Prophetic dreams Doomsday

After the publication of some of my articles in the media and on Internet sites, which addressed the possible causes of future disasters on our planet, to my email began to receive many letters describing the horrific and terrifying dreams in which readers write Doomsday, Apocalypse, World War III and Armageddon.

It is curious that people are completely unfamiliar with each other, of different ages, sex and religion, living in different regions of Russia and other countries, to describe future catastrophe almost equally, as if they were written under the blueprint. Such coincidences hardly accidental. This is probably the prophetic dreams, and everything that is related in these dreams can happen in reality. Dreams — a kind of "time machine" with which it is possible to move into the future.

Description of tectonic upheavals, floods, tsunamis and other disasters that have sent dreamers, very similar disaster occurred in the distant past of our planet. Analysis and comparison of the information contained in numerous historical documents and letters of readers, you can restore the sequence of events near and distant future of mankind. And it (likely) future is not happy. Even if only part of the dreams of hundreds of others, prophetic, then all earthlings to go through the greatest disasters, calamities and hardships, which survive only favorites.

The phenomenon of prophetic dreams really exists, which is confirmed by many reliable facts dreams come true. Some prophets have information about the future in a dream. This prophetic dreams Hosea, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, and many other prophets. "The Lord God said to the prophet in a dream." (Numbers ch. 1 verse 6).

Alina Pimenov. Permian.
Hello! Read your publication in the "Light" and decided to write to you. The fact that I have long been dreaming the same dream, which is very similar to the events described in the article "Apocalypse from the ground." In the dream, I watch TV. Early morning. The announcer says that for some reason starts to change the magnetic field of the Earth, and an anomalous glow of the sky. The screen shows a rotating image of the Earth (in section), which revolves around the Moon. She stretches her long "hand" and pulls the core of the Earth itself. The kernel is shifted from the center of the world and clings to the earth's crust, which dramatically slows down. Toy houses on its surface, by inertia, fall in the same direction. Oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, splash to the east, washing away everything in its path. Then, I feel a strong side kick and I dent in the wall. Next — the feeling of falling and bright light. I woke up … ".

Artem Dragunov (Germany):

Many of his dreams have come true. Artem in his sleep, a month before the events in Perm saw a fire in a nightclub "Lame Horse". Twenty days before the earthquake in Japan has published on his blog the following warning: "About Japan. There will be no war with them. They will soon be an earthquake. There's even a bomb is not necessary. "
The dream of the future, "March-April — the worst months of the year in terms of man-made garbage … or New Zealand or Japan is not the end of the wave.
In the coming days, maybe weeks predict a powerful push in the western U.S., and we have in the East. And pray that all of us wished Yenisei …. Also, I would reinforce levees in the Caucasus, Transcaucasia and Turkey and would prepare people mentally. I do not want to seem a prophet or his likeness, because the current situation is no relation to the religion does not matter. We just fucked the planet and she decided to fuck us all. Should not be treated like dirt by a living being, which is our Earth.
All of your palaces, limousines and other luxury will turn thousands of hungry, injured and hungry for you to break into pieces, because those who govern us — is not capable of anything other than theft and lies and when it's time to save people, to save their soft place. And this is just what planet they are not just …
My business is to warn. Do not stand under the wreck, build strong, do not steal concrete and metal, urgent repair schools, delivery of drugs, do not build highways and near water — leave the security zone. Demolition of all the palaces that were built within 20 meters from the water line … Strengthening the dam, the dam and the main thing — do not lie to their people and to people.
Stop the reactors, stop pumping oil and urgently Develop installation of free energy. We have to stop the mechanism of destruction of the planet — this combine consumer society. If you do not stop, we will stop our very planet. We just do not louse her body and have become quite toxic. Not enough of it — for us to splash star …
And yes. Again, this dream of Arab Tower. The heat, the sand and the remains of Kuwaiti luxury …. Something they're properly built. Flaw in a crossbar. Tryahanet there is not much, just a wave rolled, the ball at 3-4, but still fall.
When sleep dream three times — is, for sure ….
My biggest fear in Khakassia Japanese earthquake or the coast of Antalya, Alanya in the high season. I know that the Turks are building … There will be a mass grave, which even at Stalingrad or Monte Cassino was not …
Declare dangerous zones of Lake Garda in Italy and in the area of 150 km around it, all the coast of Turkey. Now carefully study the entire Karabakh and the fault line through Iran and to almost Khakassia. On it goes the next wave. Saw another dream with the Arabic-Persian-Turkish inscriptions, as in Latin, and ligature … Just flying in a dream as the helicopter in "Apocalypse Now" by Wagner and saw pylischu and ruins of villages and hamlets and swollen mules.
But the most dangerous to date in Europe — Turkey and northern Italy. In Turkey, in addition to geological, yet there has been political.
And finally — the latest horror story. I clearly saw and actually undermine the nuclear and repeatedly seen. Not a year — and the blockbuster … ".

3 dalaybay.
Dreams about the turmoil in the sky, falling, moving stars (both heavenly fireworks). Also have dreams about me, friends, acquaintances. And the Spirit of strong attraction to each talk about the last time. I also recently had a dream. I saw Europe as a top. Italy has been completely clear on the border of "boot", is filled with water, and then heard a sound, like the sound of the large clock … BUMMMMMM. And I woke up and jumped up. God changed me for 3 months so I could not change myself for 13 years.
Dreaming astrologer Count Vronsky SA Riga, May 1977
"… All of my prophetic dreams that I have seen in their lifetime, they were filled, so I'm sure, and no doubt also played the last of my dreams and future. At the end of last year, I had a dream in the fire burning California. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hollywood, lay in ruins. And I heard a voice: "This is Sodom and Gomorrah …". Our planet offers strong natural disasters and World War III with dire consequences. Many scholars suggest that in the near future can be activated so-called "Ring of Fire" — tectonic fault, passing beneath the Pacific Ocean, capturing the Russian Far East, Japan, north-east of Australia and the west coast of America. "

Vladimir (Saratov).
In my dream I saw the earth, as if from space. Blue planet on the starry sky. Suddenly, on the surface of fire cracks began to appear and began erupting volcanoes, releasing huge clouds of ash. Earth rolls onto its side and began to rock back and forth. Reared water to great heights and has fallen to the mainland, washing away everything in its path. The planet's surface began to change before our eyes. Of the seas and oceans, new land areas on the continents have huge gaps. All the ground was covered with black clouds. Clearly see how the planet leaving the translucent body — the souls of men. I woke up covered in cold sweat.

