior to that, the sky looks scary, it diverges and scattered away. Midday is no brighter than the night.

It will cause a lot of terrible disasters. This information about the Destroyer, mentioned in old records, read with dismay in his heart, knowing that the Body of Doom should come back in due time. It would be foolish to leave it all unnoticed. People say, "These things do not happen in our time. Maybe God Great God will not allow that to be the case.

But, undoubtedly, this day will come, and, according to his nature, man is unprepared. "

In the Vishnu Purana says of Pralaya (End of the world)
which will be called Shiva the Destroyer, "After a period of four Thousand Ages, constituting day of Brahma, the earth is almost exhausted. Eternal Vishnu assumes the aspect of Rudra, Shiva the Destroyer, and unites all of creation with him. It acts Seven Rays of the Sun and drinks all the planet's water, evaporating any moisture, it dries so the entire Earth. Oceans and rivers, streams and small creeks — all evaporate. Saturated with moisture Seven of abundant sunlight, by extension, are the Seven Suns and eventually ignite the whole world. Hari, the destroyer of all things, which is the Flame of Time Kalagni, burns, finally, the Earth. Then Rudras, becoming Janardana, breathes clouds and rain "(Book VI, Ch. 3).

In the ancient Indian epics Mahabharata
in the book "Moksha Dharma" ("free base"), sage Pike describes the destruction of the world, which will come early next Yuga (era): "I'll tell the absorption occurring at the end of the day (Manu), at the beginning of the Sun and the yuga … semiyazychnoe flame (perhaps a neutron star) was blazing in the sky, and the universe is filled with warmth — a world of flames. Mobile and immobile creatures, fill the earth, will enter into a state of earthiness, previously broken up. And when all the mobile and immobile disintegrate, would land without grass, no trees, as the back turtle. When the water will land property — the smell, then there will raging everywhere penetrating water, they stay in motion, this universe is filled. When the property of a light water is absorbed, then, deprived of their quality, the water calms down in the light. When the flames hide the sun, standing among the sky, then the sky, overflowing with this fire, blaze. When a property of light, image, absorb wind, then a great wind rises, the fire also dies down. Faceless, odorless, taste, touch, the whole world, filling the buzz, resounding abide space. "

In dialogue Janaki and Yajnavalkya (Mahabharata, XII: 298-XII: 306) mentions the second "unmanifested" Sun, which will flood and devour all life on Earth:

"1. Hear from me, and the absorption of the worlds.

2. As absorbs beings again and again <their> proizrozhdaya, beginningless and endless Brahma, the eternal and indestructible.

3. Now, seeing that the day is over, and <plunging> mind at night sleep, Mister "unmanifested" causes "egotichnogo" husband.

4. Then prompts "Unmanifested" stotysyacheluchnoe Sun, divided into twelve parts, burns like fire.

5. Fast burning fire four types of living beings are born alive from the egg of sweat and of the germ, O King!

6. All this, still and moving, as if by destroyed, and the land from end to end is bare as the back turtle.

7. Then the sun, infinitely powerful, burning without the rest the world, instantly, and before the end of the rapid filling it with water. "

The text of the Mahabharata (Mhb., 3: 186) states that, at the end of the last seven suns Yuga will dry the sea and fire streams from the sky will burn all life, it shall devour the universe, then the rain will flood it flood.

