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John of Antioch (Chrysostom Chrysostom), probably in the year 395 AD, saw a vision, which he described in his work "The revelation in storm and tempest" (translated by NA Morozov), which is almost identical to "Revelation" John, but Chrysostom has some additional information about future earthquakes …

Allah reveals to John Chrysostom vision disasters that have to go through all earthlings. One of them — a series of devastating earthquakes, which will begin in Aries (according to the Julian calendar). On the modern Gregorian — in the end of March, beginning of April. Maybe in 2012.

According to prophecy, will four devastating blow from the ground:

"When Aries opened the sixth seal, there was a first strike
earthquake, and the sun became black as a black hair bag, and the whole moon as a spot of blood, and the stars of heaven, it seemed, fell to the ground like a fig tree shaken by a strong wind, drops its still immature fruit.

And part of the sky separated, curled up like a scroll, in the form of storm clouds, and every mountain and island moved out of their places. And the kings of the earth, and the princes and generals and the rich and powerful, and free, and slaves took refuge in caves and under the rocks of the mountains and said to the mountains and rocks.
— Obrushte on us and hide us from the face sitting on the throne and from the wrath of Aries, because the great day of his wrath, and who can resist …?

And there were lightnings, and thunders, and sounds, and second strike earthquake.
And the seven messengers of the storm with trumpets prepared themselves to sound.

The first messenger sounded, and there were hail and fire, mixed with blood They fell to the ground, and a third of the trees and all green grass was scorched …

And in that moment, there was a strong third strike
earthquake, and a tenth of the strongholds-rock — collapsed and died while crash seven thousand herbs likeness of men, and fear fell on the other, and gave praise to the God of heaven …

And then there was thunder and sounds and thunderbolts, and a large fourth strike
earthquake, such as has not been since then, as there are people on this earth. Such a hit! So big! And the Great Rock of Russell into three parts, and fell village people. And this was before God vspomyanuty great "Gate of the Lord" that he gave them to drink the cup of his indignation and anger.

The whole island seemed to be ran, and coastal heights not become more. Hail stones weighing up to six pounds poured from heaven height on people. And people blamed God for the wounding of hail, because the pain from them is very hard … ".

Quotes from books Simonov VA

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