Coco. Minsk.

Son-disaster. I was told in advance that there will be an earthquake. People start to put all my things in order to run the shelter. All were assembled, and I'm still things pile up, like most needed, and I can not take all! In general, all waiting for me, and I finally finish. And stand by my parents, they say, 'No, we do not go in, we do not believe it, better stay home. " And I take it this is normal, and only when the run is already in the shelter, I've heard that this is the end. And we all run and starts shaking, scared, and I do not remember anything else.

Daria. Moscow.

I dream of nightmares that are continuously repeated. Here is one of them. Early spring. I leave early in the morning from his home. The sun had just appeared in the sky. I walk to the bus stop, and suddenly a terrible blow from the ground beating me down. Around me are falling buildings, like dominoes. Then, clearly hear the earth roared deafeningly — Ho, Ho. Sun quickly disappeared over the horizon, it was dark, and the moon appeared in the sky. Shouts, groans, the surviving people in a panic running around the ruins. Around the fires.
The following dream. Strong hurricane winds. Sky became gray-black clouds. Of them spilling ashes and black liquid mud that covered the entire surface of the earth. My friend and I live in the garage, in the vegetable well. Cold and constant hunger. We are afraid to go outside, because around the raging armed gangs of looters and rapists. Time seems to stand still.

Elena. Moscow.
We walked with a friend on a trading hall in Moscow, I was going to buy a suit, it's something else. It looks like winter, we in street clothes. Sudden jerks half gone from under our feet, I did not hear thunder. I do not remember how we got out and went straight to the other store. It was a cross between a station and a supermarket. Enormous power boost again knocked the stone floor under our feet, as if the earth had decided to stop, and we continued. Flying a dozen meters (literally everything came together in a furious motion) I miraculously stay on his feet, literally struck a nose on the floor. Sap — this is the true definition of my feelings. Really I fell into the earthquake force 5 points, but then really shaking, vibrations were sufficiently high frequency, here otherwise. Yes, again, I'm not sure that in the second case, it was Moscow, somewhere between Moscow and St. Petersburg … Trade Hall in the first case was more clothing market.

I'm going on the bus with me a lot of people have people close to me, I look at the sky, where the moon and stars, romance. And the moon is collapsing down fireworks star for her, I shouted: "What is it?" And I had someone to answer: "The earth will stop." Indeed, the feeling is that the earth stops rotating and stops, light-headed, I estimate how much do we have left?

Yas. Moscow, Moscow region.
"… Had dreams, when suddenly the earth went from under my feet, and then struck the legs, something crumbled and fell, but it was nothing compared to the fact that there was an understanding — it happened. And, after an hour or two or three, we hear a distant rumbling noise, which will grow to turn into a roar, and then gradually subsides, but the Earth will be quite different. And to live in it will be impossible. And when the appointed day and the day after that nothing happened — what a joy it was … ".

I'm almost in the center of the city (where I live), look back and see in the distance, or explosion, or earthquake (a kind of WHAM). It turns out in the building — like shop. Several floors. Everything is shaking, crumbling, shaking walks. People run, jump to parts of the building (can the subjects of interior) ….. remember the part of the dream and that is not all. This piece was left in memory.

It happens that the end of the world dreams. In the heat of summer sunshine, when nothing portends trouble, suddenly replaced by Sun Moon and stars appear in the sky. All people fall to the ground, and I walk down the long stairway to the sky, the stars.
Helen. In my dream it was an earthquake around the world. Very strange, I felt these tremors when all run somewhere and tried to escape. Half of the population died. Horror, falls somewhere a piece of land and kills people or covers flying above the building rubble. I can not understand how such experiences in his head about the earthquake. And began, for some reason, with all the Olympic, where I called a friend and told me that I was right about the fact that she should not have to go anywhere. She also said, for some reason, half of the people died. And I told her something else to explain why this is happening. At this time, we are on the phone listening her friend, like a psychic. And said to me that my destiny can not be changed, I came into this world to live what is written. After the conversation again and shakes everything collapses. When all was quiet, it turned out that the people who died, their sight. They do not yet realize that the dead, come to me (for some reason) and talked with me. I myself, in about an hour, did not realize that they are cold and empty, I told them about it and no one was upset! They gradually became quite clear and to go somewhere, and they were real people I know.

And the earth have changed the pole. I dreamed a dream … Wow! To begin with, the dreams I dream rarely. And this was a color! Me and my friends and family were in a high-rise building (such as an office) with large windows. We were doing something, laughing, talking. And then across the earth was trembling as some, all mangled. But not "shaken" as in an earthquake, but in a different way. And I understand that this is our land pole swapped places. And then, like a good Hollywood movie! Everyone thinks what to do, how to live. All of the buildings destroyed or badly damaged, come from all over the news of the change in climate. I woke up almost in a cold sweat! What is this dream, then this? Even if I dream something, it then necessarily an event in my life going on.