In Book sibyls, who wrote the Eritrean Sibyl, repeatedly spoke of the appearance of a mysterious object in the sky that will bring untold suffering to all mankind, and after this terrible test time comes Judgement: "God, whose abode in the sky will turn the heavens as we turn the book, and the whole sky with its various luminaries fall on divine land and at sea, and then the fall endless waterfall raging fire and devour the land and sea, and the vault of heaven, and the stars and all creation will turn into a single molten mass and completely evaporate. Then there will be more light, sparkling orbit nor night, nor dawn … neither spring nor summer, nor winter or fall, "when" in the west flare star, which would be called a comet, sending people to the sword, famine and death. Entire cities disappear in the depths that have opened in the ground, or will be destroyed by fire, falling from the skies. "

In the same year, the fourth, when the star will shine a big, Earth, which will destroy the whole one for revenge, <…>

Song of 5 (155, 156)

Unfortunately, this line of text ends (gap), and the continuation of this prediction, we do not know. But the mention of the dreaded star has on other songs Sibyl:

Break out star in the call — it will be called a comet —
Messenger will she battles, hunger, death,
Death glorious leaders and other famous people.
Banner will then be given the greatest mortal:
Cease to flow in Tanais Meotida jet abounding,
Vysohnuv, track its fertile arable land will become,
The lake water will flow for a variety of small ducts.
Ode 3 (334-340)

Eritrean Sibyl also called a celestial body "circle of fire":

Fire circle wheels great flow out,
It will be hard to push the wicked rulers of the cases;
And then everywhere will be heard weeping and wailing.
Bitter fate horrified and fathers and children unreasonable,
And mothers and infants are breast-feeding.
Tears do not cry they never, and pitiful cries
I do not hear anybody, though will be heard everywhere:
So, tormented in the dark deep Tartarus, will
They emit cries in vain, and in the grounds of Lamentations
Three times the pay for all the crimes they villainy,
Flames of the burning hot, they zaskrezheschut teeth,
Thirst much they cause suffering evil,
And then wish to die, but no longer be able to:
Not soothe their death, and the night will not break.
Almighty God to pray long they will be in vain —
And the LORD his face, so that they will not see:
For people astray because he gave seven centuries
For repentance — for them to ask the Holy Virgin.
Those who did good and was always fair,
Who was famous for his piety and true reasoning mind —
Angels of these people rise above terrible flow
Flame and lead them to the light and life carefree …

Song 2 (295-316)

Fire circle wheels — A rapidly spinning around its axis neutron star.

Great stream — Space. Seven centuries — Probably seven millennia.

It will be hard to push the wicked rulers of affairs —
increase the force of attraction on the planet as a result of the addition of gravity of the Earth, and neutron stars. On the earth's surface facing the star, at the same time there will be a reduction in the strength of gravity.

A world of water lost, provoet terrible song. The time will come, and the air above you suddenly stir, the great God, anger rushes from heaven to earth. Truly, the time will come when people will overturn <…>

Ode 1 (159-164)

A world of water lost, provoet terrible song — Flood, caused by a huge tidal wave.

Gnashing of teeth, and then you hear a universal cry, the radiance of the sun shall be darkened, and the stars disappear dances, Sky will roll up like a scroll, moon flicker die, become Vysyami valley, lowland hills turn. Greater heights in the land will not be harmful at all, Total will disguise the plains and mountain ranges;

Surface of the sea will not affect the court, the earth caught fire, and the sources of the rivers and storm water run out. From the sky trumpet sing a sad song voice, terrible shame accidents mourn and torment of the world, a gap in the soil razverzshis will show Tartarus chaos, and before the heavenly throne of God all the people come together. From the sky streams of fire and brimstone will flood the land.

Canto 8 (231-243)

The sky will be curtailed as a scroll — In the biblical sources, the Koran, the predictions of various prophets repeatedly used the words: "The sky will roll up like a scroll." Perhaps these words Sibyl meant terrible catastrophe, when under the influence of gravity of the neutron star atmosphere of our planet will be shifted to the side of the massive object. On the other side of the Earth and its poles air practically disappear for a few hours.

Not swing, and Indians are brave people of Ethiopia! For when the celestial wheel axis, Capricorn Star, Taurus will run round the center of the constellation Brothers — Maiden, ascended to heaven, and the sun, turning continuously, lead them dance around the heavens — there will be a terrible fire, which will cover the whole earth, in the battle of heaven luminaries renewed nature, die, cry announcing the world in the fire country of Ethiopia!