Lena Kurochkin.
From the diaries. Dream № 149. I collect things, fearing an earthquake. My mom and brother and we live in an apartment on the second floor. Late in the evening, or even overnight. We all gathered in a large room. Shuttered windows, outside weather, strong winds and rain. Earthquake begins. The house is shaking, walking shaking, swinging. In the morning I find that the door to my room very badly closed, although between the floor and the door was a crack, now the door touches the floor, and I can not close it. Then I notice that the furniture and strangely tilted, and then I realize that the house is banked in a heap on the side. I think that if there are more earthquakes, the house will not stand, fell on its side and crash. I say to my mother and brother that the house collapses on her side, they do not believe me, and to prove to them that I show on the doorposts of the two labels, made in blue marker. One label in a loop, one label made yesterday, and the second — today, these labels can be seen that the house is tilted sideways. I'm saying that you have to gather the most necessary things, in case if we have to leave the house.
Dream № 252. I'm in my apartment. I have a big apartment, which are in foreign films, it contains more like rooms, rooms.
Earthquake begins. All around starts to fall, falls, falling various objects in the room. We lay no sex. We were on top of something falling. I rolled on the floor for fear that something I could fall. Lying next to me some things.
We need urgently to be saved. We ride in the car. Dad at the wheel. We have a gray car of the "Volga". We go on the road in a convoy of other vehicles.
We drove up to the bridge. At this time there is a new push. All around the shakes and vibrates. I feel this vibration all over. In the solar plexus, I spasms. Very, very unpleasant feeling tremors throughout the body. Dad hurry to cross the bridge. I think that if the next push catch us on the bridge, and the bridge will not withstand vibration and collapse, then all of us will "cover." I tell my father that does not have to go over the bridge, you have to wait out the earthquake off the bridge. But Dad stubbornly goes to the bridge. I tell him I did not have to go through the bridge. I support my mother and brother. I say to my father, 'Look, one lane of the road completely empty, has no single car because no car has not crossed the bridge to the other side. And only on our side of the moving car, but the ones who managed to drive to the bridge to the last push. "
View of empty road convinces dad, even though he still wants to cross the bridge, said that we will have time to do it. However, he did agree with us and stopped the car at the bridge. It dramatically slows down, and the car turns sideways, while it buries the "nose" in the sandy shore.
At this time there is a new push. Around getting dark and all gray, all abuzz, near something falls apart.

Mila_Ya. Kiev.

And often dream (especially recently), as the ground beneath their feet is crumbling. I stand here in front of me and the earth begins to settle, and more and more and I valyus this abyss. Or I go to the house (the house for some reason unknown and old) and the floor begins to fall, and funnel everything grows, then the walls break down. Sometimes I fall into the funnel, and I was covering the ground. Sometimes I stand, for example, in the doorway at the threshold and remained standing, as in an earthquake. And sometimes I try to save some things, to make out and return. But the dreams I've learned to decipher. But global catastrophe yet.

I like on the beach, looking towards the ocean. And suddenly it starts. Rocks explode, crumbling houses, rocks and debris flying in all directions. In general, global catastrophe, I really felt the horror of the situation. There was no fear and no damage was.
Shnina1987. I think if it was an omen of sleep — it has long been fulfilled. Since he had a dream I have probably about 2 years ago, but so far I distinctly remember him, either before him or after, nothing like I ever dreamed of. I would like to know its value.
In general, I believe that after death the soul of human lives, that is, you like to live forever, if not in body, but that's a dream that has lodged in my fear and doubt …
And it was so, dreamed that I was in the city, and suddenly begins earthquake (no mountains, nothing like that in our area there). As if I'm in an apartment building in one of the apartments (again, high-rise buildings in town), and everything starts to sway, and I think to myself, "If only the house will not fall! If only I did not fall! ". And I understand that it falls, falls. I throw out the window (do not know why), I fall to the ground (no pain, do not feel anything), and I think, "Whew, is still alive, but would not have fallen slabs on me." That's where I have a huge slab of concrete falling from the house, and I saw her on my flies. That's it! That is, there is not my soul, only black and all! Nothing!
I woke up in a terrible state … and here, though a few years, well all I remember.

Little Miss Sunshine. One apokalipstichesky your dream from my childhood, I remember very well. I dreamed that an earthquake (though I live in St. Petersburg, and earthquakes here can not be in principle). It began on the playground in front of my house. The sun shines brightly, and suddenly the ground, literally, starts to shake, plates, which are placed on the track site, start split up, and these cracks somehow comes through the blood. And people are running around, shouting something.
And yesterday (that is today) I dreamed quite incredible in terms of the geophysical event. I dreamed as if Peter started … volcano! And it is so ordinary event on the Nevsky Prospect (?!) I was walking along Nevsky Prospekt, and suddenly noticed that the hole in the pavement of unimaginable size, and within the boiling lava. But on the edges of the holes, for some reason, there are people dressed as road workers — in orange suits. And they, of all people, who got into the epicenter of "eruption", being driven to the top of Nevsky, the Anichkov Bridge. I run, slowly, and with someone on the phone talking. And most do not remember.

Vulnerable. Arkhangelsk.
I'm in a strange store, like the covered market, a little earth shakes, so they fled, trying to hide, not to filled up the collapsed walls. I first ran with a girl. Then I ran to the door, and suddenly asked the saleswoman, "I have to remain in the building or not." To which she yelled at me. Again I asked, "Does it make sense to stay in the building? '. She has said, "No, the building will collapse." Then I asked, "on the street, it makes sense to be". She replies: "Based on the links (links which I did not understand, but said so) Archangel is not threatened, will disappear from the face of the earth only North and Latin America. After I ran out into the street …
Time was, where the 12 o'clock at night, snow, and it was very cool. Earth trembled, but not much, so I knew it was wrong and dangerous, not to be in the main building. Outside, we are safe. At each vibrating conveyor land hid under the trees. Then I say to his brother, to take a walk on the street until the morning, you are still never walked so long. I somehow knew in the dream that all this must stop by 10 am … Then I woke up …

Had a dream, as if happening in the future. I'm going with a friend to the store. Suddenly starts hail, very strong. We go to the store, an earthquake begins. Start flying shelves, products, etc. In the end, all people in a store, gathered together, so that in the event of impact is not toppled shelves. And that has not arrived. Another dream I had a strange feeling when once again felt a jolt of land with all the force I flew head perpendicular to the wall. Know it's going to die. For some reason, the number of 3400 pursued. Do not know if 3400 seconds before his death. Well, I knew that now hit his head and die. The very moment, how to die in his sleep, felt a click in my head. And then I do not remember.
Tell me what it might mean?