Canto 5 (206-213)

Celestial wheel axis — The ancient Greeks there was the notion of the existence of the invisible axis that permeates our planet, as if the axis of the wheel. On the rim of the wheel are 12 zodiac constellations.

Constellation Brothers — The constellation Gemini. Currently, the North Pole (Wheel axle)
aimed at the North Star, which is located in the constellation Ursa Minor. Sibyl predicts that as a result of the terrible cataclysm Earth's axis will shift in the constellation of Gemini, which is about 60 degrees from its modern position. The consequences of such a move, if it happens fast enough, will be the most disastrous.

Woe, woe to you about, unhappy evil sea!
All the flames devour you, the people you destroy waves —
For a fire on the ground zabushuet that water
Will fire, and the earth will flow endless ruined,
The mountains make it glow, keys and streams.
The world is beautiful with the death of people lose their shape,
In the throes of fire, I did not see the poor sky
Full of stars, but the fire burned it all will be.
Quickly they die: a dying flame in the flesh
Their souls will burn in the course of many centuries.
So, evil flour suffering, law is the knowledge of the Lord —
The one that always fair …

Canto 7 (129-139)

The Libyan Sibyl (VIII-II cent. BC. E.) Also warned of a star close to the planet, "The beginning of new disasters occurring after the next war, God will celebrate the unusual heavenly signs:" And then God will give a great sign: because flash star like a burning cross, sparkling and shining all over with radiant heights of the sky, a considerable number of days on end: because the sky it shows a wreath of victory to people who have won it, "" Then Tezbit in a fiery carriage move out of the sky, and after his arrival in land will be given to the world a triple sign of the end of life … Woe to those who go to sea in sea waves! Woe to all the people who have to live through those days! pitch darkness falls on Infinite Earths in the east and west, north and south. "

Mentions tailed star and the prophecy Gellespontskoy Sibyl (VIII-II cent. BC. E.): "It will be seen how all the stars are falling into the sea, there will be new constellation, and the glowing comet people will call star. It will be a terrible sign of trouble that will bring war and chopper battles. "

In Ezra repeatedly mentioned "Terrible star"
which will bring a lot of sinful humanity disasters: flood, storm damage and, as a consequence, hunger, disease, war, "Say aloud the words of the prophecy of my people, which I have put in thy mouth, saith the Lord, and to have them were written on a charter because they are faithful and true.

Behold, I will bring evil, says the Lord, in terms of the earth's disaster: death and destruction — for the fact that the wickedness of people polluted the whole earth, and harmful deeds are overflowing …

Mourn Egypt and the base of his affected by death and revenge that will bring upon him, God. Mourn a farmer, the land, because they shall turn the seeds of rust and the hail and the terrible star.

Mount century and those who live in it, for the sword and their destruction, and the nation will rise against nation for war, and swords in their hands. People have made a non-regular, and overcoming some other, if we neglect the king and his chiefs — on the course of their in their power.

People wish to go to the city and is not able, for, because of their pride, of indignant, and the houses are destroyed, the people fear attack.

Have no pity on the man his neighbor, betraying their houses to ruin arms and steals their property because of hunger and many troubles "(Book 2: 1, 2, 5, 6, 12-19).

"Here, the clouds from the east and from north to south, and the sight of them very formidable and full of ferocity of the storm. They will face each other and break down a lot of stars to the ground, and the star them, and there will be blood on the sword to the belly, and human manure — up camel saddles, and fear and trembling is great on the ground.