Again had a Doomsday. Dream of the sea. Should something explode or cut into two parts, such as asphalt, and the rise of these fragments is a wave that will sweep away all the (sleep last long.) I run around doing something, worry, at one point I start to pack in a backpack (in a backpack, so that it can be hung on the back and go, hands free). Then he ran to his girlfriend O. and tell her, "Do not you know, end of the world will be." And here we are at the beach with her mom and dad. Her father asked, and where, they say, will this end of the world, and I look at him and say it — I do not remember how the city is called, and no matter how struggled could not remember. He draws a card and begin to see the city on the map, at some point, I say — Croatia! He says to me: "Yes, there may be out there, they say, is half the town went under water, the type of terrain with something."

Gummy Bear, Pskov. I have my dreams (it was a couple of times), where I see the end of the world. In a live, so to say, the air. Terrible fear. Land falls, falling at home. Everything burns. Fucking sensation. Wake — sleep. Words can not convey.
Fairy. Me, my cat and my parents went on a train home after the summer. Suddenly, the earth trembled, the train stopped. We got out of the car, and saw how the earth split into different pieces, and in the cracks starts rising lava. It was very scary. It was a long sleep.
I'm not afraid of dying, I am afraid for my parents and for my cat. We all tried to escape … animals, people, birds. All run somewhere, screaming. It was a long and terrible dream, I would not want to describe it further. I woke up in tears, and in my mind still flashed this monstrous spectacle.

Uralochka. In the morning you sat down to write. My dream in a nutshell. I start from the middle. There is a "mixing" of the land. Huge chunks of land up and down! In short, the cataclysm! In the dream, I understand that it's my time to help others. I appeal to God, they say, that I should know, do. Like promised in channeling that this time the end of the world, as it was canceled. And then he told me with such bitterness, suffering and hurt in his voice said, "Why do you (people) so talk to me!". Well, it looks like without respect, familiarly, or what? I can see it! In such a bright light. That's where I start to cry, so much so that I do not remember this, and so bitter and hard on the soul. Reassured me, came up wife (go to work). She said, well, they say, get up, let's go look for the living.

Often dream of one nightmare that crumbling house from earthquakes, hurricanes, wars, and people close to me die. And the meaning of dreams, about the collapse of the buildings, I can not catch. But dreams are very realistic and terrifying. I dream that my house is crumbling (and this 22 floors and 8 entrances) as enormous flying concrete debris, crushing everything. I feel the full horror of other people who could not get out of their apartments, and realize that in a second, they would already be dead. I wonder every time manages to escape, and every time I worry about their wild relatives, who are also stuck in his apartment in a trap, and at any time can be lost. And one person is killed. Sense of loss of a loved so strong that every time I wake up in tears. Dream repeated for the second year. And all these crumbling houses, death, pain, fear, and panic. What is it?

Julia. Today I had a terrible dream in which I always felt very afraid. The nightmare began with the fact that I dream about an earthquake in 10 balls. In this case, in front of me is my house (17 floors). I look at him and see how it shatters into pieces. I was terribly afraid, at first from what I see, and then from what I start thinking, what if my mom and sister did not have time to go outside and stay there. The earthquake is over, and instead of his house in front of me was his frame with bearing crumbling walls and staircases. It looked as if the house were cut across. And frightened people running around. I started to look for their loved ones …

Mik. I came out of high-rises, there somewhere above my apartment. Suddenly a terrible earthquake begins. Ground begins to shake and go to crack, there emerges a burning lava. I'm jumping over a crack, hurry back to the house. There, on the 1st floor of the children. garden. Children run out in terror from the house. I grab one child with him and try to escape. But the circle of the earth stands on its hind legs and it seems there is no escape (more do not remember).
After the earthquake, back in the building. I called my wife on the phone. Ironically, it is responsible. She says that she and the children in order. The building has not collapsed, but within the terrible destruction: broken frame, fallen beams, wall cracks. Get to my apartment. There's no window frames and glass, richly decorated apartment with total destruction. Salon somehow overwhelmed fruits, mainly apple. All fresh fruit. I take a bunch of grapes, and start eating it. And I think to myself that soon all this food is gone and nothing to eat. I look out the window. It formed from cracks in the earth flies swarm of some insects and flies in all directions. Part of flying to my house. They begin to circle over the mountains scattered fruit and start feeding them. Insects are more like a very small colorful parrots.
I'm trying to go out through the fire escape. But she, for some reason, made of wood. Halfway begins to crumble. I managed to get back to the house before it fell apart completely.
I heard that the epicenter of the earthquake in California, and I think, "This is what was there destruction if thousands of miles away, we are terrible." Sense of global chaos. All survivors are afraid of aftershocks. I'm starting to learn to fly. To the repeated shocks to fly into the air. I fly pretty well.

Alis. Omsk. I dreamed of from 21 to 22 February, I look out the window and dizzy, and there are next to me people tell me that it is not in my head is spinning, it is outside of all the floats, and starts to shake, everything shakes, the sky red , pouring rain, wind, and I understand that this world is going on and feel like doomsday starts.

Ioannina. Krasnoyarsk. I and my friend are going on a fishing trip. We were sitting in the stairwell near the elevator. The elevator goes some frya, asks us what we are here. We explained frya decided to come with us. I once opposed, and each seems to be no. But then our plans are completely broken and I'm starting to get nervous. Just do not pay nearly as well as I do not want this Madame us see. Suddenly hear cries from the street. We all run out, we run on a paved path. Suddenly asphalt starts to crack into even squares of about 2 by 2 meters. And then on the boxes begin to unravel and the earth. Screaming, running, panic terrible. Before we just did some gap formed. A friend takes my hand and we jump through the hole in the ground. I do not understand why running where we escaped that. We run up to something, such as shopping center. The showcase is a big TV, there are a lot of people, you see, send something. We squeeze through the crowd. Broadcast on TV that this cataclysm is temporary, so no one panicked. But around the crowd just did mad, crying, screaming. Pretty scary. Fishing, of course, failed. FRY And we lost somewhere out of sight.