Terrified all who see this ferocity, and tremble. After many times will go up a storm from the south and the north and part of the west, and strong winds will rise from the east and it will open and a cloud that prompted the I in anger, and star
assigned to intimidation at the east and west winds damaged. And raise clouds, great and strong, full of ferocity, and star, to terrify the earth and its inhabitants, and the shed is in every place, high and exalted, terrible star
fire and hail, swords flying and lots of water to fill all the fields and all the sources of many waters. And flooded the city, and the walls, and the mountains and hills, and the trees in the forests, and the grass in the meadows, and their corn plants, and will be non-stop to Babylon and crush it; will come to him and surround him; shed star and rage at him. And the dust and smoke rises to the sky, and everything around him will mourn, and those who remain under his control, will serve those who have put fear "(Book 2:34-45).

Prophet Habakkuk so wrote the divine vision of the stars in the book, referring to the mysterious "rays". Perhaps an X-ray or gamma-ray emission of a neutron star, "On my watch I was standing on the tower and watched to see what he will say to me … And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that the reading could easily read. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, speaks of the end and will not disappoint, and, although it tarry, wait for it, because certainly come true, not canceled Glitter … it — as sunlight beams from his hand, and there hiding his power he became — and measured the earth: he beheld — and drove asunder the nations, and the everlasting mountains, primeval hills did bow: his ways — ever. I saw the tents of the Ethiopians, shaking tent land of Midian. Did the rivers was kindled, O Lord, thy wrath? Is on the river — thy indignation against the sea — Thy wrath … On seeing thee, and they trembled mountains, water rushed into the deep uttered his voice, his hands raised high , the sun and moon stood still in their place at the light of thine arrows, before the radiance of Thy glittering spear "(Book of Habakkuk 2: 1-3, 3: 4-11).

Refers to an ancient dragon (neutron stars) and John the Evangelist in his "Apocalypse":

Chapter 8

And the third angel sounded, and there fell from heaven a great star burning like a torch, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers and on the springs of water.

The name of the Star Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood, and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter. Perhaps, in this case of the prediction of the neutron star, which in the future will bring untold suffering to all mankind.

Chapter 16

The third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood.

Chapter 8

The fourth angel sounded, and was struck, a third of the sun and a third of the moon, and the third part of the stars, so that the third part of them was eclipsed, and the third of the day did not shine — so, like the night.

Chapter 16

The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.

And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.

Chapter 9

The fifth angel sounded, and I saw star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.

And he opened the bottomless pit, and smoke out of the bottomless, as the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke of the bottomless. "

Figuratively mentions in his prophecies of the battle in the sky between the sun and the seven-headed dragon John Chrysostom:
"And there was war in heaven. Godlike sunny face and his bright, cloud messengers fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his dark, storm runners fought against them, but did not prevail, and there was no place for them is in the sky.

He turned down at this time (Passed through the meridian. — Note. Morozova)
big dragon the old serpent, called the accuser and pregraditelem, seduction of the entire inhabited earth, he dropped into his daily rotation of the horizon with its messengers … "

In Quran says of the cataclysm in which irreversible changes occur our star ("the sun will be twisted") and the earth's atmosphere (the "sky will pull off"), as a result of the gravitational influence of a neutron star. Mentioned in the prophecy, and the flood ("sea to wander"), and catastrophic changes in the surface of the earth ("the mountains off the ground"): "In the name of Allah the Merciful, the Compassionate. When the sun is twisted, and when the stars fly, and when the mountains to move, and when ten months pregnant camels are unattended, and when the animals get together, and when the sea to wander, and when the soul to be united and when buried alive will be asked for what sin she was killed, and when the scrolls turn around, and when the sky will be to pull off, and when the hell will be fired up, and when the heaven will be close — the soul learns that she had made "(Sura 81. Twisting 1-14).

Particularly accurate prediction of the future cataclysm available in one version "Physiology"
(Collection of stories), which specifies the reason for the future end of the world — the gorgon Medusa, that is a neutron star. Here is the text of "physiology" in the list of the XVI century: "On the mountain (the Gorgon). Vrgoni guise hath wife and whore red. Vlasov head zmia its essence and vision of Her Death. Also plays and laughs at his own … Yes when Thou shall come dne Her, but Xia drives, and will be calling on the LVA and nachenshi prochaa animals from man to cattle and poultry and zmia, glagolyutse, Come to me. Yes eliko they hear the voice of her, go to her and who saw th IZMIRAN. Taco Bo understands every tongue over the beast. That same way ulovlyaet (see) w magician. Ignorant cunning of stars of the day, in the same AEs Xia drives, and the place poidet Her volhvuya (predicting) otdalecha. She will call nachenshi of LVA and other animals. When thou doidet same language volhvova (prophecy), respond to her saying: fossil pit in place and put it into his head nude, but do not see her die, and come and lie down with you "in this last sentence," Physiologist "apparently has a recipe salvation for mankind, that is to burrow into the ground. Who "does not see Her head, but did not die." Prophecy ends with the words: "And you're human, bear the meaning of the Lord, and comfortable odoleesh the opposing forces."

A description of a future disaster and in the book Aeschylus "Prometheus Bound" (translated Solovyov), it will be called back from the black depths of space Typhon:

Stoglavy monster — Typhon
Born of the earth. For all the gods of the rebels it: Spike and whistling from the jaws of a thunderstorm the throne of Zeus, and from his eyes blazing fire raging Gorgon, but Zeus watchful boom — Burning lightning struck him for his praise. It was up to the heart burned to ashes, and the thunder killed all the power in it … but will go out of the black water depth devouring flames and destroy wide fields of Sicily prekrasnoplodnoy …

Commodian (III c.), Early Christian Latin poet, warned the world about the appearance of a starry sky, "Chariots of Fire" that is, the neutron star.

After that, pestilence, war, famine, marks the ominous, so mixed together, shaken mind. Then suddenly the sky thunder tube sound that will shake the hearts everywhere. And then they see a fiery chariot in the stars, and a running fire, declaring the people of the fire.

"Apologicheskaya Poem"

Shaykh al-Mufid (D. 1022) in his book "Kitab al-Irshad" ("Life of the 12 imams") refers to the appearance in the sky of stars, which will be one of the signs of the Last hours: "In the east will star luminous in the same way as the moon is shining in the sky … and the color will spread from one horizon to the east … for a long time to get the fire, staying in the air for three or seven days … the sun rise in the west — one of the things that need to happen … between the sun at noon and evening prayer time, the sun will still remain … the Euphrates will flood so that the water will rush into the streets of Kufa … people for their disobedience will rebuke the fire, which appears in the sky, and redness, which will cover the sky. "

Abbess Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) for future disasters: "Even before the comet arrives (probably a neutron star. — Annotated. auth.) Many people, with the exception of the righteous will be wiped out by poverty and hunger. Great people living overseas {America)
inhabited by people of different tribes and generations will be ruined by an earthquake, a hurricane and tidal waves. It will be divided, and most will be under water. This nation will see a lot of misery to the sea. He will lose its colonies in the east between the Tiger and Lion. His tremendous pressure from the ocean Comet replace so much water that it will flood many countries and cause of poverty and various diseases. All coastal cities will be flooded, and many of them will be destroyed by tidal waves. Most living things die, and even those who could escape to die of horrible diseases. And there will not be one of those cities live person on God's command. "

Prophecy French chronicler Rigorda
of Saint-Denis (XII century.): "At the time of the sea rises a very strong wind, which will strike fear into the hearts of people. He will raise sand and dust from the surface of the earth until it will cover the trees and towers … and you will hear the thunder in the air, and voices, and the earth quake that will strike fear into the hearts of the people, and all countries will be covered with sand and dust rises from Hurricane … the west side and will cover all countries, Egypt and Ethiopia … and the land of Rome.

After time, winds five miracles come true one by one.

First, the East will be the wisest man who is knowledgeable in the secret wisdom, that is wisdom, which is necessary to man. It will support justice and teach law of truth. He will return to the people the true morals of the darkness of ignorance, from disbelief to the path of truth. And sinners will return to the fold. And it will be added to the prophets.