Nicholas Fox. Moscow.
Evening hometown creates the illusion of relaxation. Returning home beckons more strongly than in the evening. That evening. With a friend in the metro (subway actually hometown not) going home. We go through the transition from station to station. Push. More. And, in transition, to meet us, a stream of lava. With a turn through the wall jump out of the transition (how?) In the ventilation shaft and upward! Jumped out of the mine to the surface. Hardly had time to run back and behind the explosion of lava fountain. And for some reason, an old place — it is not already 25 years old — the old woods, across the road from the house, and the old wooden dvuhetazhki — there is a new neighborhood of skyscrapers — pine forest and the ruins of the old store. All the clubs of fire and ashes, flies into the air. Crowds of people, the horror, the screams, the panic they fled through the mountains, forests and wetlands. But to no avail …

Dreamed that here in Moscow there was an earthquake. I felt the earth shaking came, it was very scary and I ran to the nearest house — a beautiful building (shop). But the house began to collapse on the rocks, and within all shook, I ran outside and saw that the house is falling apart. Then the flood, the water was flowing down from above, with some hills and then started firing from the air, and all began to hastily evacuate. I ran to my house, the house had already started falling apart, and my family gathered in a hurry things. This dream has to do with me, or do some kind of warning?


Wai, wai, wai hsien had a dream about Peter. Time, perhaps, spring. There is almost no snow and rapidly disappearing. Started to shake at first gently, then things got fun. Streams running through the streets and huge cracks, but passers-something did not run. City died out, it was completely empty. Some buildings are abandoned, neglected, although total and complete.

Some catastrophe. Rumors and panic. The huge building with hundreds of stories, from which I am trying to get out. No one knows what is going on, some say that it burns and some argue that it is tilted and falling apart, and the third, that the lights go down and the night is sweeping the world, and there is also a fourth, fifth, sixth. Infinite down stairs, people falling under pressure following. Crowded elevators break in the mine, there is a crowd of people pushing. I got out on the street, but one. Those with whom I have escaped, no. Terrible feeling of impotence, there is no way to find friends in a crowd of millions. Huge areas are occupied by people fleeing nowhere. The earth shakes, sometimes disappears understanding where the top and bottom where. House banked city lights. Small houses and homes in several floors in ruins, only huge multi-storey towers stood, even tilted. In the sky, the haze and monotonous roar. It gets dark and colder …

I recently dreamed a dream (about the end of the world). As if in chaos everywhere crumbling buildings (perhaps it was an earthquake), but like all too well aware that this is end of the world. I'm running around the city, almost nothing can be seen everywhere crowds of people, trying to find their loved ones to say goodbye, and then realize that this is the last moment of my life. As if something huge for me is falling. And at this moment look rests on the ground. I see that on my feet, I wore black suede boots with large buckles on the buckle engraved "We must pray to Allah." At that moment I woke up.

Luba. Israel.

I'm in a big city, around tall buildings that stand next to each other and between the flowing river. Top of the bridge, the bridge is the house in which I live. I call on the phone, but no one picks up the phone. Looked out the window and saw the house shaking, I thought to myself that this is an earthquake. Several houses near my house fell down. I began to feel strong aftershocks. Then all was quiet. I looked out the window around were severely damaged, people disappeared. I woke up.

Pashechka. Odessa.
Today I dreamed of Doomsday. At its best, it was an earthquake, flood, and other horrors of nature. For some reason I'm in America, people speak English, but I understand them. I worry about the End of with them, and remain among the survivors. Earth is like the burnt, plowed field, still smoldering in places, and are visible cracks after the quake, no houses, no cities, just a field. I'm sitting around the few surviving fly helicopters, and I think, how they somehow survived, I also think about how much is enough of our clothes, and how many of our men and women in order to reproduce. 'm Still in a state of euphoria from all that has happened.
Next episode — I'm already on his native Ukraine, no end of the world was not. I wander along the beach, there are a lot of people sunbathing and playing, working cafe, and from there flows merry music. I look back and do not understand, and that there was nothing like that? I ask someone close, a complete stranger, and sometimes it happen? The man replies that happen. Just before we have not yet reached, so soon come. I sigh and hope that all of us are not affected. On the horizon at this time there is some kind of foam, I look into the distance, and I think that kind of a strange wave. Wave becomes more and more, I see that it's a tsunami! I look at the stranger and silently showing his finger in the sea. Turn and start to run away. No one but me does not see it, all continue your vacation. And for some reason I run along the beach, the sand complicates my run, and the wave becomes more and more, and I realize that I do not have time to escape. I managed to hide behind the walls of a coastal cafes. But a wave covers me here, and in this maelstrom I have time to think that how? There I managed to escape, but not here? How so? I did not save? And of course … I woke up in this place.

I dreamed that I was in a very high tower with an indescribably beautiful view of the outside, as if made of glass. And a lot of people with me. It was like waiting for the End of the World! There is a door through which people periodically come and talk about very serious disasters in the world, such as blown off the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum was flooded etc. I, at first, a little scary, I understand that this is the end of everything. A bit sad, but then I find that close friends around me, and I feel calm, and even good, but sad. I look out the window, we are well above the clouds, and there is a stunning view of the sunset. Suddenly, terribly fast approaching clouds approaching fast spurts. Everything is black and is a very heavy rain, I feel the earth tremors, knowing that it's coming. I catch myself thinking that I was not scared. Because there all my close friends, and then we start to go down, go outside, there is a heavy rain, like a hurricane. We go, and I'm getting better and more fun, I go ahead and rest for me, I even start to sing and suddenly in a moment go beyond the clouds and bright sun, everything changes dramatically, I happen to walk on the sidewalk next to the road where passing buses. People, even stunning beautiful girl walks by, and I feel so good. And I wake up.

Bia. Moscow.

I walk in the spa park. Alley sharply limited by leaving a vertical wall above the trees, overgrown with bushes, not rock, and a miracle of holding on to the sand. While I marvel, with walls poured some sand, and I understand that this is the beginning of a disaster, and we have the lam. Moreover, that we now have to go and so we train tickets. From the park, we quickly leave with her father, but he is here to linger on some business. I am alone haste to the hotel.
In the room I quickly collect things, and in the window above all see unfolding cataclysm: alternately shallow areas of the landscape begin to tremble, fragmented puchitsya, and all that in them is — houses, trees, people are already running, easily percolate down and disappear. There is an empty gray rocky surface. I understand that, where his father was late, there was already shaking, and he is unlikely to run away, but for some reason there is no grief, only a slight philosophical sadness — such is the fate.
Vibrating conveyor area close to the hotel, but I know I have time. And all the while feeling a greater discipline and foresight than panicking folk.

Olga. Krasnodar Krai.

Earthquake. Our house is damaged, has cracks, some neighboring houses were destroyed, collapsed. I collect my things from the house, Mom and Dad are waiting in the street, then the father will take us to a safer place, we leave the house. Just take things out of her room, a lot of things, but it seems that a lot of things I forgot to take. In my room, two corpses, it seems this man, I do not know who it is, our family consists of 3 members. Parents offered to put them out of the room. The house is scary, possible new tremors.

Inspi-san. Nizhny Novgorod.
Dream-disaster. Darkened sky, the wind began to blow, an earthquake. Latest news on the radio — it's going on in the world. This is the end. High-rise buildings were formed directly on the eyes, like a house of cards. Run with someone across the bridge, and he begins to crumble. In the water and swam to the other side. Earth splits and burns beneath their feet. Horror. I survived, the city — no.

Sleep. Land in front of you apart, exposing a wide gulf that swallows everything that is on its edges, trees uprooted and overturned. From such a surprise there is no way of salvation. In the village there was not a safe area, buildings are crumbling from the cracks that run instantly on their surface, like zigzags of lightning obvalivayas inside in the space filled with dust, as all the infrastructure breaks down. And you know what came under the debris, and your cries no one can hear. In the sky forms a wall of fire and fall down, taking you and the other people on the run. All in a continuous fire, so you become a runaway torch, no hope to knock off the flame, rolling on the ground, everything turns to be burned, and your body is covered with a sticky mass — fuel for the fire.
At you silently rolled tsunami, because you are standing on the shore, it seems, is the first, as the water is calm and steadily rises over the walls and roofs, while the entire village is not hidden under the water. Nowhere to be seen one floating alive, whom one would catch on, while you embrace exhaustion.
2. I often see strange earthquake. Not like just destroyed homes. I see entire neighborhoods just falls to the ground, a black hole that swallows the skyscrapers like toothpicks. After I see the surging waves and descend on the city, smashing everything in its path. In my dreams I see clearly at night in the sky begins an incredibly beautiful glow, like a salute purple (like lightning, only more beautiful), the flash is very bright and the sky apart circles, waves. People come out and watch, mouths agape. The most interesting is that the horizon into the view is not black as the sky above our heads, and the fiery red. And then the chaos begins. So how on earth start flaming boulders. Terrible devastation. All in a panic start to hide. Many people kill each other.

I and my wife was standing on the roof of a skyscraper. There are a lot of people. Beautiful view of the city. On the horizon, an unfinished skyscraper. I see that it falls, and this draw attention of others. Earthquake! Wave reaches us, and I feel like the house is crumbling and we fall down. One thought to escape. Collapsed. And then I realize that I was standing knee-deep in water on the roadway. Drive cars — all right! I'm alive! I asked my wife, "Where's my purse." She takes him under her dress and gave me?

I dreamed that after the next RI, when all is back, right on the street, in a city, where we were going to share impressions of the game, an earthquake! Yes, and so strong that it was difficult to stand. Some stones fell from the sky everywhere. Not even the stones and huge boulders. All of them tried to run away, hide under trees (why, I wonder?). Everywhere flashed familiar faces and stones. Everything was shaking.

Begins to shine (the night), and move a lot of people, and I understand that this is an earthquake. But not terrible. Then the sky just fall down dead birds, I cat, mother and sister hiding under crumbling wall. Sister runs out and starts playing with the falling birds?
Valeria. A second night I see similar dreams. In both cases, I am in a small dark room, like a store. But do not have time to buy something. And at some point starts something like an earthquake. Collapsing all around, but I'm not scared.


I see myself in the room. As at the airport, waiting for my stuff. Then collect them into bags. Packs a lot of dialed. Will ship the packages in the car, my mother helps me. The car is on the street, where there are large shrubs, such as cherry or willow, all in the color of the head to the lower branches. I understand myself. Then another scene, and I like watching from the sidelines. My car is on the field. It is not even the field and plain stone. I see a girl out — the driver, suddenly this stone plain as an earthquake, is divided in half, there is a large gap, which is becoming more and more. And there at the bottom of the fiery lava boiling. Woman pulls back, she resists, but can not do anything. Climbing on the edge of the abyss. I see it all from the outside, I understand that it is my car, and that's me. But I have no fear, I'm just saying to myself in the dream, this can not be. Here's a not very pleasant dream.


I had a disaster. I stand up, then, in the evening or at night (it was already dark). I catch a taxi, near his home. With me there is a lot of people, too, caught a taxi. I have a huge desire to leave (which I do not know), I'm afraid that will not get in the car, it was too many people. All are concerned about something, and I, too, why, I do not know. After a while, I notice that the cracks in the asphalt smoke appears, starts to come out red. All scared and rushed away, I followed. Asphalt began to diverge, as the ice in the spring. Steel escape the flames, all lit up with bright red that comes from the earth, light. His head was only one thought that running away is meaningless, anyway not much. Rear ground collapsed, houses sink down into the fiery lava. I'm not looking back, running, jumping over chasms, dodging up to beat out the fire, and with only one thought — is about to die, woke up …

The dream was about how there was a shift in my end of the world. I'm sitting in the office, listening to CNN, there live die correspondents city razed to explode mountains, the sea flooded the land, drowning the UK and Japan, killing millions of people, and I write and I write news, and tears running down her cheeks .