Second, the person will be released from Elam, and will gather a lot of great powers (Daniel, 11: 1), and will conduct a major war against the nations (Zechariah 14), and he will not live long.

Thirdly, it shall be exalted above other people and say that a prophet. He comes with a book in his hand and says that he was sent by God and his prophets. He will mislead many nations, and many will not be indifferent to his teachings. But what he prophesies will be upon his own head. And he will not live long.

Fourth, the comet will be visible in the sky as star
that is, with a tail or a train. And that would mean apocalypse destruction, riots and violent disturbances. And it will not rain and the ground is dry. And the terrible war will begin, and the blood will flow through the land of the East. Because of the river Chebar it reaches the end of the West itself. And truly righteous will be oppressed and will suffer persecution. The Church will be destroyed.

Fifth, will be an eclipse of the Sun, as the color of fire, until the sun can not be hidden. And during the eclipse will be a darkness on the earth, as in the night when there is no moonlight … "

About the mysterious "celestial bodies", which will appear in the sky, the earth, and the Reverend mentioned Sergius of Radonezh
(1314-1392), the saint, the greatest devotee of the Russian land. One Friday in Advent 1387 his favorite student Micah wrote this prophecy: "My time will come, when the heavenly light to the Earth rush, and then you will come to do the will deadlines. And hated to be saviors, and the loser will keep winning. And three roots, separated by a curse, love will grow together, and to lead them will be sent out of their tribe. To term curse Tatars and Jews, and they will curse the Russian land. When your bones will be brought to destruction, the three curses fulfilled life becomes visible and invisible at the altar, dressed crown and ring. And where to attach Signet, there will My Hand and the Lords. "

Medieval astrologer predictor Rano Nero
in his prophecies, describes the emergence of a second sun in the sky and a new satellite of our planet, which could be captured by Earth's gravity during the passage of the neutron star in the Earth's orbit: a ball of light will rise in the sky, and it confused with the Sun. But the light of his cold, cold rays of Selene (Moon).

"In heaven there will be two of the Sun and two of the Moon. It will not be overnight. Earth will turn into a burning hell. On the ground, it will be impossible to live. Only in the air and under the ground will be the salvation of the living. Will be built eight underground cities. From the mountains will be cut down top. People can only live in the mountains. Many people are blinded by the light of two suns rise up huge waves. They will flood half the earth's firmament, and then rolled back (tidal wave. — Annotated. auth.). In the north, snow and ice melt. At the poles, there is a great flowering of land, a new moon will be smaller and closer to the Earth than the old Moon. New Moon will be as well visible from Earth as the old one.

When people see the sky light of two suns and two moons, then come to Earth Antichrist — Satan on a horse with three heads. New Sun will patronize religion of Satan. "

Prophecy Leonardo da Vinci
(1452-1519) for future disasters allusive and encrypted some unusual way. The meaning of the text in its foresight clearly not the title or the end of the prophecy. If you only read the "middle" of the paragraph, discarding all superfluous, the hidden nature of the predictions will be more clear.

Maybe next predictions when it comes to the neutron star ("Someone will come from the sky")
displacement of the Earth's axis, and the catastrophic consequences caused by the gravitation of the stars — changing topography, capturing part of the earth's crust, atmosphere and hydrosphere of the planet.

"1010. Will come from the sky someone who will change most of Africa, this sky visible from Europe, and that part of Europe (which is visible) from Africa, and parts of the provinces of Scythian mixed together in the great revolution.

1012. We'll see how all the elements are mixed in the great upheaval, then run to the center of the world, the sky, and when from the southern countries frantically rushing to the cold north, sometimes from east to west, and so from one hemisphere (hemisphere. — Annotated. auth.) to another.

943. Will be great winds from easterly winds which shall become the western and noon for the most part mixed with jogging winds will follow him to many countries (Effects of gravity on the Earth's atmosphere star, so that the entire planet will begin strongest hurricanes).