I dreamed that the end of the world, at last, began to advance. I went around town and took pictures as the buildings crumble to pieces. On the TV told that drowns Crete, and in front of our window in front of us collapsed church.

I have over five years of constantly pursue dreams of earthquakes. Very realistic, with a frequency of about once every 1-2 weeks. Approximate picture of the same again, I'm in the house, which an earthquake begins to rock and eventually falls to the side, not destroyed. I get outside through the windows, etc. Very bad feeling remains after such dreams. Has anyone had similar dreams? What they can testify?

I dream that I was with her mother and her two children three years u5 go to a cafe where we order a cake. Then I ask to give me soup for the children and, second, to the waitress outraged (apparently, she does not want to bother us enough tea and cake). What I am shocked, but then starts rumbling, earthquake precursors, all run out of the cafe. Around high-rise buildings. I shouted to my mother and the children to run away from home to a clean level surface. We all run, run, I look back, and now there are cracks in apartment buildings, balconies begin to fall, but we are safe. My kids, for some reason stripped to the waist (it was hot). I want to go back to the cafe for a great job, but again, hum, I'm scared, I ran for my little boy, we again run away from the high-rise buildings, and then I lose my son. Ahead formed hole in it with dirty water krysopodobnymi beings. I fear that my son fell into the pit. I terribly. I take a stick, I go to the edge and insert the stick, but I understand that his son was not there. House still stood. And as if all were alive.

Had a terribly unpleasant dream, sediment has been three days.
First, it was the fact that we have moved into a new apartment and I have a dream I thought — why? We're just recently moved and here again. Then he came to me a friend who lives in another city, and brought ice cream. Then, after moving, I was tired and went to sleep, wake up, and we have guests, I say to all: "Let's go for a walk," and they told me: "What you saw on the street, what a walk!" And I go out on the balcony — I look down, and there in the cracks of the earth, as if only the top layer was so thin and transparent, and under it I see the movement of lava and sort of apocalypse. Scientists do not know what is happening and what is now waiting …

Lana. Ukraine.

Again the dream world catastrophe. Giant tsunami wave washes off the Black Sea coast, followed by the earthquake, and the whole earth is plunged into the darkness of nuclear winter. I dream this dream for many years in a row, but this time I experienced a crash and saw the slow death of all living things, stretched on for years. Hopelessness and resignation. But why is such a joy that I survive?

Crazy dream. Maybe it's someone will seem nonsense, but I hope for treatment from anyone. I dreamed a dream: my parents and come to some kind of pension. We go to a large beautiful building, it floors 5. Instead of the usual stairs — spiral, while the upper floors without a floor, but only suspended track-ladder. Earthquake starts — at this time we are on the 1st floor. People falling from the top. They fall and break in two, like dolls. There is no blood, nor of all the horrors which might accompany such a picture. And then a voice behind me said: "Noor (or Knurov — I do not remember exactly) gathers his bloody sacrifice. Be ready on August 3 "- and I woke up. The first thing you feel — the horror. And remember the date — August 3. Tell me what it could be — nonsense sumacshedshego or what? Because I'm really scared.


I dream that I'm in a big shopping complex. Walk to shops, choose clothes. Did not measure and do not buy it. Just looking clothes that are hung on hangers. Then I decide to go to another store to buy my mom a gift on March 8. The road runs between the tall new buildings, a courtyard which forms the letter <P> (in Moscow, many of these houses on the outskirts). Suddenly I see from one of the houses belching smoke, sparks, flames. The people in the confusion begins to run out of the corner of the house. The cries, the crowd of people. Suddenly, the house begins to crumble. Just emerge as a designer. Crumble all the nearby houses. Construction debris crushes people. Around smoke, soot. I ran towards the exit of the yard, and the think how awful it is only the beginning, and many of the victims. I'm scared. Behind me, the falling debris of houses. Finally, before I see the garage. They stand in a vacant lot, away from the houses, so are not damaged. A man opens the door of his garage and runs back me and a guy with a girl. We watch as houses continue to fail, but our garage is in a safe place. Dark, almost nothing is visible. Suddenly swooped down on us a flock of bats. A lot of them and they are trying to get into the garage, where we hid. We keep all four of the garage door and try to close it. Mice beating on the garage door, but did not get inside. Then I see the crack as the earth falls down and begins to gush out hot lava. It flows to our garage. We fear that now just'll burn alive. Then the lava comes out a huge monster. In a mask with horns and a staff, it knocks it with his staff on the ground and emits a terrible roar. I look at it, I terribly scared and the only thing that comes, this is something that probably come to an end. Then, somehow suddenly everything goes quiet, the darkness recedes. Lava hardens, unable to reach us. We get out of the garage. All gray, the soot and smoke. But notice that the sky is getting brighter. The survivors crawl from the wreckage. Road through the wasteland. On the way, already are buses. Meet me run out to the garage My friend who was with me the whole time. He hugs me and says that he must go home. And I answered him, that, most of all, at home we have no more, because the fire had come from the south (and we live in the south of Moscow) and destroyed everything. Sleep has left a bad impression.

Merier. Estonia, Tallinn (Copley)
One time I had a dream that the end of the world, people fleeing in panic somewhere underfoot cracked earth, and fills the gaps burning lava, smoke everywhere, crying, all the people are fleeing to the territory without faults. And now find ourselves in a quiet place, but there it was, the area guarded by men with guns and let the elect, so that end of the world, I present as a major earthquake.
Czech. Amazing things happen … I had a dream. I clearly remember every word: "It all started." At first the water, then the fire, severe damage will remain 4,000,000 on earth.
— I ask who is — silence. I woke up and told her dream family and friends. Then he called back and wonder. I am convinced that it is time to change for the better for those who want to live. It can be seen cleaning will not be weak.