942. We'll see how the trees of the great forests of Taurus and Sinai, Apenina and Atlanta running through the air from east to west, from north to south, and they will be in the air a great many people. Oh, how many vows! Oh, how many dead! Oh, how many partings of friends and relatives! And how many will be those that will not see their region or their country and who will die without burial, the bones scattered in different parts of the world!

910. Many will die from crushing the head, and the eyes of them for the most part will pop out of their sockets …

875. Many, too quickly releasing breath, lose sight, and soon all the senses. "

Perhaps in predicting 910 and 875 Leonardo da Vinci predicted deaths due to a sharp decrease in atmospheric pressure as a result of the capture of the Earth's atmosphere of a neutron star.

"1011. The great mountain, though far from the sea coast, driving the sea from its place …

1007. Most of the sea to escape the sky and will not return for a long time (Seizure of the hydrosphere of the Earth).

1017. Many terrestrial and aquatic animals rise up among the stars …

923. Rapidly fall to the ground one who gives us food and light (Increased solar activity).

924. Trees and shrubs of the great forests turn into ashes.

951. In the end, the land becomes red glow from the many days and the stones will turn to ash.

912. Aquatic animals will die in boiling water.

1009. Many will be those that will grow on its own ruins …

982. People will sleep and eat, and live among the trees born in the woods and fields.

996. Dead people will go through their own guts.

895. Many will gut their housing and will live in their own intestines (Hunger).

884. Many will be some who will flay his mother, turning her on her skin … "

Francois Rabelais (1494-1553), French writer, humanist, in his novel "Gargantua and Pantagruel" left a riddle, a prophecy for the future generation, which refers to the Protestant "heresy" in France, revolutions, countless wars, the coming tectonic cataclysm flood and, interestingly, the writer mentions the regular appearance of Typhon.

On that terrible day, when Tyfon rose
And adopted, was overcome with pride,
Rebelliously throwing mountains to the ocean.
So, is the ground for a brief moment
Undergo much more destruction,
That those who are able to enslave her,
Government will no longer cherished.
Then the heart of the desires
End this long contest,
As aforesaid stream
Make all fled.
However, before the escape,
Still had time to see each
The fire spread over the sky,
To dry the surging water.
When did these events take place days
Let them be alone with glee
Wealth and heavenly manna
Rewarded abundantly and miraculously,
Well turn to other poor people.
So, now, when, in the end
The future I have interpreted,
Any of you know their fate.
I kept his word. Oh, how happy is he
Who will survive to the end of this!

Mother Shipton (1488-1561), who at birth was given the name Ursula Sautel and later for witchcraft witch called Yorkshire, warned future descendants of upcoming disasters. She predicted two devastating cataclysm that will outlast humanity. The first prophecy is mentioned trumpet, caused by contact with the inner core of the Earth's mantle, and, as a consequence, a devastating earthquake. The second part of the prediction refers to "a fiery dragon," that is a neutron star, which is well known in South East Asia, and the Indians of Central America.