PH St. Petersburg.
And when I dream of horror, be sure to mid-month. And some global catastrophe. End of the world, an earthquake, and I'm dying all the time the latest! Several people remain in a cellar (for some reason these people are not able to speak, I among them) and begin to quietly die. Outside, strange noises, people shouting continuously. I wake up until I die myself.

I for example often dream that I am sitting on pieces of concrete homes destroyed, and I write in pencil some records, and Kiev all in ruins, no buildings. Weather, some is not clear, such as rain from the wet ash. Three years as a dream, 2-3 times a year.

I walk the streets. Suddenly an earthquake begins. Becomes very scary. I lie down on the ground and hear the roar, and then sound of the waterfall. The following piece of sleep: I am for this. The earthquake is over, but its effects are terrible. Lives of many cities and towns. Just outside the town stretches a vast ocean. Its water is mixed with dirty earth. I, along with my aunt. I said to her: "Look, Mary, the ocean! And you said you had not see the ocean. " Who would have thought that we would live by the ocean. I've always dreamed about …

What could this dream? The earthquake destroyed the house. Earth rocks underfoot. People wander, looking for shelter. Water was brought in cars, all with basins and pans for water. Some klumaki with things. The exodus from the city in some Villages (just a nightmare, but it happened, as in reality).

I have long had a dream about the end of the world. I did not see what happened, but I saw the consequences: cracked earth, sometimes cracks were filled with water and formed numerous rivers with very fast flowing, destroyed homes, land topography has changed completely, and most importantly, I saw the survivors, I was among them!
This dream again! In the year before I had this dream, I saw a few dreams about floods, hurricanes, all of them come true! I was scared!
At first I wrote off to his emotional state, I was pregnant with their first child, now, years later, I am pregnant with a second, and again I have dreams — episodes about the end of the world! What is this? I heard that the woman in the "situation" becomes hypersensitive, open clairvoyant! You know, I believe that the end of the world in 2012, may, of course, I have developed paronoya, but I think it is not just a lot of increased competition on the different achievements, competition for the best people, and so on etc. Can have long being selected who is worth saving, not just almost all countries and in all the cities in this year more frequent informal meetings behind closed doors, "important people" with scientists, can someone already knows what needs to happen, and they have long for this READY! A crisis, it's a great excuse (cover) in order to withdraw funds go where you want, for projects to save humanity require a lot of costs, and where to get them so that no one noticed, because the panic ahead of time or who do not need it!
In general, I just shared my thoughts, perhaps they delusional and someone immediately find a lot of explanations about all of the above, I'll be glad if I am wrong!

I dreamed not doomsday, but whatever. Most areas of the world will go under the water, but at the same time and there will be (float) new islands. Our planet's climate will change dramatically. It will be very cold, the heat will only near the equator. As a result of all the above, the planet will be very few people.

Prominent American predictor Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) described the events of the past and the future in a dream state. Its sometimes called "sleeping prophet." Almost all the predictions came true E. Casey with incredible accuracy. He warned the world about the upcoming disasters on our planet, "Turn of the Century will be marked by powerful changes in the earth's surface, has been caused by the terrible earthquake and other natural disasters. Dangerous earthquake zone runs along the Pacific Ocean along the coast of North and South America to the east coast of Japan and passing through the East India, West India and some other islands …. There will be a movement of the poles.

In the Arctic and Antarctica occur shift, which will be an eruption in the tropics … the upper part of Europe will change in the blink of an eye, "" Earth will undergo catastrophic damage …. Most of Europe has changed beyond recognition in a single moment. England semiflooded. Most of Japan must go into the water. In the western part of America earth starts to crack. " California and southern Nevada to make a "somersault" in the Pacific Ocean. Mexico is in ruins. "Virginia Beach will be among the safest parts of the land, which, even as parts of the present states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and most of southern Canada, are not exposed to the ravages of the elements. At the same time, greatly hurt the Western part of the continent, as did his other regions. In the next few years in the Atlantic and Pacific islands will be new …. The fractures in the earth many places. First converted to the west coast of America. In the northern parts of Greenland will be open water, there will be new land in the Caribbean Sea …. South America will be shaken from top to bottom, and in Antarctica near Tierra del Fuego to the land and to the raging waters of the strait. "

Predictor of later more detailed account of the effects of tectonic disaster in North America, "Look at New York, Connecticut and the like. Many areas on the east coast will shake, as well as the central regions of the United States.
Los Angeles, San Francisco, most of these cities will be destroyed even before New York.
Areas near the coast of New York, and possibly New York itself almost disappear from the face of the earth. Here, however, will live another generation, as for the southern parts of Carolina, Georgia, they will disappear. And it will happen sooner.
The waters of the Great Lakes will merge into the Gulf of Mexico.

By horrific tectonic cataclysm shifted the Earth's axis relative to the plane of the ecliptic. The Prophet said that due to this change significantly the climate on the planet.
When the terrible natural disasters Russian territory, as predicted E. Casey, will suffer less than other countries. Huge continental plate on which our country is to remain almost untouched. Area from the Urals to the lake will be a modern analogue of the "Noah's Ark".

Immediately prior to the disaster, as the prophet, should resume their activities of Vesuvius and Pele — on the island of Martinique in the Caribbean. Increase the number of earthquakes on the planet, and three months to wait for super-disasters, and floods caused by the earthquake. In the words of an American visionary, if you feel as if in the bowels of the earth, something stirs and roars, it began to shift the inner core of the Earth. According to him, the earth's axis was "slipping out of its gravitational engagement" in 1936.
The first signs of impending disaster, according to E. Case, who will be an increase of seismic activity in the Pacific, "When will be the first oscillation in the South Seas, and will significantly lowering or raising of the fact that almost the contrary, or in the Mediterranean, and in the Aetny (Etna ). Then we find out that it started "

Vitaliy Simonov

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