Vzborozdit storm roaring ocean in the darkness.
Gabriel will rise in the sky and the earth.
The death of the old world, he shall sound his horn
And the world will be born a new term.
And the fiery dragon will cross the firmament
Six times, until the old world dies.
I hear the trembling earth cried
From these six precursors finals
Seven days and seven nights, so abide.
Anyone see this sign. Tides smash foothills.
Earth asunder down to the coast.
Husband will run away from the flood,
Raping his sister and daughter, and mother.
And the blood stream to pour thousands of hands
And stained the earth all around. When the dragon
Tail from the heavens go,
Forget quarrels husband and his anger will pass.
Once again, his dragon flame will
And the pieces of the tail the whole Earth will break.
All the oceans of the earth will go into the interior,
And the king, and slave — all going to die of thirst.
Return water, the light will dispel the darkness
Pieces of the Earth meet. Be it!
At the edge of the world, where chestnut blossoms,
People recover from past wounds.
Leaving the shelter and taking only water, bread,
Go in search of fate.
Survivors of them who would not die
Lay a new human race.
But it will be cursed to drag the rest of days
Among the rotting bodies of animals and people.
And a new earth that rise from the sea,
That, as before, will be milder, drier and clean,
Free from human vices and passions.
She vzleleet new generation of people.
Be afraid of this new light
Tail of the dragon flame for many years.
But time will wipe away the memory wipe out fear.
Do not believe me? But it will be so!
While this race will not wait for better days,
From the sky will come silver serpent.
He izrygnet unseen people
What they bring to the world some of its blood.
Vices alien land by the people
Give reason to the new human race.
And with it mixed to show
How to live, love and help.
Their children will clearly see the essence of things.
That marvelous gift will change the lives of people.
With their intelligence, beauty and kindness
Come to the golden age of our Earth.
Burning dragon's tail — Character
The fall of the spirit, of all people's sins …
Run dry … all the patience of mountains
And the ashes will escape as reproach.
Land over the town in the country,
Which is not yet known to me …
… And then, as this will be a sign,
Then my prophecy come true.
My vault is burned, and the spirit is released.

"Six times the cross" that is caused by the convergence of Typhon disaster to our planet, will last for six days. In Akkadian and Babylonian cuneiform texts mention that the flood in the "Year of the Dragon" lasted seven days. Perhaps the neutron star in its rapprochement with the Earth will be at a great distance from Earth, and the effects of its gravitational effects will not be as catastrophic as compared to the cataclysm that occurred in the distant past. According to the predictions of the "Yorkshire Witch," in "Ending" Doomsday will come and the dead rise from their graves.

Once again, his dragon flame will
— According to rough estimates, the average velocity of the neutron star in its orbit about 1 kilometer per second, that is, it moves very slowly. Earth revolving around the sun at an average speed of 29.76 kilometers per second, 1 year and 4 months will catch the star, which is not yet time to leave the earth's orbit. Be repeated closer to this terrible celestial body.

Michel Nostradamus in their almanacs and quatrains repeatedly mentions any unusual object in the sky of the Earth, which will bring untold suffering to all mankind. Generally, in order to hide the meaning of his predictions, it encrypts the names and place names with anagrams. But in an almanac for 1562, he openly calls culprit future disasters on the planet — Typhon.

Monstrous sign
Event horrible and unbelievable:
Tyfon will plunge into turmoil wicked
Which will then be hung on a rope,
And most immediately deported.

The almanac for 1561 Nostradamus openly reported on the causes of earthquakes on the planet at that time: "It is most afraid of earthquakes, which happen to residents of the East and southerners together. Hairy star, which will make it an earthquake, to stretch our limits (ie, France. — Annotated. auth.) not without a lot of people hike the war. " Most commentators quatrains of Nostradamus believe that under "Shaggy star" Prophet meant the comet, but if he spoke of comets, then called them in his quatrains and almanacs "Tailed stars."
Astronomers sometimes call these heavenly bodies "visible nothing." With its huge size, they have a small mass compared to the Earth and no significant gravitational effects on our planet can not provide.

In his book "Century" prophet in several quatrains predicts events that must occur during the passage of the neutron star close to our planet.

North will
Close to (sign) Cancer hairy star.
Susa, Siena, Boeotia, Eritrea.
Die great Rome, the night was gone.

In the "Epistle to Henry II» Nostradamus describes how civilization may perish in the earth's axis shift: "There shall be signs in the spring and after the extraordinary changes, the migration of peoples and mighty earthquake … and will be in the month of October, a great shift of the globe, and it shall be such that many think, if the Earth has lost its natural movement and soon plunged into the abyss of eternal darkness. "

Vitaliy Simonov
Apocalypse star


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